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  1. I miss IRC. There were times the lag between IRC servers would get so bad, you'd end up with groups of people several minutes out-of-sync with each other. It made for some pretty funny exchanges as completely random answers from the past would drift into the middle of a current conversation.
  2. Someone should let them know the switch goes "up".
  3. We just had an earthquake here. I think I just got Southern California Bingo.

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    2. K-Rod 13

      K-Rod 13

      5.5, centered in Searles Valley, CA.    I live up in the High Desert so we felt a pretty good jolt.

    3. Kiwi


      Someone large won bingo on the other side of the world causing the earthquake.

    4. Keatah


      Some fat-lady in a low-rider scooter with hydraulics?

  4. I just ordered an 8-pin mini-DIN serial cable and a VGA+Sync to BNC cable from Amazon. They should arrive Tuesday, when I will dissect and reassemble them into a horrible amalgamation of wires, solder and heat-shrink tubing. It won't be pretty, but it should let me see your RGB mod on my monitor.
  5. Australian. Near as I can tell, the mini-DIN 8 connector came about as a result of gamers using the Framemeister, which is Japanese. The Framemeister used it as a proprietary connector because... it was small? Cheap? I guess? Anyway, it looks like the adapter may not actually be SCART, it may be RGB21. What I'll probably have to do is just make a cable.
  6. Found it! First chapter in the saga has been posted... and there's already a plot twist!
  7. Hi all! James' 2600 did indeed arrive Monday. I had to clear off my workspace and set up my gear so I could find the top of my desk get to work on it. This is my workspace (pictured below). The 2600 guts you see here are parts donors. I bought them as populated boards only (no case) from Best Electronics a few years ago to troubleshoot my own 2600. I still have enough spare parts to keep it running, so I can use it as a test platform. It has new caps, a power jack and voltage regulator. It still needs some work, because when I press a joystick button connected to it, the picture gets brighter (it's done that since I bought it). So, there's that. But it's had a tough life. Maybe after I'm done with James' I'll restore this one properly. It's running a new-old-stock Atari power supply from Best, and the photo shows it running the Colors binary off of a Harmony Cart. Plus, I have a Pac-Man cart handy, because that will run on anything, and I don't care if it blows up. Plus there are some spare chips and sockets sitting off to the side. Other stuff includes a Hakko 936 soldering station w/907 iron, a Hakko FR-301 desoldering iron, a Sony PVM-14M2U monitor, Sony TU-1041U tuner (to demodulate RF into composite), a MicroImage color bar generator to calibrate the monitor, and the hammer is by Craftsman. I miss Sears... The Sony setup makes even RF look good. Although using Clark CV752 instead of a stock RF cable probably helps. Here's a close-up of the display: And S-Video NTSC color bars, as a point of comparison: So, James' 2600 arrived intact. With plenty of (presumably biodegradable) styrofoam peanuts: And here it is: There's just one little problem... The RGB mod uses an 8-pin connector, which isn't supported on my monitor (or any pro video equipment I've ever seen). James also sent along an adapter that converts it to SCART (also not supported). So, I have no way of testing the RGB mod at the moment. I'll have to get an adapter cable of some sort. I don't suppose someone would care to loan me one? Meanwhile, I'm going to gut carefully open up the console and disconnect the RGB mod, and see if I can get the 2600 working as a stock RF-only console. Once I get that far and make sure the 2600 itself is sound, then I can worry about putting the RGB mod back. I'll make a guess that the CD4050 hex buffer is toast. That was the first thing on my 2600 that died. Well, the first thing after the Reset switch. And a capacitor wayyyy back in the 80's. I remember my dad driving me out to Martha Lake Electronics (north of Seattle) to see if they could fix my console. I think they were the nearest Atari-authorized repair place. I was afraid my 2600 was dead permanently, but they fixed it! I thought that was the coolest thing in the world. Anyway, I'll remove and socket each of the chips (if they aren't already), and test them in the donor 2600. James also sent along some spare parts including a new power jack, which I'll also install. And for the record, James' Reset switch isn't broken. But it sure looks tired. - Nathan
  8. "Atari ready to ship restyled version of classic game console"? So, another Flashback console? Go Atari! Can't wait to pick one up for $30 at Bed, Bath and Beyond. You know, when the whole pandemic thing is over.
  9. Gotta find my hammer first. It's around here someplace...
  10. Very cool 40th Anniversary interviews about the VFX behind The Empire Strikes Back: 


  11. I don't know whose eBay listing that is, but the only one who made the "You Suck" patches with permission is AA member Machine:
  12. He could do a Tetris clone showdown: Edtris Cubis Z-Blocks 2600tris Tetris26 (basically a tech demo) Chetiry Chetiry (Gameboy graphics) Mostly because I want to hear James try to pronounce "Chetiry" some more. There's also "Mark's Sound Demo" if he's going to dive into sound utilities.
  13. The running joke here is that the movie company had to clean it up before they shot those scenes.
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