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  1. I recently ordered an Atarimax Ultimate SD 5200 cart. It took about two weeks before it shipped. I received an email when it went out. It arrived well packed and in great condition.
  2. I would order a new replacement 24-pin female cartridge connector from Best Electronics. It looks like they have a few to choose from so write Brad an email and tell him that you need one for a Jr. He'll make sure you get the right part. http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/2600_Tech_Tips.htm#based
  3. I love how this game still inspires so much chatter 14 years on. As someone who has not yet pulled the trigger on a BS/BSG auction, I harbor no ill will towards the games' creators. I sold my first Jag collection in '98 and missed out on twelve years of limited releases like Battlesphere, Gorf, Mad Bodies, Painter, etc. Do I wish that Scatalogic would produce and/or authorize the production of more? Absolutely! Also, nonprofits and not-for-profits can make money. Otherwise there would be no charity booze cruises. Money received pays for overhead, executives and staff. Any remaining excess funding would be put into charitable programs. It would be possible for someone to meet the stated criteria on the Scatalogic website for ongoing production, cover their material costs, receive some reasonable compensation and donate the rest. In fact, it would be kinda cool to be a non-profit games publisher.
  4. Alien Brigade is back on the list after returning a poorly packed copy that got crushed in transit. I also added a CIB Lynx I although I may just order that from Best or B&C if there is no interest here. TIA!
  5. I'm interested too. What are the noticeable differences in this build? Can you play networked with the release versions of BS/BSG?
  6. It has it's flaws but I've always liked the game.
  7. I don't have an EPROM programmer either. Otherwise I'd buy it to finally try BSG - which is the Bounty Bob Strikes Back of the Jaguar. It would be great to have an SD cart for Jaguar. I love the Harmony and (now) AtariMax.
  8. My AtariMax 5200 Ultimate SD Multicart arrived today! How can I possibly be expected to get any yard work done?

    1. RickR


      You mean because you need to repair joysticks instead?

    2. SabertoothRetro


      LOL. I take your point but luckily I have the Best Electronics rebuilt joysticks.

    3. RickR


      Ah well, then you can afford a lawn service.


      Just kidding with you. I have a 128 in 1 cart. Fun stuff.


  9. Does anyone here know anything about this Jag "multicart kit"? "Retro-kidz" is printed on the label. I couldn't find anything about it online. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 171415654545 The same seller also has a multi I/O board listed as BIN.
  10. Nice stuff! I really wish I ordered those collectibles from the catalogs back in the day. Also, you don't have a copy of Battlesphere/BS Gold in your treasure trove, do you?
  11. Impressive. Most impressive.
  12. I'm casting my stone for Kevincall. I have no problem with his recent rash of polls and posts. If you don't like it, you don't have to read or respond. While I would have designed the polls differently, he turned me on to Jaguar Corner and a new developer to watch out for. I appreciate his enthusiasm. Hell, I even bought a copy of the infamous Jaguar issue of Next Generation from him a while back. You keep rockin' Kevin!
  13. A new copy that I bid on last week went for $255. People probably mistook it for a Jaguar game.
  14. Bob's 7800 Frenzy definitely includes Berzerk. It's really great. If you have a 7800, you can't go wrong with Bob's games. They are all spot on! On topic. I think that you got a really great deal on that 5200 bundle. Especially if the controllers work. Gremlins is a fun game. I got lucky and bought and 11 game CIB lot that included Gremlins, Popeye, Berzerk, Vanguard, Ballblazer, Ms. Pac-Man, Qix, Pitfall, Pengo, Kangaroo and Galaxian for $80. I didn't have any of those CIB so it was worth it to me. I try to keep an eye out for lots with rare/semi rare games. You can always resell/trade the duplicates!
  15. Really fun vid. I like the 64/64 scoring for the review. Did anyone check out their WIP Jaguar projects? I'd love a JRPG-style game. Also, Flappy McFur!
  16. If I had to name five, it would be: - Jaguar/CD - 7800 - Sega Saturn - Dreamcast - PS3 Those aren't in any specific order. On a side note, I think I want to get into Saturn gaming again. Sold mine in a lot in 1998.
  17. Not all press is good press...

    1. CPUWIZ
    2. TheGameCollector


      Start is a good press if we're talking in terms of video games.

  18. If I didn't say it before, kudos to travistouchdown for investigating this whether it pans out or not. There is no harm in researching the feasibility of a project if you have the time and energy to do so.
  19. Update to the post that started this thread. The seller refunded the full amount plus shipping for the NIB Alien Brigade. I got the refund today and I'm only out return shipping (<$5). He offered a partial refund if I kept the game but as I'm going for a CIB set, the box condition was important. I appreciate that the seller made it right.
  20. I love it when people think because something is old and had Atari on it that it commands this kind of mark up. Even a CIB copy can be had for < $20.
  21. While I have a lot of games for the 2600, 5200, O2, Wii and PS3, I really only collect 7800, Lynx and Jaguar. By "collect" I mean that I'm going for complete US official release sets. I guess I'm an Atari Corp. fan?!?! If I ever collect for a non-Atari system, it will be either Sega Saturn or Master System.
  22. I agree that Zero 5 and MC3D have great in-game music.
  23. What about Bubsy, Theme Park, Cannon Fodder, Dino Dudes, Club Drive, Syndicate, Brutal Sports Football, Dragon, Blackout! and DDV? You've missed all of the Jag's graphics powerhouses. In all seriousness though, it would be more fun to pick 1 or 5. 15 is a little odd for the size of the catalog.
  24. Next time I am hiring someone to build the damnable fence!

    1. SoulBlazer


      Putting up fences can be a pain, especily the wooden ones. Tearing them down is MUCH easier. ;) But building a storage shed is worse!

  25. Thanks! I bought the IL/Happ Competition joysticks and buttons from Paradise Arcade in Hawaii. At first I tried the Chinese made Happ joysticks but they aren't as good as the European made IL/Happ. If you go with Happ, look for the version with the white actuator. http://www.paradisearcadeshop.com As for the rest, I built the cases and designed the layout myself. The cases are wood boxes made with a finger joint; the top is inset. The graphics were done on a free paint program on my Mac, printed in reverse and transfered to wood using Liquitex gel medium. It's supposed to be reminiscent of the early home Pong packaging.
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