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  1. Well if this has become a preorder thread, count me in!
  2. If you want something with a logo, I'd suggest the OEM composite cable. If memory serves, it has an embossed fuji on the topside of the connector. The rf interference on every Jaguar switch box I've had has been dreadful.
  3. Fantastic news, SainT! The end product looks fantastic! You may have addressed it in the original interest thread, but any issues with comlynx multiplayer support?
  4. I recently modded two 4-switch 2600s using retrofixes simple composite mod. The first was a Sears Video Arcade and the second was a Vader. The Sears unit has an amazing picture. The Vader is showing a row of lines down the left side; one solid and sevral dashed. Any suggestions on what could be causing these lines? The chicklet cap has already been replaced.
  5. I can confirm that I'm still in for one as indicated on page 3. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/226918-lynx-multi-cart/?p=3020149
  6. Cowdog360 went above and beyond on service to my Lynx II. He installed my McWill LCD w/ a custom "stealth" vga out, did a recap, voltage regulator upgrade and new speaker. He had it back in the post in just a few days. I played it all weekend and it is flawless. Truly, it has breathed new life into the Lynx. The games look and play great! Thanks, Aaron!
  7. Hammerhead = Skyhammer. As you likely know, Skyhammer was developed for Atari by Rebellion Software of AVP fame and Checkered Flag infamy. James Hampton was a producer at Atari who worked with Rebellion on AVP and Skyhammer. He also apparently worked on Highlander and some Lynx titles. You can find more info on his work here: http://www.jameshampton.net/index.html As far as collecting old memos, I guess there is a market for that stuff among extreme fans. The price of entry seems outrageous to me though.
  8. Thanks, I got one a fewnweeks backmfrom a Japanese seller. Good luck with your sale!
  9. Any RCA cable will work. As you mentioned, the Atari plugs were a bit shorter so if case clearance is an issue for the replacement cable, get a right angle female to male rca connector. Better yet, get a right angle F-type female to rca male adapter and use a coax cable.
  10. Just a quick update: BSU&J did not work on my back-up jag either. Its got to be the cart.
  11. I am having the same issue with Barkley: Shut Up and Jam. I went to play it last night for the first time in ages and no dice. All of my other carts seem to work fine but this one goes to the RRoD almost immediately. I too suspect the EPROM went bad. I'm digging out my spare Jaguar today to see if it plays on that one. Has anyone elese had this issue with BSU&J or other B&C releases?
  12. I would like to see ports of Mouse Trap, Sinistar, Satan's Hollow, Gauntlet II and APB.
  13. I would like to be on a pre-order list. One regular copy and one numbered transulcent red ltd. edition copy w/ alternate box art.
  14. Can you post pictures of the Gemini itself? Does it come with manuals, both controllers, Y cable and pack-ins? I know its listed CIB but some came with both Mouestrap and DK. Also, the Y cable is frequently missing from CIB listings.
  15. The Songbird and Telegames releases are still readily available new. Why anyone would pay $200 USD for games like WTR or Towers II is beyond me when you can still purchase the games new for $70-100. Similarly, several of the betas and protos that were once available on JSII are now being made by B&C. Check out the Songbird Productions, Telegames.Uk or B&C Computervisions sites for current pricing. I agree with Trooper that the CD/System combo goes for around $500 CIB. You see them listed for more but they either sit there or the sellers accept a much lower offer. You might do better offering the CD and the system seperately in a bundle with a few common games that would otherwise be difficult to sell. Battlesphere is all over the map but $400-700 is about right for regular; $600-$1000 for BSG. In my view, homebrews and betas are really tricky to price. If it were me, I would do reserve auctions rather than BIN or Make An Offer, setting the reserve at what I considered a fair price. Then let the market decide. If someone snipes it at higher than your reserve, you've done better than expected. If it doesn't hit your reserve, the market has told you something about your expectations.
  16. Bump for a great seller. Fair prices and the games came well packed and in excellent shape. Check out his other sales threads. Thanks!
  17. As others have said, Best, B&C, Goatstore are all good options. Others include Songbird, Telegames UK, Video 61 and Console 5.
  18. Received my Ltd. Edition today. Excellent packaging all around. I cant wait to give it a whirl this weekend. Thanks to all involved!
  19. I recall at one point being very good at this game. Not so much anymore. Whats funny is that my times got worse with repeated plays. Its a very pretty game though! 1'20"50 1'33"20 2'34"00 1'50"25 1'30"70 1'59"55
  20. I dont think that there is any single best reason to own the Jaguar (or any other platform). For me, the Jaguar is interesting as Atari Corps' last stand and for the handful of quirky, memorable exclusives on the system. Even many of the "bad games" have a so-bad its good quality. And the majority of the games aren't nearly as bad as people claim. I enjoy it as much today as I did in '94.
  21. My parents never let me game on the "good tv" in the living room because of this myth. Funny that my Gemini never damaged my B&W tv or the hand-me-down console tv we eventually had in the basement. At least some 2600 games actually looked good in B&W.
  22. What carts are you folks using as donors. I tried a Casino cart that didnt have a label but the PCB is too big. Does it have to be a 7800 shell?
  23. I think solid red could work depending on the shade. I wouldn't mind Atari VCS bezel orange with the bottom of an existing shell.
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