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  1. Thanks, I confused my Sega platforms re EA support. I never had any sports titles outside of the racing games.
  2. Is this even a serious question? Saturn by leagues and I have had and enjoy both systems. In fact, Saturn is my favorite console of that era mainly due to the amazing SEGA exclusives like Nights, Shiny the Holy Ark, Shining Force III, the Panzer Dragoon series, Bug!, VF Remix, VF2, Fighting Vipers, Fighters Mega Mix, Daytona, Last Bronx, VF Kids, Sega Rally Championship, Virtua Cop 1 & 2, House of the Dead and the amazing Working Designs localizations, all of the great Capcom 2D fighters and Mega Man titles, the awesome sch ups like Galactic Attack and Darius Gaiden, plus many of the most important cross platform games of the era like Rayman, Resident Evil, Wipeout, Tomb Raider, Quake, and MK3. It also had ports of the best 3DO games like Gex, Solar Eclipse (Total Eclipse), Offworld Interceptor, Road Rash, and Need for Speed. It didn't have EA but I generally don't like sports titles so I could care less.
  3. As @Austin said, most Jaguar games do have in-game music. This includes even games he listed as "without" like Syndicate and Theme Park. The reason people think Jaguar games do not have in-game music is because the lack of it in a handful of high profile titles like Cybermorph, Trevor McFur and the Crecent Galaxy, Doom and AVP. These are also some of the most frequently covered in retro gaming blogs and video. Of these, I think AVP was a design choice. Doom was due to technical limitations and Cybermorph and Trevor McFur were rushed out the door to meet launch. Without going through my games and actually checking them off, I would say that 85% of the release library has in-game music. Unfortunately, the echo chamber of misinformation that is the Internet and YouTube wouldn't care either way. They are more than content to repeat that the Jaguar has no good games, the games it does have didn't even have music, and the CD add-on breaks all the time. Rinse, repeat...
  4. Groundhog Day 2084? Happy to see work on another original title!
  5. I did a blog post on WMCJ a few months ago: http://forums.atari.io/index.php/blog/12/entry-79-006-white-men-cant-jump/ It's defintely not a good game but it's far from the worst on the system. It was a unique approach to two on two basketball that ultimately doesn't work due to the weird pseudo-3D perspective and stuttered/unresponsive controls. That said, it also has a "so bad it's good" quality that makes multiplayer a hoot!
  6. It looks like AtariAge will be doing a number on my wallet this year. I intend to get the Minter cart and Super Cobra (VCS) as soon as they're in the store. Draconian (VCS) also looks good. I've seen the early videos for AstroStorm and I want to see/hear more about the complete game prior to committing.
  7. Here's Polygon's review of the Sega HD unit: https://www.polygon.com/2017/10/13/16051258/sega-genesis-flashback-hd-review I had been considering the Sega unit as it has a cartridge port but the framerate issues noted in both this and John Hancock's review make me take pause. I will still likely pick up the portable Atari unit.
  8. @Save2600 - I really like Atari Karts and think that it's gorgeous and a lot of fun. That said, I feel that the short tracks, flat hazards and power-ups make it less fun than MK. Also, aside from Bentley Bear and the tournament titles, there isn't anything "Atari" about it. Part of the charm of MK is the character selection. In that regard, Atari Karts was a bit of a missed opportunity.
  9. @BigKid Icarus - Regarding I-War, I just like the look and feel of the game. It captures that 90s "virtual" aesthetic very well and feels reminiscent of Tron. There are some simple puzzles and bonus levels that help break-up the Cybermorph-style missions and keep things fresh. The in-game music is also generally good. Every once in awhile there is some real slowdown but its not too frequent. IMHO I-War falls behind Battlemorph and the Iron Soldier games but compares favorably against Cybermorph, Hoverstrike UL and AirCars in the Jaguar's crowded field of polygon tank games. It's well worth a look if you like those titles.
  10. @JagChris - WMCJ is a lot of fun on multiplayer. It is nowhere near the bottom of the Jaguar library in terms of design and fun factor.
  11. Along the same lines as @PeterG, aside from Brutal Sports Football your list includes some of the most highly regarded games in the Jaguar library. Power Drive Rally is arguably a hidden gem but Doom, Rayman and IS are generally well regarded. I agree with @Save2600 that i-War rarely gets the notice it deserves. I also think that Attack of the Mutant Penguins, Breakout 2000, Missile Command 3D and FlipOut! are often overlooked.
  12. It looks like AMD's CEO, Lisa Su, has claimed the Atari partnership as another "gaming win." https://www.forbes.com/sites/marcochiappetta/2017/09/26/amd-scores-another-custom-chip-design-win-with-the-upcoming-ataribox-game-console/
  13. These look great! I would be interested in a set when they are available.
  14. My top 10 7800 games still includes some originals. These are DK Jr., Mario Bros., Food Fight, Joust and Robotron. Homebrews and hacks make up the other half, including Jr. Pac-Man, b*nQ, Donkey PK, Moon Cresta and Space Invaders.
  15. That Atari FB post was a repost from the Ataribox FB a day earlier. That post said that there will be 2 editions, 2 boxes and more info coming in 2 weeks. Also, in the comments on FB, Ataribox clarified that this is what they are calling the project. The actual product name is yet to be revealed. https://www.facebook.com/atariboxofficial/posts/326047647833158
  16. Fantastic interview! It was a truly worthwhile listen. Thanks!
  17. Here's a brief write-up I did on my member blog at Atari.io: http://forums.atari.io/index.php/blog/12/entry-72-004-cybermorph/
  18. Please add me to the wait list. I have the first one and the PacMan Plus multi. It would be a shame not to complete the set.
  19. I recently started a member blog at Atari.io where I'm going through my Jaguar games at random using an Excel formula. Bubsy was the first game that game up. http://forums.atari.io/index.php/blog/12/entry-65-001-bubsy-in-fractured-furry-tales/
  20. Here's the write-up from Duranik's website: "Native is a horizontal 2D sprite based shmup like the old arcade classics R-Type I + II. To play Native you need an Jaguar with BJL/Jagserver/JUGS or Alpine Board to download the game binary to the Jaguar RAM. For the encrypted CD version you need a Jaguar with JaguarCD drive. Work on Native was stopped in december 1997. The Level 1 Demo was released as Freeware on 24.10.1997." http://www.duranik.com/jaguar.html They did end up releasing a shooter called Sturmwind on the Dreamcast that was somewhat of an evolution on what is seen in the Native demo. A homebrew dev took a shot at continuing Native. That version, Native Spirit, hasn't had any activity in years. https://sourceforge.net/projects/nativespirit/files/?source=navbar Also, if you have a Jag CD, pick up the Native Demo free with Protector SE from Songbird!
  21. Just got the Collector's Edition from the post office. As others have said, the thoughtfulness of the package from the cart, to the box to the manual is superb. The added touches of the manual storyline, card, art prints and Bit-jag stamps on the package and inner flaps of the box put it over the top. In terms of gameplay, it is exactly what it should be for a Flappy Bird clone. I like the three play modes, the in game music and unlockable awards. Its very well done. It's also tough as nails! It definitely took awhile to get to 10 pipes in classic mode. I'm going to try and double it over the three day weekend! Congrats & thanks to Bit-jag! I look forward to seeing more in the future!
  22. What CJ said. You have to disable the driver signature enforcement. Thea Realm Fighters Alpha is totally worth it.
  23. Just got mine from the P.O. Box today. It's one of the most professionally produced post-JTS releases out there. Easily on par with Songbird. Very high quality box, cart and manual - though the top corners of a few pages look cut/torn. I loved the added touch of the Jaguar sticker and buttons and it's always nice to have one more AA magnet for the fridge. Onto gameplay - I'm down with a cold but spent about an hour with the game before my head started swimming. It's definitely a fun take on the classic Asteroids formula and is very polished. The control is surperb and gameplay is what you'd expect. The in-game music is awesome. If you like Asteroids-style games, I have little doubt that this will become your preferred way to play. I can't wait to spend more time playing it after I kick this cold. Rebooteroids is definitely not one for the shelf! Thanks and congratulations to CJ, Al and everyone else involved on what is probably the best Reboot release to date!
  24. The video above is not indicative of the state of the game. I flashed it to my Skunkboard and it plays much faster/smoother on a real Jaguar. I don't have any video capture software but if you have a Skunkboard, I recommend that you try it out on that instead of using Virtual Jaguar.
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