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  1. I feel that my Jaguar collection is "complete". If you step away from the forums for a few months, you may miss a homebrew or self-release. I don't consider these essential, particularly if they're limited. If it seems like an interesting title and I happen to catch it, I'll pick it up. At this point, unless Songbird puts out another lost game, the next Jag title that I'm likely to spring for is Rebooteroids.
  2. What are you guys doing? Don't you know that an honest public appraisal of Blackout! will get you blackballed from ever owning the long awaited Heretic hack? That's a risk that I'm certainly not taking....
  3. I know that jagflation continues to be an issue on eBay but this is crazy. A Jaguar, a "finnicky" Jag CD, a procontoller and a handful of common games. The seller emphasizes that there are no returns or gaurantees due to the nature of "vintage" electronics. With an asking price of $900, who wouldnt want to take the plunge? eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201409126126 IMHO, at most he has about $550 in value there given the consoles are unboxed and theit true working nature is dubious.
  4. Try electronic sentimentalities. I havent used his 5200 board but I have two of the 7800 boards installed and they are great. http://electronicsentimentalities.com/Assembled%20Mods.html
  5. I bought my first Jag while working after school at a local video game retailer in '94. We had a system hooked up and I really loved Raiden, Wolfenstein 3D and T2K.
  6. Hey Shinto, I'm looking forward to this. I had considered a Jaguar podcast ever since I first heard Ferg but the timing is not right. I'll definitely be listening and hope to contribute some anecdotes. Best of luck!
  7. Where are your lines from Pin 6 coming to your fire buttons? Do they come in above or below the diodes?
  8. One of the first products to come out of Atari's IP fire sale: BATTLEZONE by Rebellion. Unveiled at this year's E3, the game purports to stay true to its roots while taking the concept into modern VR. Its set to be an early title for Sony's Morpheus headset on PS4. Video, screens and press kit at http://www.battlezone.com.
  9. This is an interesting question because the Atari marketing campaign for Jaguar first focused first on the hardware ("64 Bits!") and then switched to a value proposition ($149). They never truly focused on the games. Sure AVP, Tempest, Rayman and Doom got some ad play and decent press but by and large Atari spent their energy hyping the machine. When they did have the ear of the press, they would talk about Jaguar 2, Mortal Kombat 3, Jaguar VR and Black Ice White Noise, none of which came to fruition. If you're talking about overhyped by users, AVP comes to mind. It was great in its time but I rarely have gone back to it over the years. Hell, I think I've played Attack of the Mutant Penguins more in the last 10 years.
  10. I've really appreciated these videos so far. I also appreciate that you used MIDI versions of the music as a workaround to YouTube filters. Bravo!
  11. It's a hard day's night

    1. DoctorTom


      It is, 8 days a week.

    2. Atarian7


      "..and I've been workin' like a dog, soon I'll be sleepin' like a log.."

  12. I always thought these Saturn's were neat: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturn_Sky Seriously though, I had a Model 1 for years with no issues.
  13. I think that they should have updated some other classics. Classic IP is classic IP. Every iteration of a Nintendo console gets a new Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Mario Kart, etc. Variations on a theme. Tempest 2000. Defender 2000, MC3D and Breakout 2000 are four of the better Jaguar titles. Atari definitely had other IP to mine and update. Personally, I always wanted them to work with Atari Games to update some of the later arcade titles that were brought to the Lynx. Roadblasters, XYBOTS, Stun Runner come to mind. Also, updates of Asteroids, Centipede and Yars Revenge could have been cool. The challenge with updates to very old games is adding depth to a game while staying true to the original spirit. Tempest 2000 and MC3D did a fantastic job of this.
  14. Im in too please. I have the B&C version but would love a more complete version with updated teams, manual, label and box. BTW - do the Columbus Bluejackets make an appearance?
  15. Well, it looks like I have to turn my gameroom/office into a nursery. I never thought that I'd be happy to pack up my Atari stuff. :)

    1. BigO


      Surely you could justify keeping some of your stuff in there. Don't you have the Lullaby 2600 cartridge? :)

    2. bomberpunk


      my 16mo daughter's room still has "Daddy Corner" in it, stuffed between the crib and a day bed. There's a record player, record collection, acoustic guitar, and (drum roll please) an Adventure Vision w/ all 4 carts.

    3. SabertoothRetro


      Thanks all! We're really excited. Maybe I'll pitch the "daddy corner" idea @bomberpunk. ;)

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  16. Does anyone know if the post issue from the Imagin modifications to the console mold was corrected?
  17. I won this light sixer from Xucaen on eBay. I had a cosmetically rough Sears heavy sixer in the garage and thought That I might try to salvage this modded console with some of it's parts. I pulled the 6507 and TIA from the heavy and voila, she's alive. The chips were socketed so it was an easy enough fix. I tested Kaboom on a real cart and Astroblast and Secret Quest via Harmony. I wanted to share in case some other folks have the same issue.
  18. A: 1) I built the boxes. 2) Yes, I'm using extension cables to connect to my console. It makes it easier for me to store/display the sticks and I didn't have to scrap a proline.
  19. K.C. Munchkin! (7800) Astro Blaster (7800) Dragon Age Inquisition (PS3)
  20. If you have the high score, you can enter your name over the "?????????" by using the joystick. It will stay there until (1) someone gets a higher score and enters over it, or (2) you turn the game off.
  21. I'm interested in a jaguar case if the post issue is addressed. I'd also love a jag cd case when you're ready.
  22. Ordered both, thanks! Thanks! Ordered both!
  23. Dammit. I missed this and K.C. I knew I shouldn't have waited till payday.
  24. IMHO the problem with Atari's marketing for the Jaguar was that the games didn't match up with the numbers and image they were promoting. If the earliest launch titles had the "next gen" quality of the later games, it may have worked. You can't tout 4 times the power and launch with Raiden, Dino Dudes and Trevor McFur. Other games like Checkered Flag and Club Drive were horribly implemented and didn't look or play nearly as good as Road Rash or Need for Speed on the 32 bit 3DO. The good games came (that's why we're all here) but if you are going to market by numbers, you have to back it up. Because they talked about the power of the system so much, Atari made the Jaguar an easy target for gaming mags when the half assed games were pushed out the door.
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