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  1. Weekend bump. Asking price reduced on MC3D. Reasonable offers considered. Thanks!
  2. I have the following Jaguar titles up for offer on eBay. Zero 5: Complete with cart, instructions and cart tray. In excellent condition! SOLD Missile Command 3D: Complete with cart, instructions and cart tray. In very good condition! SOLD Dragon's Lair (Jag CD): Complete in long box. Includes foam insert, jewel case, game and instructions. The long box has some wear. Overall good condition! SOLD Check out my listings and feel free to make an offer. eBay Seller: aocrab Thanks for looking!
  3. I've never had anything but positive experiences with Best. Brad is very responsive to emails and ships everything promptly. They are a great resource for replacement parts, hardware and games.
  4. These look great! I really like the version with the centered AA logo.
  5. Of course, by "potential" I was talking about the 250k Jaguars sold vs. the 20k or so Jag CDs. Even in this poll 100% of users have Jaguars (20% Jaguar only) while 80% have a Jag CD. Accordingly, you're excluding 20% of this active retro gaming community from purchase by releasing to CD only. This is one of the problems with add-ons in general; they fracture the market.
  6. Streaming the new Judas Priest, Redeemer of Souls, on iTunes Radio. It feels a lot like Ram it Down to me. Good stuff for guys in their fourth decade of metal!

    1. Stephen


      Excellent - can't wait to check it out. Hoping to see them on tour, I'm going to see King Diamond in October.

  7. What a fantastic cover! Honestly, this is the part Atari story I've been waiting for. I look forward to reading some meaningful reflections on that time - particularly from the Tramiels. I suspect that much of what we "know" will be challenged. Cannot wait!
  8. I prefer carts for homebrews because (1) there is 10x the potential userbase for the Jaguar vs. Jaguar CD and (2) I'm absolutely paranoid that my Jag CD will stop working at some point. In fact, I just bought a spare unit. That said, I believe that most people interested in new Jaguar games likely own both the Jaguar and Jag CD. Given that production costs are much less for a CD, I can certainly appreciate a developer's preference for that medium. Bottom line; I'll support whatever new titles people choose to put out on either medium.
  9. PM sent. I've been meaning to pick up a dust cover so this is a great reason to take the plunge.
  10. It's a great start that you have there. I recommend adding the following to your list: All three original release licensed Nintendo arcade ports: DK, DK Jr. and Mario Bros. B*nQ! (homebrew) Jr. Pac-Man (homebrew) Ballblazer Rampage Ikari Warriors Space Invaders (homebrew) Frenzy! (homebrew) Xevious Have fun building and playing your collection!
  11. I'll have to try this out. I've always wanted to be a Dragon Highlord!
  12. Someone call Telegames UK and tell them to put out a cart version of WTR stat!
  13. I got my cart today and confirmed that the SI crash and MC bug are present on my main 7800. I'll try my other 7800 later in the week. That said, I didn't have Crazy Brix or Meteor Shower before today and I am very happy with those games. Crazy Brix is the JAM! I also absolutely love the update to Scramble. On my stand alone cart I have always found the scrolling to be a little distracting. This fix is a marked improvement. I hope that future copies of Scramble at the AA store use this version of the game. Thanks to PMP, CPU and Trebor for getting this out to us!
  14. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 231263468809 Really? Asking $525 plus shipping for three average 4-switch consoles, broken controllers and a few shoeboxes full of duplicate commons. It must be the plug-in play units that are driving the asking price.
  15. Mass Effect (PS3) Phoenix (2600) Roadblasters (Lynx)
  16. Area 51, STUN Runner, Raiden II, 19XX and T-MEK. I also would love to have seen some of the 3DO titles like Return Fire, Escape From Monster Manor and Road Rash. Of course an available and affordable copy of Battlesphere Gold would be great too.
  17. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121358790408 $359 for a Jaguar CD "box and contents". Boxed systems usually go for that or less.
  18. Revisiting Mass Effect.

  19. Bump! Three more off the list.
  20. I like Defender 2000. The gameplay is a little fast and the sprites overly large for the play field but once you get the hang of it, it's a fine game. I particularly like plus mode. IMHO all of the released "2000" games - T2K, B2K, D2K and MC3D - are well worth owning and comprise some of the best that the Jaguar has to offer. I would have loved to see a more complete Space War 2000 and playable Dactyl Joust.
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