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  1. 2 hours ago, tripled79 said:

    Is it possible to play widow with the modern controller on atari vault? I'm usually using the classic controller for that game...


    Yes, that's how I've been playing. You can configure it for dual stick. It's the only way to play! 

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  2. A few important things confirmed on this episode:


    First, mouse/trackball support is coming to PC and VCS versions of Centipede Recharged. 


    Second, global and friend leaderboards are coming to VCS. They are still working on the functionality but will push as soon as it's ready. Apparently, they don't want that feature to slow the release. We may see it with Black Widow at release but, if not, it sounds like the feature will be applied to the series via updates. 



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  3. I just won a Centipede Recharged redemption code for VCS from the AtariVCS Twitter feed.


    As I already have the game, if anyone here wants the code, post here "PM Sent" and send me a PM for the code. First come first served.


    Once redeemed, all I ask is that the user makes a high score run and post it to the thread by @Mockduck


    I make no representation that the redemption code works. Not running a customer service line for a freebie. Just want to pass along to a fellow VCS user. 



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  4. 1 hour ago, swlovinist said:

    I just want to say that I think this is a good move for Atari.   The price point, availability, and future titles with this series makes these accessible to fans who grew up with these games.   I am looking forward to what else they make and cant wait for Black Widow.  

    I agree 💯


    It's too early to say for certain but it seems like Atari may be turning a corner under it's new CEO. The returned focus to console gaming, move away from free-to-play and abandonment of seedier ventures are all positive signs. Plus, they seem to be taking some ownership/interest in the VCS, which didn't appear to be the case previously.  If this first series is any indication, things are looking up for Atari fans and the brand.

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  5. The game plays extremely well on the PS4 Pro. Here are some differences that I've noted between the PS4 and VCS versions. 


    - PS4 has animated splash screens for Atari, Adamvision and SneakyBox; VCS is static

    - PS4 has animated backgrounds in menu; VCS is static

    - PS4 has global, friend and local leaderboards; VCS has just local leaderboards at the moment

    - PS4 has it's Trophy system; VCS uses Achievements that are only visible in game. 

    - VCS has 10 additional challenges, a total of 40; PS4 has 30. 


    The look and feel of in-game play appears to be the same. I may take some video capture and do a side-by-side. 


    With the animated splash and menu screens, and global and friend leaderboards, I'd say PS4 feels more polished than the VCS version. I hope Atari implements it's friend and leaderboard system for the VCS soon. This would bring it on par for me. Otherwise, the 10 additional exclusive challenges on the VCS may give it the edge for some. Gameplay is great on either platform. 





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  6. Confirming that the VCS version has 40 Challenges. I've played through #32 ("Dangerous Shrooms") and can see the remaining locked titles. At the end of the list it loops back to #1 ("Pyramid"). On the PS4 version it ends at #30 ('Holiday Spirit"). So, 31-40 are the VCS exclusive challenges. 


    1. Pyramid

    2. Trap

    3. Bomberman

    4. Indirect Approach

    5. Wilderness

    6. Flea Extermination

    7. Spider Invasion

    8. Arrows

    9. A Clear Path

    10. Super Centipede

    11. Don't Kill a Centipede

    12. Four Chances

    13. Scorpion Extermination

    14. Explosive Specialist

    15. Moment of Peace

    16. Hinterland

    17. Behind the Wall

    18. Swarm

    19. Mirror

    20. Beachhead

    21. Mycophagist

    22. Demolition Expert

    23. Ancient Centipede

    24. Flea Invasion

    25. Vise

    26. Barrens

    27. Vulcano

    28. Line of Death

    29. Don't Kill A Scorpion

    30. Holiday Spirit

    31. Poison Centipede

    32. Dangerous Shrooms

    33. Flea Survive

    34. Flea Survive XL

    35. Raining Fleas

    36. A Rocky Start

    37. Spider Town

    38. Centipocalypse

    39. Scorp-Ed Earth

    40. Exponential Growth


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