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  1. Q*bert is being remade, but I don't think Q*bert's Qubes is being worked on.
  2. Had no idea those existed. Looks like I managed to pick up a few of them over the years.
  3. Very impressive! I used to be able to solve the first two layers of a Rubik's cube, but couldn't wrap my head around the third without looking up the moves.
  4. Very cool photos. But you should let them know they have some broken traces on the floor. - Nathan
  5. This is all very cool. Hope you can turn it into a fully working version of Qb.
  6. It was at the time I was testing mods (which was years ago). I haven't tested any other S-Video mods since, because I haven't had a reason to. I've been perfectly happy with it. However, I do have a system I'll be adding a UAV mod to at some point, so I'll be able to do a direct comparison. I'd still use a CyberTech if I could get one.
  7. Back to the actual topic at hand... mine is my original factory refurb'd heavy sixer inna light sixer Telegames shell (with CyberTech S-Video mod):
  8. That's just silly. Atari can't afford to pay their gas bill.
  9. They just hired an architect for a major project at work. Anybody familiar with someone named "Lois Bidder"?

    1. Allan


      Yes. Met her at Moe's Tavern in Springfield.

    2. thanatos


      The company is probably represented by the law firm of Dewey, Cheatem, and How.


  10. Fixed that for ya'. Hozer? Or maybe they're buying supplies from someone with more audacity. Neither am I. The inverted logo reminds me of when you point your ship upside-down in Lunar Lander, and plow headlong into the ground at full speed. Not sure what made me think of that particular imagery... I guess Atari SA didn't want to invest that kind of money in their marketing.
  11. Definitely buying this. They're fun to have around as shelf-candy. Some are more playable than others, but they're all pretty cool.
  12. It's interesting how Spam has come to be known as a word describing something universally detestable and destined only to be discarded. And then people began using it for junk email too.

    1. pacman000


      Bacon SPAM is pretty good, as is the low-sodium version. Regular SPAM is too salty for my tastes, usually.

    2. NE146


      And this is perfect for Thanksgiving


    3. Max_Chatsworth


      No..SPAM is loved in many places...especially Hawaii

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  13. I've been using one of these to remove chips, and really like it. Same concept, but the curved end makes it easier to get leverage.
  14. I really like the RetroN 77 with the community build of Stella. The devs continue to update and improve it, and it will play nearly everything. The current models are a gaudy orange color, but it's nothing a little spray paint can't fix.
  15. I'm pretty sure Blue Jeans Cable will custom-make the cable with whatever ends you'd like. Depending on the space inside your 2600, you may still need a right-angle RCA adapter to make it fit. If you post pictures, that would help.
  16. And it plays really well, too! Can't wait for people to try this out.
  17. I didn't buy a 5200 specifically because the controllers never worked on the demo units in the stores. Atari really shot themselves in the foot (feet?) with that one.
  18. As an alternative (and cheaper) approach, if you want to try to stick with RF: Get a better RF cable from Blue Jeans Cable (Belden 1505A). Turn off your HDTV's image processing "features" like noise reduction, motion smoothing, etc. It all makes interlaced video look terrible. And if you have a composite video input on your TV, get an RF demodulator/tuner (like a Sony TU-1041U, which you can find all over eBay). It won't be as crisp as a mod, but RF can look really good if done properly. And it will be a lot cheaper and easier to implement.
  19. Console 5: https://console5.com/store/atari-2600-total-refresh-tune-up-cap-kit-new-capacitors-and-more.html
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