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  1. For me, it's a toss up between Horizon Zero Dawn and The Witcher 3, both for PS4. HZD is definitely more fluid in terms of gameplay but there is something about the expansiveness of The Witcher 3 that I really love. Also, Geralt. I have also been impressed with some of the PSVR offerings. In particular, I liked Rebellion's update of Battlezone and the platformer Moss. VR isn't quite there yet but the really made gaming feel fresh again.
  2. I received mine back in November but I am going through a divorce and was just moving in to my new place. Now that my life has settled (a bit) and I got a RetroTink for my new TV I broke these out for my Jag. The pins are out of alignment on both. On the first controller, one pin bent completely as I was trying to get it in the connector. When I tried the next controller it wasn't going in either so I backed off. My OG pro-controller and standard pads don't have any issues. Thinking of swapping the cables with those of a standard pad. Otherwise the look good and feel comparable to my Atari pro-controller. Just wish I could play them.
  3. The clarifying post from Hyperkin addressed most of my concerns. First day buyer.
  4. Do you get a confirmation when you subscribe to the website?
  5. I too would like a quality FPGA Atari console but Nintendo is where the money is. I have the AVS and that is great for NES and Famicom games. This looks like a stellar option for SNES fans.
  6. I really dig the new COC record, "No Cross, No Crown." It's right up there with Blind, Deliverance and Wiseblood.

    1. GoldLeader


      I'll have to check it out at some point...really haven't kept up since the old, old days...Blind was my "latest" one from them...

  7. I pre-ordered the Minter cart (along with a 7800 cart) in early November. It hasn't shipped but I hope it gets here for the tree.
  8. Please remember to send an email if interested! See the first post and send to jagprocontroller @ gmail.com
  9. According to this interview from Arcade Attack, there were two runs of 200 copies ea. With any luck, the pro-controllers garner the same level of interest. http://www.arcadeattack.co.uk/another-world-jaguar/
  10. As long as we're making suggestion, a reverse color scheme of red with dark gray buttons would be cool!
  11. Check this thread for updates on the fixed version: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/257648-soulstar-interest-and-pricing-poll/page-1
  12. I'll keep all of my games and get a pair of these for convenience and wear and tear. The LynxSD has not left my Lynx since I got it. It's great. Love the look of the 3D printed cart too. Can't wait SainT.
  13. Thanks, Clint. My interest email is in and I truly hope that the interest is there & you can bring this to the Jaguar community.
  14. I saw this post too and I'm definitely interested in a pair if the quality matches the original Atari controllers. Hopefully they can provide detailed information soon. I imagine that they can sell at least a few hundred at that price point.
  15. I'm sure that this is an internal Atari Corp. document and have no reason to doubt its accuracy. The "6" numbers look like titles in development at the time and likely refer to test copies. Further, this is through 4/1/95, five months before the CD unit shipped to retail. Maybe they included them for accounting purposes?! Also, the "P/O" is "pack out" for the pack-in Cybermorph carts, which is why that is zero. Atari offered boxed copies when they released the core Jaguar units, "The 64 Bit Power Kit", which explains the low numbers for the other Cybermorph SKU.
  16. Much speculation concerning the spreadsheet was discussed in the original thread: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/252748-jaguar-lifetime-game-sales-spreadsheet/
  17. Bug! (SAT) Darius Gaiden (SAT) World Tour Racing (JAG)
  18. This is entertaining. "Talk of the the town?" During the "relevant" period '93-97? 3DO ceased to be relevant by 1995; as soon as the Saturn and PSX were released. Even the '95 price drop to $199 couldn't help the 3DO. The console ceased production in late '96 and the 3DO Company itself had ceased support for the system and pivoted to cross platform development. By 1997 only the big three Saturn, PSX and N64 mattered.
  19. @Austin - Thanks for putting that list together. So 13 of the "release" titles, including post Atari/JTS merger Songbird and Telegames releases lack in-game music. That's 19% of titles that lack in-game music by that narrow definition (69 titles). Of course, Telegames didn't include the music for IS2 because it was ported from the CD original and they likely didn't have the resources or inclination to do their own chip tunes for the cart.
  20. @Tidus79001 - I think the issue is that you started the thread with false premise: In that respect, Austin's response is appropriate and correct. Regarding the lack of music in Doom, it essentially boils down to how id used the DSP for both the game engine and audio. As you may know, the music files were actually finished and are included between stages but adding them in-game would have required a significant redesign of the game's graphic engine or negatively impact the framerate. It likely boiled down to id getting too far down the road to course correct given the need to ship for Christmas '94. Here's an interview by member LostDragon with Dave Taylor of id who handled the music on Jaguar Doom that explains some of the issue - although he's a bit foggy 23+ years out. http://3do.cdinteractive.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=3564 It's honestly no great loss. Many players - myself included - prefer the ambient monster noises of the Jaguar version to the in-game music in other ports of the day. Also, the Jaguar port was the best contemporary console version of the game from a graphics/playablity perspective.
  21. @keepdreamin was just correcting a misstatement in my rant. It was the DC that didn't get EA support, not the Saturn.
  22. This looks great, Doc! Also, I've been on the fence about a PS4 for years but a new Bubsy game might make me pull the trigger!
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