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  1. I have given up for now. Might grab the original dev board used in the original article and do a rebuild. Has to do with something on the dev board I purchased. Anyway thanks for you help Al_Nafuur!
  2. Thanks for that. just tested and just get the big SD displayed. If I hit he reset button on the dev board I get that same test menu list up again.
  3. Hey guys. Wondering if you can help. Built a cart using a stm32f407vgt6 diymore dev board. I managed to get a menu but from what I have been told this is a test menu. It's not reading from my sdcard. Any ideas what could be the problem? Thanks Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  4. I took your advise and ordered a Sophia. Can't wait now. Would like to see how others have mounted the device
  5. Thanks everyone for the comments. This has helped heaps. I contacted The Brewing Company but never received a reply so its great that andymanone managed to get in contact with them. I think I will go down the UAV route for now as its the cheapest and easiest to come by. If i hear back about the Sophia I would love to grab one of those also.
  6. Thanks for that!! I wonder if the TBA's Ultimate Atari Video (UAV) av mod would work on a SECAM model.
  7. Yes it has a 6 pin din connector. I have already made up a composite cable for it but just not happy with the quality. Do you have the rest of the SECAM schematic?
  8. Hi Team, I managed to get a Atari 800XL from France recently. I live in Australia and all our equipment here supports all standards. I am disappointed with the quality of the output and was wondering if there is any AV/SVideo mod for the French models? There is not much information out there on these and was hoping there may be some French or European users here that know if any mods that can be performed. Thanks
  9. Just started following this thread. Wondering if anyone has tried Zimmerman's firmware https://github.com/bozimmerman/Zimodem Its for a C64 but should work with Atari also.
  10. I was advised here to move away from powering externally. Strange that I have one 2.8" screen and that works perfectly. just seems to be the 2.4" screen. Could it be something to do with the LCD and SDcard hardware on it? i might just reformat the sdcard and see if that makes any difference. Could be the sdcard being a ms too slow
  11. Hey Team, I have made a few of these and had a bunch of 2.4" screens that came in a lot. I managed to find the right firmware to use to get them working. What i have found is that on a cold boot the Atari does not see the drive and i have to do a quick power cycle of the machine to get it to recognize. i suspect it is something to do with the sdcard not initializing fast enough on boot up. My system is a Pal 130XE and I am getting power from the SIO port. Wondering if there is any hack that can be done to the uno to get it to initialize faster is that is what the problem is. Thanks
  12. That is exactly what I needed to know. When I get home I will try it out. Thank you!!!
  13. Hello there. Probably a silly question. I purchased a STM32F407VGT6 board as per the guide. I have just connected it to my PC to upload the hex file but its not detecting in windows. Do I need to use a STM-Link programmer for this or should I be able to just use the STM-Utility to program when the dev board is connected VIA a USB cable. Just want to determine if my dev board is faulty or if I am doing something wrong. Thanks
  14. Found your firmware. Unfortunately I still get a blank screen. How do you go about adding support for a different screen. What high level steps are required? I have a friend that can help with the coding I just have no idea where to start. Going from your Github I suspect that Display.c and makefile need to be updated.
  15. Hi Willyvmm, I ordered more screens and ow the 2.8" screens have a RM68090 chip in the. I have found that its supposed to be the same as a ili9325 I am useless at compiling code. Is it possible to get your ready made hex files? or guide me to a easy way to compile in Windows? Thanks
  16. Thanks for that. What Diag software can I use to determine exact what the type of LCD display I have? Seems a waste to have these screen and no use for them
  17. Tested with my screens I got. Can only get a white screen. If I use the normal firmware the writing is back to front and touch screen doesn't work
  18. Should I remove these caps anyway as a preventative measure?
  19. Thanks for that. Well looks like the Pokey chip. I had a dead XEGS here and desoldered the Pokey and installed into the XE. Now everything is working again. Just strange that the original Pokey works fine with the Sdrive2 and not the Max. I had concerns about using the 5V from the Atari to power the uno and screen. That is why I am using the usb cable instead.
  20. Ok guys. New development. I grabbed my friends known working SDrive max and found that is DOES not work on my 130XE. I have a Sdrive2 I grabbed from here some time ago which works fine on my 130XE. I remembered I had a atari xegs and keyboard so decided to try it out on that. My Sdrive Max works on this no problem. So looks like a issue with my 130XE. What are the differences with the Sdrive2 and the Sdrive Max which would allow the Sdrive2 to work on the 130XE and the Max to not. What controls the SIO ports in Atari? Suspect whatever is controlling the SIO has a problem.
  21. Thanks for that. I will revisit this tomorrow. I am grabbing one of my known working ones from a friend and will be working backwards to determine where I have gone wrong. This is so simple and in the past has taken me 10 minutes to solder up the cable. Anyway I will let you know my findings
  22. Thanks everyone. Yes of course I get the display up after flashing the device. I have replaced the diode twice now. I have re-crimped a new SIO connections. Re-formatted SDcard and downloaded a fresh copy of sdrive.atr I have used a second UNO board. The last thing I will try is opening up my Atari and check continuity direct from the pinheader back to the ardunio. Running out of ideas.
  23. Yes you are correct I am using an external power supply. D0 is selected on the touch screen. Have now just tested using D1 as the boot device and mounting sdrive.atr but get the same issue.
  24. Hey guys, I am having an issue with a Sdrive-max I put together. I cannot get the unit to start the sdrive.atr file. I have made 3 of these for friends with no issues at all but for some reason now I cannot get this one working. I have tested 2 x different UNO's I have and also 2 x screens. The sdcard is a known working card as this was used on my initial 3 I made. I am sure I am missing something. Can you please check pictures and let me what you think. Please disregard the soldering. I have removed and added the cables over and over again so doesn't look great. Thanks
  25. Thanks for that. I was thinking would this have anything to do with the power supply being used? Also would adding a voltage regulator to the 12v line to generate the 5V for the mod possibly clean up the image?
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