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  1. Holy crap. I wander off for a few years and return to find that THIS thread is still on the main page? "Engage Turbo Boost" indeed.
  2. is currently wired out of his MIND on Red Bull and Pixie Stix.

  3. is currently wired out of his MIND on Red Bull and Pixie Stix.

  4. And it has begun. (I won't post a link, but Halo 2600 only gets one eBay hit from...guess who.)
  5. Snider-man


    Hawkeye: I will not carry a gun Frank. When I got into this war I had a clear understanding with the Pentgon: "No guns." I'll carry your books, I'll carry a torch, I'll carry a tune, I'll carry on, I'll carry over,carry forward,Cary Grant,cash and carry,carry me back to old Viginny... I'll even hari-kari if you show me how! But I will not carry a gun!
  6. Fixed that for ya. You were painting with a wide brush there, and you got a couple of folks to jump on your dogpile. The AA/DP rhetoric has ended, you know. I now return you to your discussion of all things cardboard.
  7. I think it was a game called Shuttle Orbiter (not Space Shuttle). This was back before online manuals were commonplace. I could not figure out anything to do with that game.
  8. Classic Gaming Expo 2010 A new announcement was just posted and it appears that CGE returns to Vegas in July 2010. Be nice to see the event return. Always a good time.
  9. Nope, he seems to be doing OK. He's out there if you know where to look.
  10. Ah yes. Things I remember from RGVC: - The original launch of the A1FLC, both 1 and 2... - Chris "Crackers" Cracknell (Yet Another Post From Hell!) - Message board auctions long before eBay surfaced with GOING ONCE - GOING TWICE - SOLD on three consecutive days, but an item was "reset" if a bid came in on those final days. Got some good deals and sold a lot of stuff... - SSSSSPPPPAAAACEWALK, TheSpaceBoss, and all of the other boobs who trolled the board. (I have a suspicion that TheSpaceBoss is actually one of the members here.) - Ha! "PLONK." I forgot about that... - Many tales of Bira Bira, Mr. Friendly, and Reef Store dreams - Reading about the development of new homebrews There was a lot of stuff going on there.
  11. No. It is not a good Idea to microwave this to be microwaving Atari 2600.
  12. My Halloween tradition used to be a lengthy game of Atari 2600 Halloween. However, as most of the long-timers of this forum are aware, I just can't bring myself to play a game without wanting to top my current high score on it. AndI just don't have athe time or the wherewithall anymore. This year, I'm planning on tackling Land of the Dead for the Xbox. Not "classic" per se, but it is a discontinued system, so it'll do.
  13. It bears repeating: "Not everything you read on the Internet is true." This isn't a real game, no matter how much I want it to be. It's just a picture I cobbled together and posted to the web. Just like the guys who claim the NIHM game exists.
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