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  1. Thanks for that. I was thinking would this have anything to do with the power supply being used? Also would adding a voltage regulator to the 12v line to generate the 5V for the mod possibly clean up the image?
  2. Super old thread but did anyone get a solution to this problem? Just modded one and have the same display.
  3. Found the issue. Had a 22k instead of a 22 ohm resistor. Replaced this and got picture. Now I have heaps of static which looks to be common going from another thread on AA but looks like there is no solution. Think I might put this one to bed now as have spent far too long in it.
  4. Hey everyone, Someone has asked me to mod a Intellivision II console for AV. I have followed the schematic at http://wiki.intellivision.us/index.php?title=Intellivision_Composite_Video_Modification I have built 2 circuits on bread board and then tried to build one just laying out the parts and soldering the legs together so I can get a better picture of what i could be doing wrong. I am getting no signal at all. Normally on my CRT I will get some signal but I am getting nothing. I can tune in to RF no problems. I have attached pictures of where I am tapping 5v and also the circuit I am using. All values are exactly as the schematic except for the 660Ohm which I am using a 680Ohm resistor. Can some of the fine people at AA have a love over the circuit and see if I am missing something? Thanks
  5. I ended up grabbing these. Have not received them yet but they should do https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/CH-3-96MM-Pitch-Crimps-Connectors-Terminals-Molex-Contact-Plug-Socket-PCB-Copper/254187025602?hash=item3b2eba34c2:m:mZOL-exyk7owx4yP9tFYw8g&var=553553374570
  6. Going to be making a couple of SDrive-Max devices for a local computer group here in Australia. I know you can get ready made connectors but I like to do things the hard way
  7. Hey everyone, I am looking at making a few SIO cables using 3D printed parts. Just need to order some of the Molex crimp terminals. I found these which look correct. Can someone confirm? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Lots-Terminal-Crimp-Pin-For-Fan-Connector-Plug-Molex-KK-Style-2510-2-54mm-PC-Mod/283084312616?hash=item41e923d028:m:mW9KwFWUAmh_cHIRtFGzsPw&frcectupt=true Thanks
  8. I am interested in one also. Shipped to Australia
  9. Yes that is fine. Could you just solder the cortex chip and I can do the rest. Put me down for a kit regardless. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  10. Thank you. Put me down for a PCB and parts please with programmed Atmega chip. Thanks
  11. How much delivery to Australia? Interested in PCB + Case + pre-programmed ARM + all required components for assembling
  12. Yes I have a few more ready. Just send me a pm Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  13. I know this is an old thread but wanted to see how progress went on this one. i am looking at making a universal type ESP modem that can be used on Amiga, Ti etc. How did you go with the CTS and RTS signals?
  14. Great project. I have created a modem for a Commodore 64 using the same code as you are using. I had the idea of creating a modem for the Atari but I never got around to it. Glad your proof of concept works
  15. I have 13 more available now. I could not get the battery holders so I have fixed batteries on these. They should last for years either way. PM me if you are after one. Same price as above.
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