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  1. Wow! I am seriously considering putting my "boxed" copies of Barkley, Space War 2000 and Air Cars on ePay.
  2. If we're talking about updates to existing 7800 games, I'd like to see something closer to the SEGA arcade/SMS version of Choplifter. Joust 2 could be good using Joust as a source. I've always thought that Joust 2 was an under-appreciated game. As for new games, an RPG a la Dragon Warrior or a beat-em up like Golden Ax, Rastan or Altered Beast would be cool.
  3. It seems that there isn't a consensus on what the issue is but that others have experienced it on their 7800s and in emulation. I'm thinking that this may be a compatibility issue with this 7800 revision and/or particular unit. It will be interesting to see if others have a similar problem with the multicart version. Since I have a copy of the game that works on both of my units, I don't mind. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/118045-choplifter-graphical-glitch/ http://atariage.com/forums/topic/55943-help/page-2?hl=choplifter
  4. My spare unit was in the garage on an old CRT. I just brought it into the house and tried it using the same power supply and s-video as my main unit. The spare is still working flawlessly. The SN on my spare is A1885425510. Gremlins? I'm going to cycle through the rest of the games to see if I can find any other issues/anomalies.
  5. I got my cart yesterday and popped it in this morning. It's a really cool cart. I did a few rounds of Joust, Xevious and DK without issue. Then I selected Choplifter and the game boots fine but after playing for a few seconds the graphics get weird (see pic). I've tried powering down and reseating the cart to no avail. I then tried it in my spare 7800 and it seemed to work. Both 7800s have the LHE mod. My regular copy of Choplifter works fine on both. The 7800 with the issue is a later model SN 72R4BRX208. I'm thinking that some 7800s may have a compatibility issue. Has anyone else experienced a graphics glitch with Choplifter?
  6. When will they machine a Jag/CD combo? At least then the price point starts to make sense vs. original hardware.
  7. The mod includes both composite and s-video output. I run mine though s-video and it's perfect. Make sure you have the Tia switch installed to remove interference.
  8. http://electronicsentimentalities.com He does a very nice install of the LHE mod. I have one on my main 7800. Do a search and you will find rave reviews.
  9. I know that Jag prices are inflated the last few years but this is quite a bit off the mark. $1,000 for a CIB Jag/CD with a pro-controller, team tap, Baldies and Myst. Check it here: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/vgm/4461456970.html
  10. Gift sent. Thanks and please sign me up for the other volumes!
  11. Amazing! Plus, it's great to see some of the rarer titles on cart no. 2. If this is a list, please put me on it.
  12. I'm in for all three. Can't wait!
  13. I'm just a few days in on my Odyssey 2 and haven't worked through all of my games yet. Of the ones that I've played, the two K.C. games, UFO!, Attack of the Time Lord! and Freedom Fighters! have been the most fun. A few early observations: - It seems like most of the games reset after the loss of one life. I haven't played an O2 since I was 8 or 9 and at that age I didn't notice the lack of multiple player lives and a game over screen. Was it always this way? - Generally, the scores are low compared to the arcades and other consoles of the day. - The games share some graphical elements. For example, the player controlled cannons in Alien Invaders! and Attack of the Time Lord! are similar. The same is true for the "planets" in Invaders from Hyperspace! and the segments of the Draterpillar in K.C. - The graphics are sharp and bright. - The controllers rock! I wish they were detachable but they feel extremely responsive and sturdy. If I decide to get into O2 seriously, I may pick up the earlier unit with silver controllers. A big thumbs up! Overall I'm happy with my O2 so far. I'll try to sample the rest of the games from my 17 game lot this weekend. Of my cousin's games all of those years ago I remember liking bowling and Demon Attack the best. Neither of these came with my unit but I look forward to finding them. I also want to try one or two of the board game hybrids.
  14. Thanks for the comments. I'm really enjoying the KC games so far and I can't wait to dig into Attack of the Timelord! and UFO! I may have to check out the Voice and multicart. This could be the start of a new console collection.
  15. My model is a DS27910. The "pin cushion" adjustments are at 48, 49, 50 and 51. I also adjusted the horizontal position (03), vertical linearity (07) and vertical s correction (10) before I got a decent picture. I downloaded a PDF of the service manual but I don't have the site location. Try google for your model number's service manual. I hope that helps!
  16. Scramble (7800) K.C. Munchkin (O2) K.C.'s Krazy Chase (O2)
  17. Thank you Jaynz and PMP for keeping this going!
  18. I picked up this "broken" O2 and games lot for $15.50 plus shipping. Twenty minutes, some electronics cleaner and a salvaged RF cable later and she is running like a champ. I didn't have an O2 growing up but it was one of the first systems I ever played. My cousin had one and it was a fixture at his sleepovers until the age of Nintendo. I have especially vivid memories of playing Demon Attack. The unit is a little worn and the boxes are not collector grade but I'm really glad I snagged this.
  19. I'm in for one. Always could use a back-up. What I really want though is a jag multicart a la harmony or atarimax.
  20. "Pick-up only" and a happy marriage prevent me from pulling the trigger. It looks to be in great condition. Good luck with your sale!
  21. This topic inspired me to pick up an Odyssey 2. I'm really looking forward to a 7800 version.
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