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  1. I looked on ebay but not on Amazon, so thanks for the info. Wife has an account and if I don't find one by tomorrow evening, will probably have to pull the trigger on this.
  2. I am looking for an Action Replay Cartridge for Sega Saturn and Alien Trilogy US version as top priorities. Also Marvel vs Capcom: Superheroes US version for the Dreamcast. I can buy online but hoping to get it faster here. I have a Primal Rage Pal Saturn copy that just came in today and my son and I want to play it, lol.
  3. Sent Pm. I've received 2 shipments from him btw. Packs great and I would recommend.
  4. Had great communication and purchased 17 or 18 NES games from him. Well packaged, fast shipping, great photos so you knew what you were getting. Highly recommend and was so pleased ordered some Genesis and SNES games from him that I should be receiving shortly.
  5. purchased phantasy star iv from zetastrike. good communication and fast shipping. Highly recommend and I purchased from him once before about 4-5 years ago so he is ironclad in my book.
  6. Ok, am done now, Added 1 more Snes game and decided on 7 Sega games. If you are listing N64, Gamecube or Sega cd/saturn/dreamcast, I will keep on buying lol.
  7. Just messaged on 7 SNES I want but am still looking at the Genesis games. Please hold them for me until I am done with the Genesis list in a few hours if possible.
  8. Is that just a Super Metroid Box or do you have the game with it as well?
  9. Awesome sign and always wanted one. I wouldn't waste your time with a lowball offer because I don't have the funds to pay what this is worth. With the history you had since childhood with the sign, it will be hard to part with. Good luck. If you could let us know what it sells for if you decide to sell it, that would be awesome if the buyer doesn't mind. These don't come up very often. As poster above stated, be careful about regrets. I have kept things from my childhood and would never let go and have let things go I would pay more than they are worth to get my exact ones back.
  10. As title suggests, looking for the cable that links 2 sega game gears together. My son wants to play with me and am hoping to find one here. If you have one to sell, pm me.
  11. Got my capacitors in and going to do my first Game Gear Recap tomorrow. My screen went out and my baby isn't going to be replaced by another. Had her a long, long time. 

    1. Kiwi


      It will be nice to see that screen working again.  I know I did restore a Game Gear with a smeared screen by replacing the cap. 

  12. Yes, they are and my previous purchase went excellent. I have all these systems but if for some reason no takers, I would love the Master System Faser Gun, space harrier, fantasy zone and The Ninja for the SMS and all games for Dreamcast except Football one. I just don't want to buy the bundles and have to sell what I don't want/need otherwise I'd be all over the 2 Sega Bundles.
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