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  1. Rev, Got your package yesterday in the mail. Everything looks great, thanks for the trade.
  2. Ed, I have no problem shipping to Venezuela, the problem was the fact that the buyer had zero feedback for 5 years. This, combined with the International address made the transaction not desirable. If I get a bid from Venezuela from a buyer with 50+ feedback, I will not hesitate to ship. Cheers, Ron
  3. Okay, All 3 French games you need are on the way. Should be about 5 days.
  4. Does anybody know the name of the 2 brown joystick extensions shown in the first picture? They look like you could add them to the circular disk, and essentially create a joystick like the atari used to have.
  5. No, just send me the cord, and english versions of the 3 games, i'll send the 3 french ones out tomorrow. I don't need the console anymore so that will save shipping too, the one i got today works fine. You can just owe me one
  6. Some of the games I got in my find today were French as well, check the pictures on my flickr and see if you need any of those before I mail them out.
  7. lol, yah she said her husband used to play it all the time, but the got divorced. Guess she didn't know what it was worth...
  8. Got this bundle of goodies about 30 minutes ago for $50 total. The machine works, haven't tested anything else. Looks like I got all that I traded/sold back into my collection already. Got 2 neat extensions for the controller pads as well, are these rare?
  9. Hungry like the wolf.... Rev, if you send me the power supply, plus boxed copies of Space Spartans and Bomb Squad, I'll send you back the 2 French copies I have. Cheers.
  10. Hope this doesn't effect the future prices too much. With rare items, the previous prices seems to reflect the future price to a significant extent. People will very soon forget the fact that I got lucky and attracted the 2 spenders at the same auction. They will google back in time to see what the highest price the game sold for, and base their sale on that. So...I made a good profit, but raised the bar for future investors...
  11. No worries, was just messin with you anyways, the games are both there in full condition. The instructions are in french as well, engrish on one side, french on the other. What are they worth at market?
  12. bad news dude, I just opened one of those french games to try and play it, and it had the wrong game in it....some volleyball game...:D
  13. Pikachu0_7, that's not somebody from here? I'm very surprised what all those games sold for, over $640 when all finished. Who is collectorofmil?
  14. Yah, yah, still gotta get this INTV 1 working so I can try it out. Gunna try and find an ohm meter tomorrow to test teh console. I got Frogger to fire up today, but the screen turned black after about a minute.
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