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  1. Thanks for sharing this! It's cool to see even early builds of these cancelled games. I don't have another player in the house right now but I took some stills of the different characters.
  2. That hairpin turn in Island Hop is crazy with these broken controls. I had to play WTR just to get the bad taste out of my mouth. If Atari had WTR in '94, I think it would have been extremely well received.
  3. I fully disassembled the console, separating the top case, removing the keyboard, power switch and sticker. Because the sticker is metal backed, I was able to peel it off very slowly without any damage. I cleaned off the remnants of the original adhesive on the sticker with Goo Gone and used double sided tape to put it back down.
  4. Thanks! I looked at a few metallics before settling on a red that was close to the red on the keyboard. Would love to see the pics when you're finished.
  5. I would love a fixed version to see the light of day. For the record, my touchpad glitched when I placed my vote and registered £40 but I would gladly pay more for a glass mastered, packaged version. Something in line with the Songbird pricing ($59-$79) would be more than acceptable. And thank you for considering a release of the this version!
  6. Thanks! I used Krylon Fusion (Red Pepper). It's supposedly formulated for adhesion to plastics. I sanded the silver with fine grit paper before the first coat and used #0000 steel wool between each subsequent dusting. It has about 8-9 coats on it and seems to have hardened pretty well.
  7. Here are some picks of a WIP case and AV mod for the O2. Should have it done by the weekend. You don't see too many O2s that have been case modded so I though that I'd share. The silver was wrecked when I picked this up so it was a good candidate for a refurb. It is the model with detachable controllers. These were dead but I harvested the cables and rewired some CX-40s. Anyone else ever paint an O2? Show us your pics!
  8. I just tried the scoreboard functionality. Its not well documented in the manual but rather at a thread on NintendoAge. That said, if you follow the thread its rather intuitive and a very cool feature! The only thing that would make it better is if connectivity were built-in. As for the connector issue, retroUSB is going to send out the new connectors for free so I'm not bothered at all by it. I only have a handful of Famicom games and they all work. Once I get my N8, the only carts I intend to collect are the black Tengen games and those I had as a kid.
  9. Got my AVS last week. I don't mind the lid for Famicom games at all. It's a great way to play NES/Famicom in HDMI and wasn't terribly expensive. I generally like the look although the gray is a little warm in tone compared to an OG toaster.
  10. These were at our local Staples yesterday on an end cap along with the Genesis plug n play. $59.
  11. $eleventyeight I learned that move from the Price is Right.
  12. Sold. Thanks to all who bid. I have another 2600 that I'll be restoring in the next month. @hizzy, I'll be sure to expand shipping to include Canada in the future.
  13. Sold: The fun is back with this clean modded 4-switch Woody with composite out and Amber LED power mod. Comes with three classic games, one working CX-40, Retrobit replacement power supply and composite cables. Bidding starts at a very reasonable $50. (Fifty bucks?) Now, isn't that nice?!
  14. Looking for a fully working Samsung 910MP in good cosmetic condition. These are 19", standard definition, 4:3 montior/TV combos from that sweet spot in time where LCDs and analog signals got along. Would prefer remote.
  15. For me, the worst Jaguar game is Checkered Flag. The game is just a complete mess. Even Supercross 3D is more enjoyable. This is such a well worn topic though. We all know that Checkered Flag, Club Drive, Double Dragon V, Supercross 3D, and WMCJ are the bottom rung of the Jaguar library. Although, I will say that WMCJ can be fun with a teamtap, three friends and a few IPAs.
  16. 1. My childhood 2600 was a Coleco Gemini. 2. I never call the 2600 a VCS. Before "2600" was on the Vader my family just called it "the Atari." Then Atari Corp. cemented it as the 2600 with their award winning commercials. 3. I repair Atari consoles in my free time and give them to friends and colleagues in an attempt to spread the disease of Atari collecting to my circle. It's beginning to work. 4. I enjoy playing Atari Pac-Man on the black & white setting.
  17. I agree with you, its not for me. Like I said, this is a great option for casual fans. In fact, I know two people that I'll probably get this for. Its not for collectors or people with an interest in having the ability to go deeper into the library via an SD card or multicart. Personally, I have a strong preference for real hardware, accessories and software. Even with the 2600, I passed on the FB units in favor of a modded console and Harmony cart. I've limited the physical collection to the games I had as a kid plus a few homebrews. For the NES, I already have a small handful of carts and accessories that I want to hang onto. The AVS and the PowerPak or Everdrive will let me fill in the gaps without taking up much more space. Its all about how you want to experience the games.
  18. I think that this is a great plug n' play for casual fans. Its cheap, the game selection is excellent and HDMI is a big plus. That said, the inability to use real controllers/accessories and the lack of cart port or SD slot is a deal breaker for me. I plan on picking up an AVS from retroUSB as soon as they're available.
  19. This. Mine had the same problem on a newer TV. You have to set to composite or it will be B&W.
  20. He bought the molds from SoCal Mike after the Chameleon fiasco. I believe that he confirmed it himself in the epic Chameleon thread.
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