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  1. WHOA, It's been a while.

  2. I always said he'd come to no good in the end your honour!

    1. FujiSkunk


      Great, there he goes ranting about bleeding hearts and artists again.

  3. *sigh* What did I miss this time?

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    2. BalloonFighter


      I'm out of the loop as well.

    3. Bixler


      Great statuses only need one lock.

    4. Nutsy Doodleheimer
  4. Liking Windows 10 so far. :)

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    2. atarian63


      damn thing updates all the time, have to leave the computer on all the time or when you go to use it, it hogs all the resources till the update is complete, cant turn off updates...


    3. Brian R.

      Brian R.

      I've had it for a while and have had no problems. Updated from 7 with no issues, and I'm liking it more over 7. My PC doesn't have an SSD and it starts up incredibly fast.

    4. Grig


      Ist zehr gut!

  5. Well, I just killed the Wifi router.

  6. Never did get that pizza hydrator though....


    1. BillyHW
    2. Tickled_Pink


      Better get some medication for it.

  8. How often do you throw spoons on your roof when the Nutella runs out?

    1. Iwantgames:)


      I throw them on the neighbors roof, along with old leftovers holey socks and used protection :)

    2. cow comrade

      cow comrade

      i just use pizzas

    3. Keatah
  9. A mansion made of Cheez-Whiz, who is its possessor? Could it be the doctor, the lawyer or professor?

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    2. NE146


      Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog

    3. chas10e


      I would think either the Butcher , the Baker or the Candlestick Maker

    4. frankodragon


      Possibly the same guy who wants to make a yacht out of corn dogs.

  10. OH GEEZ has it really been four months since I updated the good ol status? Sorry to all who've been deprived of my internet words

  11. Should I buy an Xbox 360?

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    2. roland p

      roland p

      Only if you like the games.

    3. Nutsy Doodleheimer

      Nutsy Doodleheimer

      Go for the slim version!!

    4. Fletch


      No. You need a TI-994a instead.

  12. First thunderstorm of the year.

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      We had one when it was still snow weather. It shouldn't rumble when it's white.

  13. Got my Super Retro Advance adapter today! Works pretty good FWIW.

  14. Bringing back this avatar because it's fitting.

  15. RECOVER!: 926 Gold; 926 Gold; 654 Gold

  16. I imagine the second it turns the new year, flying cars and power laces come out of nowhere.

  17. A wild head cold appears!

    1. atari2600land


      You are likely to be eaten by it.

    2. SoulBlazer


      You use NyQuill on it! It's super effective! 340 points damage!

  18. Why is it so hard for a Wii U to update?

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      I have found their wifi connects to be weak (same with Wii) go for a USB Ethernet adaptor if you can.

    2. DracIsBack


      I find a lot of things with the Wii U's OS to be harder than it should be. Weird for Nintendo actually.

    3. Master Phruby

      Master Phruby

      Because it's only a wii of a machine.

  19. Making this post on a Wii U gamepad.

    1. Ransom


      Get a real console! (Just kidding. I love my Wii U.)

    2. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Cool, have browsed this site on my wii u as well

    3. DoctorTom


      Just played some Pikmin 3 with the kids. Great game.

  20. I finally have acquired all 9 of The Offspring's studio albums!

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    2. Charlie Cat

      Charlie Cat

      Welcome to Americana!

    3. Rick Dangerous
    4. WispFollower


      Lean back, and just enjoy the melodies.. After all, music soothes even the savage beast.

  21. W hyd oy o uha veso muc hti m eonyo urhan ds?

    1. Rhomaios


      ...daer ot dnoces a sekat ylno ti

    2. Dave Neuman

      Dave Neuman

      Ac tual yimo nvac ati onthi sweek

  22. What is the best SNES Street Fighter game?

    1. Austin


      Probably Super Street Fighter 2, or Street Fighter 2 Turbo. SF Alpha 2 is pretty good as well, all things considered.

    2. Austin


      Uh.. I just realized I named three of the four Street Fighter games available on the system. I guess that wasn't all that helpful afterall, haha. Sorry.

    3. Emehr


      Turbo. Although I still have a soft spot for the original SFII. Some of the background details were nicer.

  23. Who are you running from?

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