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  1. It's an M 3 x 4mm screw. I used the following:
  2. I'm definitely picking this one up tomorrow. It looks right up my alley!
  3. I got it on Monday along with reBOOTed but work has been a bear so just about two hours of play time so far this work. Hoping to get some real time with both titles tonight and tomorrow.
  4. I tried this today and I got as far as logging in and selecting a game (Panzer Dragoon Remake) when I received a message that I was attempting to use an unsupported OS. Apparently, while it will work through Chrome, that is limited to Windows, Mac and Android devices. Assuming that somebody running in PC Mode could get it to work from Windows but it looks like a no go in Atari OS.
  5. This update looks pretty cool. I've logged on a few times and it's great fun when others are playing.
  6. Super Methane Bros. - Someone Call Pest Control This is one I had never played prior to the Tournament Challenge. It's a single life score attack challenge. The game reminds me of Bubble Bobble.
  7. Joust - Egg Hunter A time limited Tournament Challenge where the goal is to collect as many eggs as possible in 3 minutes. Essentially, the game is set-up to repeat the Wave 5 ("Egg Wave") over and over for three minutes. You can't die except by lava but it gets pretty chaotic once the buzzards start hatching.
  8. I've really enjoyed the Antstream service on the VCS and love the Tournaments and ongoing Challenges. Use this thread to to share your username, thoughts on active challenges and tournament rankings. Find me: SabertoothRetro
  9. These worked for me if anyone is looking. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DWRSBR7/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_N67559M6RSYTY3F784P7?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  10. I received a follow-up from Antstream. They say that the issue has been fixed and will be in the next update.
  11. 4,500 to start. I haven't spent enough time grinding for upgrades. Also, I'm moving at the end of the week and my VCS is the only console I have left hooked up. Everything else is packed.
  12. I already received a response that they're aware of the issue and are working on it. They will send me an email once it's resolved.
  13. I filed a support ticket. I do not anticipate a fix but I figure the more noise being made, the more likely a fix.
  14. I really enjoy Antstream. In particular, the tournament challenges for short bursts of gaming goodness. Have others had a hit or miss experience with Antstream remembering login information? Sometimes I have to log back in, even when re-entering the app without powering down the VCS.
  15. That must be frustrating. I have this problem with the modern controller but only if the console is sleeping. I think that's a known issue. Otherwise I haven't had any issues with pairing.
  16. I had put this down for a few days. Came back to it exhausted from work and beat King Tarr on the first go. I guess I needed to be on autopilot. It's funny how that happens. The game is well worth the price and a ton of fun. It's a good few hours of entertainment at least and something that will appeal to gamers and non-gamers.
  17. My GF and I tried out several of the Airconsole games over the weekend. She liked it so much that she bought the annual subscription.
  18. I am at King Tarr and - wow - this last boss is quite a challenge. Its enough to rage quit and break one of these sweet VCS controllers. 😂🕹️😬
  19. I downloaded Spear Master this morning and it's quite a fun game. It definitely has that "just one more time" quality to it. I love the graphic style and colorful characters you meat along the way. 30+ levels in - the snow environment - and I'm having a blast. Recommended!
  20. It's definitely better with the modern controller. I wish there were button mapping options. The right stick function can also control direction without thrust. This is exactly how I would like the left stick to behave. So I'm forcing myself to play with the right thumb but then thrust, steering and fire are all in the right. Button mapping would definitely change my impressions.
  21. I downloaded a demo from the store yesterday and played through the first few available levels. First thoughts: During play it looks great but the style is a bit of a mishmash when considering in-game graphics, menus and end of stage awards (XP, stars, etc.). It took me out of the game a bit. So far I have only used the Classic Joystick and ship handling is a mess. It would be great if the paddle function was used to rotate the ship similar to the implementation in Thrustlander (which is excellent). I'm going to play again with the modern controller to see if it improves the experience.
  22. I got mine earlier this week. I decided to connect it in my media console during lunch today. The media console has room for six systems so one had to go temporarily (7800). I plan on installing an internal hard drive and using this as an emulation station vis PC Mode in addition to any VCS content the piques my interest and it's a good fit style-wise for my place.
  23. I just got my ebay unit today too. Woodgrain with two classic controllers and one modern controller. I spent the last 4 hours after work playing Antstream and Tempest in Atari Vault with the joystick controller. That joystick is a dream on Pac games. I also played a bit of Missile Command Recharged. I downloaded Tailgunner and Atari Vault Vol 2. Tailgunner is nice but I don't see myself putting real time into it. Not sure what my next game will be yet.
  24. I'm also waiting for the mid-cycle refresh. I've done the same for PS3 (first slim) and PS4 (Pro).
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