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  1. So excited to have received both Sky Raider Redux and Wyvern Tales from @Songbird!


    Top notch production as always from packing, game box, game cards and finally the GAMES!  


  2. A quick short of my current Jag collection. It includes a complete retail collection, the post-JTS releases from Telegames and Songbird, some demos and homebrew releases.



  3. Whose in for the Robotron 2084 single life tournament challenge on Antstream Arcade? 


  4. In celebration of the holidays and the 40th anniversary of Pac-Man, I decided to do a Pac-Tree. 


    Mostly DIY ornaments, including balls, PAC people, garland and "star." 





    1. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      As Borat says: VERY NICE

    2. SlidellMan


      You did an excellent job.

  5. I was spending some time playing World Tour Racing on the Jaguar CD and Virtua Racing on the Saturn, back-to-back.  Call me crazy, but I think that WTR is more fun to play and actually looks better. 

    1. save2600
    2. SlidellMan


      Just watched a video of it. Despite being rushed out the door, it seems to be one of five-to-seven Jaguar CD games worth hunting down. Plus, it has an excellent soundtrack to boot.

  6. The original Sony PlayStation wasn't the only gaming hardware to see a September '95 North American release...


    Happy 25th to the Atari Jaguar CD!  Only 11 official titles were released on the platform and a meager 20,000 units are reported to have been produced. 


    Celebrate the launch of the doomed Atari Jaguar peripheral with this montage of the 11 official releases, Virtual Light Machine and more! 



    1. SlidellMan


      I will say this in the defense of the Jaguar CD: It made homebrew development much, much easier.

    2. SabertoothRetro


      @SlidellMan, I agree 💯! That's the real saving grace of the platform. Although it seems that homebrew releases on CD have slowed now that carts are easier to produce. It will be interesting to see how many more CD releases come out moving forward. 

    3. zetastrike


      That's kind of crazy to think about.  Battlemorph looks like a really cool game, it's a shame the Jag is not very well emulated.

  7. I wanted to share a teaser for my upcoming channel. This is me getting used to the video editor LOL! Primary focus will be Atari and "failed" consoles but also retro music, style, etc. I hope some fellow AAers check it out!


    Can you recognize the games in the teaser?



  8. A little VLM on this beautiful socially distanced Sunday. 


    1. GoldLeader


      Wanna know what I use for Social Distancing?


      My personality.

  9. I really dig the new COC record, "No Cross, No Crown." It's right up there with Blind, Deliverance and Wiseblood.

    1. GoldLeader


      I'll have to check it out at some point...really haven't kept up since the old, old days...Blind was my "latest" one from them...

  10. Does your city have a bike-share? Have you used it?

    1. Thorsten Günther

      Thorsten Günther

      My sister uses it quite regularly (Hamburg, Germany), for it's free for the first 30 minutes.


    2. GoldLeader


      I saw some outside our bike shop just the other day, so it would appear our town is trying it. I ride for fun but rarely to run errands, unless it's something close.

  11. Sipping an old fashioned and playing some Atari.

    1. Spacey Invader

      Spacey Invader

      man after my own heart. Old Fashioned and Manhattans really enhance the Atari experience. Especially when you're trying to play Bubsy.

    2. Rick Dangerous
  12. It's a hard day's night

    1. DoctorTom


      It is, 8 days a week.

    2. Atarian7


      "..and I've been workin' like a dog, soon I'll be sleepin' like a log.."

  13. Well, it looks like I have to turn my gameroom/office into a nursery. I never thought that I'd be happy to pack up my Atari stuff. :)

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. BigO


      Surely you could justify keeping some of your stuff in there. Don't you have the Lullaby 2600 cartridge? :)

    3. bomberpunk


      my 16mo daughter's room still has "Daddy Corner" in it, stuffed between the crib and a day bed. There's a record player, record collection, acoustic guitar, and (drum roll please) an Adventure Vision w/ all 4 carts.

    4. SabertoothRetro


      Thanks all! We're really excited. Maybe I'll pitch the "daddy corner" idea @bomberpunk. ;)

  14. My wife is having surgery today and I'm in the waiting room. If all goes well, I'll be here for eight hours. How does an Atari fan kill time and keep his mind off of worry? By bringing his Lynx, 10 games and two sets of batteries. Wish us luck!

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. DoctorTom


      All God's blessings to your wife, glad to hear it went well.

    3. wood_jl


      Don't know you, but best wishes to you and your wife!!!

    4. SabertoothRetro


      Thanks again for all of the positivity! The wife is doing ok and should be discharged in a few more hours.

  15. Taking my daughter to see Danny Elfman perform his music from Tim Burton. Stoked! Happy Halloween!

  16. Who else watches Moone Boy? This show is brilliant.

  17. Alone against the empire...

  18. Wings of silver, nerves of steel...

    1. retrorussell




      Eh, Thundercats was tons better.

    2. RARusk


      Balls of titanium.

    3. SabertoothRetro


      Thundercats was tons better but there was a certain intangible quality to Silverhawks that I always enjoyed.

  19. Test drove the BMW i3 at the local National Electric Drive event. I love my LEAF, and I wouldn't splurge on the BMW, but damn was it a cool car. It felt like how I thought driving in the future would feel like, except without the flying. :)

    1. DaveD


      So YOU'RE the guy with the Nissan Leaf. I wondered who bought that.

    2. SabertoothRetro


      LOL. I guess I opened myself up for that. If you see me, please say hello. :)


      There are actually more than 135,000 LEAFs sold globally as of this month; 60,000 in the U.S. A drop in the global car market bucket but not bad for new tech and better than several conventional models. One more model year and there will be more LEAFs than Atari Jaguars. :)

  20. Going to a beach cleanup. Tons of litter due to the storm surge...

  21. The Atari Lynx and Fabulous Disaster. My two favorite things from 1989.

  22. XYBOTS for the Lynx is the best $1.98 I've spent.

    1. SoulBlazer


      That game gets a lot of hate for some reason, but I've always liked it. Only ever played the arcade version, but it's fun.

    2. Emehr


      How can anyone hate Xybots? It's like the third-person spiritual successor to Berzerk.

    3. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Agreed! Love Xybots..Electrocop, not so much.

  23. Is anyone else playing the Tell Tale Walking Dead games? I just finished season two. HEAVY.

    1. Gemintronic


      The action sequences ruin an otherwise awesome looking point and click style adventure. I settle for YouTube walkthroughs :)

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