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  1. It's definitely better with the modern controller. I wish there were button mapping options. The right stick function can also control direction without thrust. This is exactly how I would like the left stick to behave. So I'm forcing myself to play with the right thumb but then thrust, steering and fire are all in the right. Button mapping would definitely change my impressions.
  2. I downloaded a demo from the store yesterday and played through the first few available levels. First thoughts: During play it looks great but the style is a bit of a mishmash when considering in-game graphics, menus and end of stage awards (XP, stars, etc.). It took me out of the game a bit. So far I have only used the Classic Joystick and ship handling is a mess. It would be great if the paddle function was used to rotate the ship similar to the implementation in Thrustlander (which is excellent). I'm going to play again with the modern controller to see if it improves the experience.
  3. I got mine earlier this week. I decided to connect it in my media console during lunch today. The media console has room for six systems so one had to go temporarily (7800). I plan on installing an internal hard drive and using this as an emulation station vis PC Mode in addition to any VCS content the piques my interest and it's a good fit style-wise for my place.
  4. I just got my ebay unit today too. Woodgrain with two classic controllers and one modern controller. I spent the last 4 hours after work playing Antstream and Tempest in Atari Vault with the joystick controller. That joystick is a dream on Pac games. I also played a bit of Missile Command Recharged. I downloaded Tailgunner and Atari Vault Vol 2. Tailgunner is nice but I don't see myself putting real time into it. Not sure what my next game will be yet.
  5. I'm also waiting for the mid-cycle refresh. I've done the same for PS3 (first slim) and PS4 (Pro).
  6. I am on the fence about a pre-order. The early reaction of backers has been positive. I do not anticipate long term support from Atari but I think they delivered a solid mini PC that could make a nice emulation box when and if direct support dries up. It's a little spendy for the build but in that way it reminds me of low volume boutique items. The main thing pointing me to eBay is that I prefer the lighter wood veneer to the black walnut or Onyx.
  7. I picked up a 3DO last summer to revisit some games like Escape from Monster Manor and Blade Force. Oddly, the game I've enjoyed the most has been Twisted. It's been a nice change from the standard quarantine board game. For me it comes down to exclusives. I tend to prefer the Jaguar's exclusives compared to those of the 3DO. Most of the 3DO's best titles were ported to PS1 or Saturn, often with slight upgrades. You don't have to have a 3DO to play Gex, Return Fire, Shockwave, Total Eclipse, Toad Rash, etc. They are great titles for sure, but you don't need a 3DO to experience them.
  8. Was just playing Tempest 4000 on my PS4 today and thinking the same thing about a "legacy" version including the arcade original and three Minter games. If they're going to do it on VCS, they need to make it special.
  9. In celebration of the holidays and the 40th anniversary of Pac-Man, I decided to do a Pac-Tree. 


    Mostly DIY ornaments, including balls, PAC people, garland and "star." 





    1. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      As Borat says: VERY NICE

    2. SlidellMan


      You did an excellent job.

  10. As others have said, unless you're after a complete collection, it's hard to justify the CD at current prices. That said, I do like Battlemorph, Hoverstrike, WTR, IS2 and Primal Rage quite a lot and would place those games in the top quarter of Jaguar titles. I also get a kick out of Blue Lightning and it's rockin' soundtrack. Back in September I made a Jag CD montage to try out my video capture and commemorate the 25th anniversary of it's release. It was fun to dust off those games.
  11. I was spending some time playing World Tour Racing on the Jaguar CD and Virtua Racing on the Saturn, back-to-back.  Call me crazy, but I think that WTR is more fun to play and actually looks better. 

    1. save2600
    2. SlidellMan


      Just watched a video of it. Despite being rushed out the door, it seems to be one of five-to-seven Jaguar CD games worth hunting down. Plus, it has an excellent soundtrack to boot.

  12. The original Sony PlayStation wasn't the only gaming hardware to see a September '95 North American release...


    Happy 25th to the Atari Jaguar CD!  Only 11 official titles were released on the platform and a meager 20,000 units are reported to have been produced. 


    Celebrate the launch of the doomed Atari Jaguar peripheral with this montage of the 11 official releases, Virtual Light Machine and more! 



    1. SlidellMan


      I will say this in the defense of the Jaguar CD: It made homebrew development much, much easier.

    2. SabertoothRetro


      @SlidellMan, I agree 💯! That's the real saving grace of the platform. Although it seems that homebrew releases on CD have slowed now that carts are easier to produce. It will be interesting to see how many more CD releases come out moving forward. 

    3. zetastrike


      That's kind of crazy to think about.  Battlemorph looks like a really cool game, it's a shame the Jag is not very well emulated.

  13. I wanted to share a teaser for my upcoming channel. This is me getting used to the video editor LOL! Primary focus will be Atari and "failed" consoles but also retro music, style, etc. I hope some fellow AAers check it out!


    Can you recognize the games in the teaser?



  14. Hi all, Looking for a NM to VG+ Sega Dreamcast, CIB with instructions and accessories. Shipping to 90802. The Dreamcast was the only console I ever bought on launch day but I sold it before a move years ago. Looking to rebuild my collection. I've had a couple of near misses on eBay this week but I'm actively looking. PM if interested. Thanks!
  15. I have spent just over a week with a pre-modded Starwander RF 2.0 controller and could not be more pleased. As has been said, the work is so clean it looks like it came from a factory. In fact, I like it so much that I put in an order for a second! Most of my time has been on Zero 5 and Raiden but the RF 2.0 even has me revisiting Trevor McFur. It's still a crap game but the RF 2.0 makes it a bit more tolerable. A spoonful of sugar I suppose... Anyway, if you're on the fence for a kit or pre-modded controller, I highly recommend getting this while it's available. Top work @grips03!
  16. Nice work! I like the single color version. Single color on a retro yellow or baby blue shirt would be tops.
  17. @Adriano Arcade This was a really enjoyable interview. Great questions from you and I appreciated Faran's anecdotes and candor. Well done!
  18. A little VLM on this beautiful socially distanced Sunday. 


    1. GoldLeader


      Wanna know what I use for Social Distancing?


      My personality.

  19. Jesse installed a UAV mod in my 7800 earlier in the summer. I had picked up the unit a month or so prior as a spare with the intent of possibly modding it so I didn't know the history of the console. Upon receiving and inspecting it, Jesse noted some prior shoddy repair work on the cartridge port. The bottom leads weren't trimmed, tape had been placed over them to prevent a short, the height wasn't correct and the voltage regulator was reinstalled facing the wrong direction and without paste. Jesse corrected these issues, installed the mod and put the machine through its paces, keeping me informed of his progress every step of the way. More than a month in and I'm pleased to report that the system is operating flawlessly. Both the picture quality and audio are excellent. The UAV looks just great via S-Video through my Retrotink 2x Pro setup. It's a vast improvement over my LHE modded 7800 and has replaced that unit and my 2600 in the living room. I appreciated Jesse's communication updates, attention to detail and thoughtful approach throughout this process. I hope to work with him again - perhaps modding my 2-port 5200 or rehabbing the LHE 7800 - in the future. Highly recommended! Arlen
  20. What a fun looking homage to Dragonfire. I gotta dig out the Skunk for this. Thanks for sharing it!
  21. Hi all, I'm looking for a 7800 console in working order and in good to excellent cosmetic condition. I'm trying to find a nice looking one where the plate isn't scratched and dented for my living room. I only need the console. No cords, controllers or games necessary. Thanks for reading.
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