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  1. Thanks for that. What Diag software can I use to determine exact what the type of LCD display I have? Seems a waste to have these screen and no use for them
  2. Tested with my screens I got. Can only get a white screen. If I use the normal firmware the writing is back to front and touch screen doesn't work
  3. Should I remove these caps anyway as a preventative measure?
  4. Thanks for that. Well looks like the Pokey chip. I had a dead XEGS here and desoldered the Pokey and installed into the XE. Now everything is working again. Just strange that the original Pokey works fine with the Sdrive2 and not the Max. I had concerns about using the 5V from the Atari to power the uno and screen. That is why I am using the usb cable instead.
  5. Ok guys. New development. I grabbed my friends known working SDrive max and found that is DOES not work on my 130XE. I have a Sdrive2 I grabbed from here some time ago which works fine on my 130XE. I remembered I had a atari xegs and keyboard so decided to try it out on that. My Sdrive Max works on this no problem. So looks like a issue with my 130XE. What are the differences with the Sdrive2 and the Sdrive Max which would allow the Sdrive2 to work on the 130XE and the Max to not. What controls the SIO ports in Atari? Suspect whatever is controlling the SIO has a problem.
  6. Thanks for that. I will revisit this tomorrow. I am grabbing one of my known working ones from a friend and will be working backwards to determine where I have gone wrong. This is so simple and in the past has taken me 10 minutes to solder up the cable. Anyway I will let you know my findings
  7. Thanks everyone. Yes of course I get the display up after flashing the device. I have replaced the diode twice now. I have re-crimped a new SIO connections. Re-formatted SDcard and downloaded a fresh copy of sdrive.atr I have used a second UNO board. The last thing I will try is opening up my Atari and check continuity direct from the pinheader back to the ardunio. Running out of ideas.
  8. Yes you are correct I am using an external power supply. D0 is selected on the touch screen. Have now just tested using D1 as the boot device and mounting sdrive.atr but get the same issue.
  9. Hey guys, I am having an issue with a Sdrive-max I put together. I cannot get the unit to start the sdrive.atr file. I have made 3 of these for friends with no issues at all but for some reason now I cannot get this one working. I have tested 2 x different UNO's I have and also 2 x screens. The sdcard is a known working card as this was used on my initial 3 I made. I am sure I am missing something. Can you please check pictures and let me what you think. Please disregard the soldering. I have removed and added the cables over and over again so doesn't look great. Thanks
  10. Thanks for that. I was thinking would this have anything to do with the power supply being used? Also would adding a voltage regulator to the 12v line to generate the 5V for the mod possibly clean up the image?
  11. Super old thread but did anyone get a solution to this problem? Just modded one and have the same display.
  12. Found the issue. Had a 22k instead of a 22 ohm resistor. Replaced this and got picture. Now I have heaps of static which looks to be common going from another thread on AA but looks like there is no solution. Think I might put this one to bed now as have spent far too long in it.
  13. Hey everyone, Someone has asked me to mod a Intellivision II console for AV. I have followed the schematic at http://wiki.intellivision.us/index.php?title=Intellivision_Composite_Video_Modification I have built 2 circuits on bread board and then tried to build one just laying out the parts and soldering the legs together so I can get a better picture of what i could be doing wrong. I am getting no signal at all. Normally on my CRT I will get some signal but I am getting nothing. I can tune in to RF no problems. I have attached pictures of where I am tapping 5v and also the circuit I am using. All values are exactly as the schematic except for the 660Ohm which I am using a 680Ohm resistor. Can some of the fine people at AA have a love over the circuit and see if I am missing something? Thanks
  14. I ended up grabbing these. Have not received them yet but they should do https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/CH-3-96MM-Pitch-Crimps-Connectors-Terminals-Molex-Contact-Plug-Socket-PCB-Copper/254187025602?hash=item3b2eba34c2:m:mZOL-exyk7owx4yP9tFYw8g&var=553553374570
  15. Going to be making a couple of SDrive-Max devices for a local computer group here in Australia. I know you can get ready made connectors but I like to do things the hard way
  16. Hey everyone, I am looking at making a few SIO cables using 3D printed parts. Just need to order some of the Molex crimp terminals. I found these which look correct. Can someone confirm? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Lots-Terminal-Crimp-Pin-For-Fan-Connector-Plug-Molex-KK-Style-2510-2-54mm-PC-Mod/283084312616?hash=item41e923d028:m:mW9KwFWUAmh_cHIRtFGzsPw&frcectupt=true Thanks
  17. I am interested in one also. Shipped to Australia
  18. Yes that is fine. Could you just solder the cortex chip and I can do the rest. Put me down for a kit regardless. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  19. Thank you. Put me down for a PCB and parts please with programmed Atmega chip. Thanks
  20. How much delivery to Australia? Interested in PCB + Case + pre-programmed ARM + all required components for assembling
  21. Yes I have a few more ready. Just send me a pm Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  22. I know this is an old thread but wanted to see how progress went on this one. i am looking at making a universal type ESP modem that can be used on Amiga, Ti etc. How did you go with the CTS and RTS signals?
  23. Great project. I have created a modem for a Commodore 64 using the same code as you are using. I had the idea of creating a modem for the Atari but I never got around to it. Glad your proof of concept works
  24. I have 13 more available now. I could not get the battery holders so I have fixed batteries on these. They should last for years either way. PM me if you are after one. Same price as above.
  25. Yes mate. i will have more coming. Made 20 initially but all sold in a day. Will have more in a couple of weeks
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