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  1. Hey man, I was just wondering if you were going to send me those VHS tapes of retro gaming commercials? It's been about 9 months now...thx

  2. Hey man, how have you been? So you stood me up the other night, I thought you were gonna come by and watch "Wizards of Waverly Place" with me and my pony, Epona. Oh well, maybe next time!

  3. Can we be Friends?

  4. It seems i have a lot of apologizing to do. I should have never said what i did and i regret it. Many people have helped me on here and i am grateful for that. I also have learned another thing and that's if i can't do things on my own, then they don't get done. I shouldn't ask others. I'm sorry to those i have offended as i said some things i shouldn't have. I just got a bit upset when i was accused of having to do anything with drugs as i am extremely against it. I don't even smoke. Can't afford the habit. I do thank Stan and those of you who still supported me after all i have said. Again, this is a great forum and a great community of good people on here with one thing in common. Video games. Something that has been a passion of mine for many, many years. Rmaerz, I'm sorry if i offended you as well. Yes I've had id very hard the last several months buts it's no ones fault but mine. I would like to make a poll on here as to who all thinks i should remain on the forums and who thinks i shouldn't. I want everyone to be honest. I would like to remain friends with everyone on here but if most of you think i should leave, then maybe i should. Please voice your opinions. Charles
  5. Yikes, and here I was gonna bitch and moan about the VHS tape you owe me. Thought you could ride that shiny new bike to the post office to drop it off Hang in there buddy. Things always seem to get worse before they get better. Been there a few times in my life. One bit of advice if you please... don't ever get too used to relying on people so much. You're only setting yourself up for disappointment. It's great when people volunteer to help (such as real friends and family that have enough class to ever expect anything in return), but sometimes when it seems the chips are really down, gotta kick life in the ass and get back up on your feet. Like I said, hang in there and keep fighting the good fight. Some hard work, ingenuity and resourcefulness should see you through I haven't forgotten you. I have the tape which i need to finish since i found more content to put on it. Did you buy or trade for it?
  6. Well, just as you think it can't get any worse, it sure did. Been in the process of moving for the past 4 days but still have things sitting at the other place because we didn't have the money for a U-Haul and trusted others to help out as they said they would. Our so-called new friend took one load and promised to be back the next day. Never showed and never emailed so we sat for 24 hours with no phone and no way out or anything. Finally said heck with it and walked 2 and a half hours into town to let our new landlord know that we was stuck and had no way to move the rest of our stuff here. He used his traler and got 2 more loads and at the moment, we still have one more load. The big problem is our car is still stuck out at the other place. I asked my buddy if he could loan me $60 for a tow until the first. He said he didn't have it. Now i have no way of getting the car towed to here. We lost $302 for our ebay because of stupid Greendot card and now i just lost all my daughters Nintendo games plus i just got notice that there's another unpaid item case open on Ebay for all her PC games as well. I cannot win no matter what i do. The email came in yesterday that wal_mart received the bike at the store and now i have to find a way to get there and pick that up. We walked 2 hours yesterday to the post office for nothing. The check never came in for the refund on the Greendot card so i don't know what to do there. We applied for Toys-For_Tots and they tell us that we have to make a 1 hour trip to another city to pick them up. What the heck? My car doesn't run. If it did, i wouldn't be able to afford the gas to get there. Man i'm just about ready to give up on everything.
  7. Thanks to those who helped out, We was able to raise a total of $120. I don't know what to say but that i'm amazed. I wish i could do this for the car as well but i can't ask for that. It's just enough knowing that the little one will be happy. I'll figure out the repairs somehow. I want to thank everyone again for helping out.
  8. A special thanks to Al (acousticguitar) for beginning the support and offer to help me get my daughter a bike for Christmas. It is $64 at Wal-Mart and i don't have the xtra money to get it for her. If anyone wants to help, I'd be so grateful.
  9. Let me guess. The wife is saying something like, "So, a small child misplaced a grown man's toy that he couldn't be bothered with putting away for safekeeping." In the eyes of the small child, the cartridge is just a toy. In the eyes of the wife who "does not understand," the cartridge is just a toy. But in the eyes of the grown man who can accurately assess the developmental age of his grandson, it is the most important thing in his world. There's probably a lesson to be learned in there somewhere. Yeah, Don't leave yer Chit lying around or it'll disappear.
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