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  1. Ditto on that. I've split a few hours between this and Crazy Otto. Stellar work!
  2. Bump. Last day. I have a few watchers so if you're interested make an offer.
  3. Just ordered! I can't wait to play both of these games on cart! Woot!
  4. Bump. Iron Soldier sold. There are still a lot of great 7800 games! Lot 1: NIB Jinks, Ms. Pac Man and BallBlazer Lot 2: CIB Asteroids, Centipede, Jinks, Pole Position II, Tower Toppler and Xevious Lot 3: "Sports Lot" including: Mat Mania Challenge, Fight Night, Hat Trick, RS Baseball and One-On-One Basketball Free shipping. Reasonable offers considered. Thanks!
  5. Ikari Warrior and NIB commons sold! Added additional games including 3 NIB commons, 6 CIB commons, 5 boxed sports games and an NIB copy of Iron Soldier. Free shipping. All reasonable offers considered. Thanks!
  6. Over the next few days I'll be posting some 7800 games for auction on eBay. The first two are up now and include a CIB Ikari Warriors in good shape and five NIB commons. Free shipping with BIN. eBay Seller: aocrab There is more to come in the next few days. Please feel free to make a fair offer on any listing. Thanks!
  7. If you open up the 2600 you'll see that the RF cable plugs into an RCA jack on the board. I just replaced the cable on my Vader with the upgraded cable from Best Electronics and it really improved the picture. You could also use a coax to RCA adapter and run a coax cable out of the unit to your TV. No soldering needed.
  8. IGN posted a video play review of Halo 2600 is week. The video is more than 7 minutes long and they seemed to really get a kick out of the game. They also plug AA and indicate that a Princess Rescue video will follow soon. See the link below. http://www.ign.com/videos/2013/08/15/ign-plays-halo-on-the-atari-2600
  9. Mid-week bump. Added free shipping on $35 or more (free shipping in U.S. only, sorry).
  10. Hello and thanks for stopping by! I've picked up several lots lately to build up my collection of 7800 games and need to downsize the duplicates. These will be posted until Friday, 8/9. After that they're going to eBay. Payment via Pay-pal. Free shipping on purchases of $35 or more (U.S. only). I am open to offers. Check out my feedback: eBay Seller: aocrab All open games have been cleaned and tested. Let me know if you have questions or would like detail photos of a particular title(s). I would consider trading for CIB/NIB games (see list at bottom) so if you have some duplicates, please PM me. Atari 7800: Ace of Aces CIB, very good condition. $7. Asteroids CIB, poor box, good game label, fair booklet. $4. Centipede CIB, very good condition. $7. Fight Night CIB (x2), very good condition. $11 ea. ONE LEFT Hat Trick CIB (x2), each box has moderate shelf-wear, good booklet, good label. $4 ea. ONE LEFT Ikari Warriors, some crushing on box, good instructions, great label. $40. Jinx CIB, good condition, moderate shelf-wear. $5. Joust CIB, very good condition. $7. Mat Mania Challenge, very good condition, no instructions. $11. One On One Basketball CIB, good condition. $8. Pole Position II CIB, good condition. $5. Realsports Baseball CIB, good condition. $8. Scrapyard Dog CIB, good condition, $18. Tower Toppler CIB, good condition, $7. Xevious CIB (x2), good condition. $6. ONE LEFT Ballblazer NIB (x2), very good condition, minimal shelf-wear. $11 ea. Centipede NIB, very good condition, minimal shelf-wear. $9 Dig-Dug NIB, very good condition, minimal shelf-wear. $9. Jinks NIB, very good condition, minimal shelf-wear. $7. Joust NIB, very good condition, minimal shelf-wear. $9. Ms. PAC-Man NIB (x2), good condition, some shelf-wear and binding on box. $8. Robotron 2084 NIB, some crushing on box, cellophane has been removed, still sealed. $8. Atari 2600: Chopper Command CIB, some crushing of box, typical actiplaque spotting on label. $5. Boxed WICO Command Control "Bat", CIB. Boxes show significant shelf-wear. I picked these up recently because I've heard so much about them. The units appear to work correctly but are too big and stiff for my taste. $12 ea. or $20 for both. Atari Jaguar: Iron Soldier NIB, great condition. $10. Looking for CIB/NIB: 7800 - Double Dragon, Rampage, Basketbrawl, Xenophobe, Fatal Run 5200 - Galaxian, Star Trek, Zaxxon, Kangaroo, Star Raiders, Counter Measure, Popeye, Space Dungeon, Adventure II, Super Pac-Man Lynx - Pacland, Ms. Pac-Man, Asteroids/Missile Command, Gates of Zendocon, Joust, Robotron 2084, Stun Runner Atari 7800 Sale.tiff
  11. Free bump. Received my modded controllers today and played the best game of Jr. Pac-Man ever. This mod actually makes the CX-24 fun to use. An excellent alternative for when a joypad won't do. Recommended.
  12. That's a fantastic buyer's guide! Thanks for putting together such thorough and helpful information.
  13. I almost fell out of my chair when I read this! We have a guy here who wants to trade his boxed 4 switch woody for a new 17" laptop with all the "bells and whistles." People are crazy!
  14. I downloaded the current bin to my Harmony and this is just fantastic work! I understand that the scrolling is due to limitations but it really adds a unique spin on this classic. Leaps and bounds over the original 2600 port and the sound is great! I'll definitely watch for a physical copy. With this and DK XM for the 7800 I'll be up to my ears in Donkey Kong!
  15. Thanks for the feedback. I think that I may just keep watching or try for a trade in the marketplace.
  16. This looks kinda cool. I wonder what the video quality looks like. Does anyone have a set?
  17. I've been looking for a kiosk for awhile too. Reasonable is relative. This is the first to come up on eBay in awhile: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 130956563349 Too rich for me but it would be cool to have. Can anyone validate that this is the only two player unit made? A Google image search only turned up mostly single player examples and what may be another pic of this one.
  18. Thanks! I wish I could score something below $50. I havent seen anything in the $20 range that looks clean. I have bad luck at yard sales and eBay is way higher for most working units. People on CL in this area are even worse with pricing. Things like: "$300 bucks with PAC-Man!" The unit that I mentioned was a CIB unit, very clean with two controllers and 6 boxed commons. The seller wrote back after the bid ended and said the unit turns on but is not fully tested. He hadn't tried the controllers so this is probably a resale. They have red balls on the stock 5200 controllers so they could be modded (?).He's relisted at $75 but not BIN. I would like to stay below that for a clean unit with a guaranteed working controller. Wish me luck!
  19. I've never had a 5200 but in the interest of having an example of each Atari home console I am considering it. I almost pulled the trigger on a listing today but the seller never responded to my questions regarding testing. The auction ended with no bids w/ a start of $100. It seemed like one of the nicer two port units and included a handful of boxed commons. EBay and Craigslist all over the place so it's hard for me to gauge pricing. What's a fair price for a CIB unit in good working/cosmetic condition? One with at least a single working controller?
  20. Update: I had to open up a dispute. Fortunately eBay found in my favor. I'm out return shipping but that's better than the full amount. Also, I just pulled the trigger on a lot that takes care of a handful of these. I'll end up selling my duplicates in the next few weeks so if anyone needs some CIB or NIB commons, let me know.
  21. SabertoothRetro


    I love my new Harmony cart for the 2600. A 7800 version would be wicked awesome!
  22. Free bump. Do you have any pre-modded controller sets? My stock CX-24 controllers seem shot functionally and cosmetically.
  23. I am very stoked on my new Harmony Cartridge! I ordered late last week and it arrived today. Within minutes of loading my SD card I was up and running my childhood favorites. Everything looks great on my modded 7800. Thanks to Fred Quimby and anyone else involved in bringing this to market! \m/
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