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  1. "Pick-up only" and a happy marriage prevent me from pulling the trigger. It looks to be in great condition. Good luck with your sale!
  2. This topic inspired me to pick up an Odyssey 2. I'm really looking forward to a 7800 version.
  3. Got mine two days ago. Great work! I'm pretending its a silent movie while we wait for XM.
  4. Watching Cosmos with my daughter. We've been looking forward to this reboot!

    1. BillyHW


      Please tell me they didn't start droning on about global warming.

  5. In figured it out. I had to go into the service menu and adjust the "pin cushion". Now it looks pretty good. I used the 2600 Color Bar Generator to help with the adjustments. First time I've ever used it other than to adjust my color pot.
  6. I picked up a 27" Sanyo flat screen CRT on CL a few weeks ago for the garage and I get slight wavy distortion on the vertical screen borders when playing my 2600, 7800 (LHE mod) and XEGS. The distortion is not as noticeable on the XEGS. There is no distortion on the DVD player. I'm going to hook up a Jaguar today and see if it picks up any distortion. Any thoughts on possible causes?
  7. If this is turning into a list thread, put me on it!
  8. Rewarding myself for spending the long weekend on unexpected repairs by finally ordering "Space Rocks". #joyof100yearoldhouses

    1. AtariLeaf


      Space Rocks ROCKS!

    2. BigO


      It rocks so big there's barely space for it.

    3. BigO


      I'm gonna have to sell some stuff so I can justify spending that much . Not being a box guy, I wish I could get it cart-only.

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  9. Rewarding myself for spending on unexpected repairs by finally ordering "Space Rocks". #joyof100yearoldhouses

  10. I used standard Happ concave buttons because they have a real old school feel. They are "clicky" but not as bad as my iCade. For a quieter button you could try the Sanwa OBSFS. Any buttons or joysticks using microswitches will make noise. As for resources, I got the pinout for the 7800 controller here at AA. I also searched the forum for tips and advice. Additionally, Slagcoin.com is a great general reference on joysticks. There were also a few Instructables on DIY Atari 2600 joysticks that were helpful. Ive linked the instructables and my AA thread below if it's any help. I'm a total novice at this type of thing too. If I could do it, your odds are pretty good. Good luck on your project and have fun! http://www.instructables.com/id/Atari-Combo-Controller/?ALLSTEPS http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Your-Own-Atari-Joystick/?ALLSTEPS http://atariage.com/forums/topic/219466-diy-7800-arcade-stick-help/?do=findComment&comment=2897021
  11. I recently built my own sticks primarily for Jr. Pac-Man and can wholeheartedly recommend the IL Competition ("Eurostick"). I started with a Happ and an IL. The IL was so much more responsive that I ordered a second one and swapped out the Happ stick. Jr. Pac-man has never been so much fun!
  12. Raiden Missile Command 3-D Breakout 2000 Tempest 2000 Power Drive Rally
  13. This looks great! I wish that I was collecting back in 2010. Are there still plans to release it via the AA store?
  14. I'm in for one too. As excited as I am for DK XM these boards exist now and enable the game to be played on original hardware without the need for a peripheral. More games available to the broader 7800 user base is a good thing. Tremendous work CPUWIZ!
  15. I started collecting 7800 last spring and it currently gets more play time than any of my other consoles. The original release titles are some of the best arcade ports of the era. As others have said, most of the best games are cheap and easy to come by. Add to that the continual stream of amazing homebrew games from Pacmanplus and nearly full 2600 backwards compatibility and you have a fantastic system. If you decide to take the plunge, RF can be iffy so definitely look into a composite or S-video mod as others have mentioned.
  16. I got my magazine today. I had skipped the digital issue so I wouldn't spoil the experience of the print version. I really enjoyed the Computer Space feature, interview with Ed Semrad and retrospective on useless peripherals. Personally, I'd love to see an ongoing feature on useless peripherals. Overall, this is a great initial effort and I look forward to the ongoing evolution of the magazine!
  17. Bump for 2014. I've added non-7800 items to list and some duplicates that are available for trade. TIA!
  18. I finished the Player 2 "Super Pong" stick this week. I hope the the picture of the rat's nest helps someone with their project. Note: The first joystick is a Happ Competition. The second stick is an IL Competition ("Eurostick"). I definitely recommend the IL over the Happ. It's much more responsive and way better on diagonals. I'm going to switch the Player 1 stick to the IL version when I get a chance.
  19. Mark at Classic Game Room did an entertaining comparative analysis of the 5200 and PS4. It's a fun read. http://classicgameroom.com/feature-article/?id=57
  20. I'll definitely be watching this one. I loved playing KC on my cousin's O2 growing up. Do you intend to update the graphics to take advantage of the hardware? Similar to the graphical improvements that Imagic made to their games across platforms?
  21. Thanks everyone! When I put together the second player controller I'll post detailed photos of the button wiring for reference. I looked at a few "instructable" type posts on other homemade controllers when I got started and think something like that for the 7800 could be useful to folks.
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