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  1. Or try to make their hotels more like Nintendo's... https://medium.com/better-marketing/the-notorious-history-of-nintendo-before-producing-video-games-cf8de3c48120
  2. I used a fine-toothed hacksaw blade to cut it off, and a metal file to round it over. A Dremel with a cutting disc would also work. A file by itself would work, but it would take awhile.
  3. Agreed on all counts. Pitfall! also has a deep nostalgic connection for me, because my parents bought it for me for Christmas the year it came out, and I think about how far out of their comfort zone they had to go to do that (dealing with salespeople wanting to sell them other games, making sure it was for the right system, etc). Plus, Pitfall II becomes an annoying grind in that last ascent. I was incredibly impressed with Pitfall II, but I like playing Pitfall! more.
  4. Any progress on this? I'm trying to capture video for Avalanche, and can't get paddle buttons to work with my Stelladaptor (they work fine in 6.0.2, so it isn't hardware). Thanks!
  5. Well, this post made my day! I apparently have a super-rare prototype of "Wizard" that was mistakenly labeled "Warlords". I wonder how much it's worth? Time to put that sucker up on eBay! I'll just refer to Atari's tweet as proof.
  6. I spent many a high school lunch hour (and after school hours as well), playing the handful of arcade games the local Fred Meyer had installed. They had the first Pac-Man I ever saw, plus at various times Defender, Joust, Monaco GP, and Battlezone (which I played more than everything else combined). I was so engrossed in a game of Battlezone once, someone stole my bike which I had parked out front (and of course, had neglected to lock up). I got it back though. The brakes on it didn't work very well, and whoever stole it abandoned it. The Fred Meyer is still there. Prior to being a Fred Meyer it changed hands a few times - first being a Valu-Mart and then Leslie's. (Having useless trivia like that taking up space in my brain 40 years later is why I have to write notes to myself about what groceries I need to buy at the store, then I forget to bring the note with me, then I still forget what the main thing was I was going to buy at the store in the first place. Twice.)
  7. That's okay, I was one of the ones who forgot to resubscribe.
  8. Awww... I didn't get to see it live and now ya' went and ruined the big surprise for all of us YouTube watchers!
    1. ls650


      I watched it.  My feelings are much the same as yours.  As long as you don't take it seriously and view it as a spoof of Star Wars, it has a few laughs.

  9. Yes, there's a new Star Wars Holiday Special. The most infamous piece of Star Wars lore returns to Disney+, but this time in LEGO form (and yes... LEGO is supposed to be all caps). If you're unaware of the first Star Wars Holiday Special... well, I just don't know how to describe it. It's unbelievable in its awfulness. Imagine some weird, unfunny mash-up of the worst 70's variety show you've ever seen, featuring has-been TV comedians doing painfully unfunny "comedy" sketches, a couple of trippy musical numbers, a cartoon, and mortifyingly embarrassing cameos by the Star Wars cast (with Carrie Fisher singing) and... well, you're not even scratching the surface. This is the train wreck of train wrecks. This is the train wreck that other train wrecks slow down to look at in astonishment, then quickly turn away from because it's so bad. I watched this as a kid when it first aired. It was the first new Star Wars anything after the original movie, while we were all eagerly waiting for what seemed like an eternity for The Empire Strikes Back. There was no home video. No cable. No way to see Star Wars since it had left the theaters. So of course anticipation for the special was high. But in the end, it was a train wreck. It was a train wreck, inside of a train wreck, that was happening on top of another train wreck. It didn't matter that it was Star Wars. Or that I was a kid at the time. I knew awful when I saw it. The cartoon was okay though. Weird looking animation, but still, it was kind of cool. Maybe because it was the only part that wasn't irredeemably awful. It also introduced Boba Fett who didn't once fall into a pit. So good for him! Yay, Boba! But the rest of that mess was genuinely unwatchable. Time for an anecdote! Some years back, I got a bootleg copy of the special on DVD from a sketchy internet site (before it was readily available on YouTube). For our Christmas/Holiday Party at the college where I work, we hosted a screening of it on the big projection system in one of our multipurpose rooms. We have a lot of Star Wars nerds there, and the screening started out with a pretty good crowd, since few had ever seen it. Well, that didn't last too long. The further we got into it, the more people left. Finally, near the end of it, we were down to maybe three or four people, most of whom were asleep on the floor by that point. One of them walked towards the door and we told him, "Don't leave yet - Carrie Fisher is about to sing!" We kidded him about not being a hardcore fan, at which point he rolled up his sleeves to show an Imperial tattoo on one arm, and a Rebel tattoo on the other, and then he said, "I'm a huge Star Wars fan... but I just can't take it anymore!" and left. What I'm getting at here, is if you've never seen it, don't. It's just not worth the two hours* of your life you'll never get back. George Lucas disavowed the Holiday Special. Rumor had it that he was actively trying to track down and destroy every copy of it. It has never, and will never be officially released. Yet now - there's a new one. A LEGO one. But it's not terrible. In fact, apart from the name and it centering around Life Day, it has basically nothing to do with the original. Rather, it's very much in keeping with the cute, irreverent, humorous tone the LEGO Star Wars games (and TV specials) have always had. It even manages to poke more than a little much-needed fun at the sequel trilogy. It's all pretty silly, and the personalities of the Emperor and Darth Vader are almost straight out of Robot Chicken. There's an attempt in there to have a heartfelt story of sorts, but c'mon... it's LEGO + Star Wars + Holiday Special. That should tell you how much time they actually dwell on anything resembling a plot. Some of the cast members from the movies and The Clone Wars series reprise their roles**. Those that don't are voiced by exceptionally good mimics. There are a lot of "blink and you'll miss it" in-jokes, and more than a few that are completely ham-fisted. But hey... holidays and ham go together! I got a few genuine laugh-out-loud moments out of it, including the very final shot which, frankly, made the whole thing worth watching (especially if you're a fan of holiday classics). At less-than-half of the run time of the original Holiday Special, the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special is just long enough to be entertaining without wearing out its welcome. Pop some popcorn, grab some egg nog***, and curl up in front of the TV. There are worse things to spend 44 minutes watching. The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special gets a 6/10. (*With commercials.) (**If you're interested, here's an article on the making of the special.) (***Mix egg nog 50/50 with 7-Up. Makes for a great holiday punch. Watch out for the foam.) Edit: This gives an overview of the original Holiday Special, but still doesn't fully convey how bad it is:
  10. Have you cleaned the cart slot and cart ends? Dirty contacts can cause really intermittent behavior. (I posted some cartridge slot cleaning tips in my blog.) Only other suggestion I have at this point, would be changing out the voltage regulator. Console5 has them as part of their tune-up kits.
  11. Which way is he/she going this time? I've lost track.
  12. It's a little hard to see, but it looks like the hex buffer is still soldered (not socketed). Have you tried replacing that yet?
  13. Thank you - but credit where it's due: Dave Dries did Galagon.
  14. Probably not going to like the next one I'm working on then... (I'm totally kidding.) (Well... at least 50% kidding.)
  15. I ordered a green dumpster fire (without the "2020"). That way I can put my own Atari sticker on it.
  16. Fixed that for ya'. If I'm going to invest in a dumpster fire, I'd rather get one of these: https://www.etsy.com/listing/854471350/ And yes, the fire lights up. I wonder if they'd custom make one with an Atari logo on it?
  17. I'm using F connectors on both ends (the Canare ones, pictured here). I ended up getting the lighter (1505A) cable from Blue Jeans (which I wrote about here). I could've custom-ordered a cable with F on one end, and RCA on the other. That would've saved me an RCA to F adapter, but the odds are, due to the limited clearance inside the 2600 and the stiffness of the cable, I would've had to add at least one, probably two 90° RCA adapters inside the 2600 anyway. I might order one of those for my 7800 though, since that's an external connection and space isn't an issue.
  18. Thanks for the review. I never owned a Game & Watch, but was certainly aware (and envious) of those that my friends had. I'm sort-of tempted to pick one of these up, but I was never an NES or Super Mario owner/fan, so the nostalgia factor ends at the Game & Watch for me. (Also, not a fan of D-pads, because the pad is always on the wrong side. ) I think they missed a bit of an opportunity to include a bunch of the other original Game & Watch games on this as bonus content. But that's not what most people are looking for. Since you mentioned it, here's a picture of an original box: https://www.handheldmuseum.com/Nintendo/Octopus.htm And please buy yourself a better knife for opening boxes. It was kind of painful watching you stab through the plastic with that old steak knife.
  19. Nope. It's rock-solid. (Except for 2600 games that exhibit screen roll, etc. But that would affect all TVs.) With HDTVs, I shut off all of the extra signal processing (noise reduction, frame interpolation, motion smoothing, etc., etc.,), it really helps reduce picture artifacts that shouldn't be there. Not sure if that's what you're referring to, but that stuff can really make a 2600 look bad. If I use RF, the TV will display RF noise. But I've largely mitigated that.
  20. So glad that "The Curse of Oak Island" managed to put together a new season this year. I'm hopelessly addicted to that show. (Overly-dramatic narrator: "A rock? With a scratch in it? Could this be the proof that time-traveling space aliens buried a secret treasure in the Money Pit three-thousand years ago?")

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    2. GoldLeader


      Oh,  and then change the name of the show for its final episode to The BLESSING of Oak Island.

    3. Rogerpoco


      I'm on board with Cobra Kai-I really like the show, and the idea of it(my last name is Blair[likely no relation], and I am a lifelong Geek, I've been "into" the OI thing for a long time, but I imagine IF they do find anything, it will be so signifigant as to not be able to be kept secret until it was unveiled on a TV show, unfortunately.

    4. thanatos


      I remember reading about that place in the 80's as a kid - at least it sounds like the same place.  A hole that they kept finding multiple floor levels as they dug deeper.  No way to know if it was the same story now, but it sounds so familiar.

  21. Ask them to lower the price. And include a game.
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