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  1. I still hold out hope for the JagCF or another CF or SD cart for the Jaguar. If a Lynx SD reader is viable, there is no reason that a Jaguar version isn't. There have now been 4 runs of the Skunkboard, so the demand is there. An ISO loader might be a harder sell as there were only an estimated 25,000 or so Jaguar CDs ever made and I doubt that more than 1% are in the hands of active users. It would be cool though because the drives will only last for so long.
  2. Pm sent for Jag CD, Pitfall and Adventure CIB.
  3. Done for the day..third game 473,813. I did better after a Stone IPA. Go figure.
  4. First game for this round. 331,654. Gonna try a round a night.
  5. In high school ('94) my best friend and I worked at a store called Video Game Exchange, a chain based out of Cleveland. While their focus at the time was Genesis and SNES, we did have a Jaguar and 3DO hooked up in-store which we were encouraged to play during slow periods. He was fascinated by the 3DO and eventually got a used unit. Being an Atarian, I gravitated to the Jaguar. We spent a lot of time with each system. At the time, I appreciated the arcade feel and immediacy of the Jaguar games. Also, the FPS games on Jaguar (Doom, W3D and AVP) were generally stronger than those available on 3DO - though I have a soft spot for Escape from Monster Manor. On 3DO, I really like the space games - Total Eclipse, Rebel Assault (also on Sega CD), Shockwave and Wing Commander 3. The 3DO's use of texture mapping and the CD soundtracks felt more "next gen" at the time, although FMV was abused in many games. I liked both systems. For someone collecting and gaming today, I don't think I could recommend a 3DO over Jaguar. The Jaguar is more expensive but there are so many unique gaming experiences that are exclusive to the platform. As some have pointed out, the best 3DO games were ported to Saturn and PSX. If I were going to start gaming 32-bit today, I would recommend one of those (a Saturn).
  6. Is it Blue Lightning KA? The fabled version that ATD sent to the ESRB but withheld from Atari due to a disagreement over the last milestone payment. I hear it makes 32X Afterburner look like Dino Dudes.
  7. This was very cool. I love that these guys just walked out of Disney with Bluth to do their own thing.
  8. I prefer Pinball Fantasies to Ruiner but both are decent video pinball games.
  9. Yeah, thats the process I used too.
  10. Neat game. I got a lowly 1085 my first time playing. I've got this flashed to Skunk so I'll try again tomorrow.
  11. I recently got a new 2-in-1 tablet PC and updated to W10. I did have to disable signature recognition through start-up settings to load the Skunk drivers. No problems running Jiffi.
  12. It never hurts to ask. I'm glad you were able to sell it. Thanks!
  13. Can't we just devise a secret handshake for Jag fans cool enough to have the fixed version of SoulStar? Something like this? Also, yes buy a Jaguar CD. Every additional owner makes me feel less crazy for having two.
  14. I know that we're well past the end of April but PM sent.
  15. I'm on the look out for one of these if anyone has an idle working unit sitting around or a lead on one. Thanks in advance!
  16. Sipping an old fashioned and playing some Atari.

    1. Spacey Invader

      Spacey Invader

      man after my own heart. Old Fashioned and Manhattans really enhance the Atari experience. Especially when you're trying to play Bubsy.

    2. Rick Dangerous
  17. I saw this and thought, "Why not?" But then I started playing and remembered why I never got into this game. It is just filled with cheap deaths. Also, he calls himself "The Bubster". I gave it an hour before I swapped in IS2. That said, I wish the best of luck to you sir on your masochistic labor day weekend with Bubsy! Let us know how far you get.
  18. I'm in for a combo cart with label. I recall that KevMos did some work on a Rampage graphics hack. Do either or these use improved sprites/colors?
  19. I finally got the chance to play JHL 15 over the weekend. I didn't encounter any issues other than getting my a** handed to me by the Jaguar All-star team. I wish the Columbus Bluejackets were selectable. Otherwise, great job and thanks! This is the best version of Brett Hu...Jaguar Hockey that I have - and I have three.
  20. Of the games that you still "need", AOTMP and Flip Out! are both colorful, quirky titles. Sensible Soccer and Fever Pitch are also ok. The rest are "meh" unless you're going for a complete retail set. However, they are all better than Checkered Flag.
  21. I am in for one, too. I am hoping for a cased version, though I have some grey loose carts that could be sacrificed!
  22. I am a big believer in the retrogaming bubble and think that we're at the high point now. Anyone who wants to get out should do it now while someone will still pay $200 for a pro-controller and $300 for a Jag CD. In relation to today's crash, I say sell your Jaguar collection, buy stock at low prices and then, after the market recovers and the Jaguar bubble bursts, you can sell your stock high and buy back into Jaguar at a much lower rate. Genius. FWIW - I sold my original collection of Jag games low (1998) because I got out of gaming altogether. I picked up a unit on liquidation about 4 years later with a handful of games but it stayed in storage until 2010 when I moved across country. It was hard to buy back into the scene five years ago but way less than it is today. I would rather keep my Jaguar collection intact than sell now than risk having to pay even more down the line when nostalgia grips. Its been my favorite console for 21 years and thats not going to change. I still want to have it when 58 in another 20 years. If its worth anything when I'm gone and the family sells it off, that'll be good for them. If not, maybe it'll be a once in a lifetime yard sale find for some random kid that knows what he's looking at.
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