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  1. This is my assumption too. Otherwise, we would have seen all of those great non-Atari arcade ports on the Flashback consoles. Classics like Moon Patrol, Dig Dug, Q Bert, Joust, etc. have never made an appearance to my knowledge.I seem to recall Atari inking a deal with Activision to get those titles on the Flashback. Probably not worth their $$$ to bring licensed titles to the VCS. I'm sure someone has a copy of an licensing deal from BITD.
  2. After Centipede and Black Widow, I'm very excited about the Asteroids release. Does anyone think they will implement the Killer Satellite from Asteroids Deluxe in Recharged? Also, Breakout (as far as I know) is still a mystery. I wonder how it will compare to what we've seen of the Amico version. Hoping to get a teaser soon.
  3. I'm not sure how much further Atari can go with Flashback Friday. They've already released most of their non-7800 IP on Vault and Vault 2. Very little is left to pull from without licensing. I suppose they could release the A8 versions of this stuff. Their 2021 IP list is viewable from here: https://www.atari.com/atari-games/
  4. My guess is that these are the titles that Atari owns the rights to and can simply publish without any licensing issues. I'm thinking that we'll also see Alien Brigade, Fatal Run, Food Fight, Meltdown, Sentinel, Asteroids and Centipede. That would close out Atari-owned 7800 IP. Other 7800 games - particularly the fantastic non-Atari arcade ports - would probably require licensing for a rerelease on the VCS.
  5. Bottom line: A flexible machine that has cool retro and indie content, access to modern games via streaming services, and the ability to double as a moderately powered mini-PC or emulation box. I've been impressed by the continued refinements from Atari and look forward to seeing where they take it. How often do you play it? 4-5 times a week. Favorite game: Black Widow Recharged Most anticipated game: Food Fight Game that surprised you most: The Darkside Detective. This is a series I simply would have never checked out if not on the VCS. I had a blast playing both games. Biggest letdown: Probably Tailgunner. I want to love this. Great presentation, but I could just not vibe with the controls. Feature you unexpectedly love: Definitely Antstream Arcade. Mods you've made/installed: 16GB 3200 MHz RAM, 1 TB SSD Your "Recharged" Wish List: Demons to Diamonds, Yars' Revenge I'd love the VCS even more if it: Included online leaderboards, trophies and a more refined OS and UI.
  6. I wonder if this podcast will continue? I was really hoping for more info on Asteroids or Breakout.
  7. Added a new CRT to the collection today. This is the first time I've unlocked the secret cat screen in Phoenix! 😂🤣🕹️







    1. Serguei2


      This CRT monitor is much better than any 3D TVs in the world.

    2. joeatari1


      Looks like you have a Cat-thode Ray Tube there!

  8. I picked up a few Flashback Friday titles this afternoon. My last invoice is 10,256. Looks like it's picking up somewhat.
  9. I wonder if any of the other Ziggurat games will come to the VCS since Wade Rosen runs that company too. It would be cool to get the Bloodrayne remasters.
  10. I happen to like the single life, arcade attack approach. Enemies do not "respawn" next to you. This is much more balanced than Centipede and if you put the time in - even without the safety net of multiple lives or ability to earn extras - you should be able to clear all challenges and get into double digits. I personally like this more than the original. To each their own.
  11. I personally love the console and I was a skeptic. I did not back the system but picked one up later. It's a functional mini-PC, the curated content in Atari OS is cool and I can stream most modern AAA content. I agree that Atari SA didn't seem to have a vision at first. Under their new leadership this seems to have changed. For example, the Recharged series, while not exclusive, has VCS exclusive content that makes it the best system to play those titles. Food Fight will be a timed exclusive. They continue to listen to community feedback and make improvements to the UI, game features and other functionality. They haven't walked away from the system. If you've already made up your mind, nothing anyone says is going to change that. For me, my VCS is my most played console and - with it's functionality as an emulator and streaming - it's really the only thing I need hooked up at the moment. People are really sleeping in this thing IMHO.
  12. 10,350. Dreams can come true. 😂🕹️🕸️🕷️💥
  13. It took a lot of tries to break 6,000 for that last score achievement. I know some folks have hit up to 8,000, which blows my mind! Hopefully we'll see some double digit scoring! I will say that even though it's difficult, the deaths don't feel cheap necessarily. I felt Centipede definitely has more of those controller throwing moments. 🕹️😬
  14. I'll kick this one off with 6,565. What a challenging and low scoring game!
  15. Has anyone else noticed that the web power up on the modern controller is indicated "LB" onscreen but is mapped to LT? It would be better to use the bumper. I've also had the weapons sounds mute during various challenges. Never immediately but after a few power-ups.
  16. I'm digging this so far. I have really grown to love single life score attack over the last year - mainly due to Antstream tournaments and challenges. I appreciate the "live, die, retry" design philosophy they are going for. For me, the game ramps up quickly enough that retrying from go isn't boring. That said, I do get the criticism. It might have been cool for Atari to have included a "classic arcade" option with three lives and clear wave progression to satisfy OG fans. As an aside, I have only seen one color palette change so far. I wonder if they are score based or time based. It was around 3,500 points. My high is just under 6k now. This is a hard game!
  17. Here's an old teaser video: Note, the game does not sound like that. At least not yet! 🤣😂
  18. True to form, another surprise VCS drop: Pedra! By Tucasoft From the description: Pedra Crystal Caves is an addictive puzzle game where you roll your Pedra block around the game area finding and painting all the Key tiles which unlock the Exit door to each cave.
  19. As requested by @justclaws, here are the screen captures for the 10 VCS exclusive challenges. I've completed all but the thirty-ninth, "Scorp-Ed Earth." 31 - Poison Centipede 32 - Dangerous Shrooms 33 - Flea Survive 34 - Flea Survive XL 35 - Raining Fleas 36 - A Rocky Start 37 - Spider Town 38 - Centipocalypse 39 - Scorp-Ed Earth 40 - Exponential Growth
  20. Sure! I'll take some images when I get in from the office. It just 7am in California so heading out for the day.
  21. I'm down to only Scorp-Ed Earth now. This one says "None" for the goal but appears to be based on number of scorpions destroyed. I got to a point where no more scorpions would appear. This happened twice. Not sure if that's a bug? 🐛🦂🕹️ Has anyone here beat Scorp-Ed Earth?
  22. Here's an early gameplay video of the Switch version for those interested. It looks pretty cool!
  23. I finally beat Flea Survive (!) and have now unlocked the remaining VCS Challenges. I have three to go: Flea Survive XL (34), Scorp-Ed Earth (39) and Exponential Growth (40). I'm going to try and clear these this weekend. The 10 additional VCS exclusive challenges are much more difficult than the 30 base challenges available on other platforms. Good luck to anyone trying to get that co-op challenge achievement. 🤣😂 Also, a few of the challenges ("Scorp-Ed Earth" as an example) don't display the goal. I forget the message offhand, but it's something like Translation Error. Has anyone else noticed it?
  24. Yeah, this isn't exactly what I was hoping for BUT I do understand their desire to monetize their properties via the store. I have nearly a complete set of 7800 games but picked up Desert Falcon just to compare. At least the emulation seems well done!
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