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  1. I wonder if Tommy James surgery would do a pitcher any good?
  2. Many early games did use two-line kernels, but single-line kernels are nothing new. Home Run's sprites are single-line. They don't have any color changes so they appear to lack detail, but the sprites in Champ Sports Baseball won't be any higher resolution, they'll just have more color changes and more frames of animation. The playfield-based scoreboard in Home Run (and other early games) also lent to that low-resolution look. We're still limited to the same resolution the 2600 has always had. The ARM just lets us throw more sprites on screen at one time, at single-line resolution, and with color changes. But we're not making it draw anything at an increased resolution. We're just able to make more use of the higher resolution capabilities already there.
  3. For me, it's wish-fulfillment. As a non-programmer, it's still amazing to me that I get asked by homebrew developers to work on their games (both ARM and non-ARM) and create graphics for them. I wanted to do that since I was a kid, but math and I never got along very well, so I went down the art path instead. I really enjoy the challenge of making something recognizable out of so few pixels, and my goal is to push those graphics to look as good as they possibly can. To me, the underlying technology driving the cart matters very little, but if I'm able to get single line resolution, more colors, or extra ROM to store more frames, then that gives me more crayons in the box to play with. As to why I don't work on games for other systems, I don't have any nostalgic connection to them. The 2600 was *my* system, and the one I wanted to make games for back in the day. I got a 7800 when they were finally released, but the game library was anemic and I played more 2600 games on it than 7800 ones. Even though the 7800 has an amazing homebrew library now and I get pretty-much every homebrew for it, developing for it doesn't have the same appeal.
  4. You know... there actually is a label for Venture Reloaded.
  5. Update: 5-17-21: "Not a SuperCharger Game": Most graphics are in place. Preliminary sounds being added. First "somewhat playable" build. Also, note that I added "Game Audio" to my to-do list for the game. Yep - I'm creating TIA sound effects for the first time! (At least as placeholders.) It's certainly a learning curve!
  6. I totally read that as "Gamestop sold out of their entire allotment of seventeen in minutes at midnight on April 30th." But of course that's ridiculous. It would take Gamestop weeks to sell seventeen AtariVCisn'ts. Assuming Atari could get seventeen of them to Gamestop in the first place.
  7. Have you considered adding a line conditioner to your power? A UPS with true sine wave output could also help (I tend to favor CyberPower).
  8. Mine has arrived! I will be checking it out this weekend. Thanks Fred!
  9. Never hurts to ask. At the worst, they say no.
  10. Listening to Steely Dan on Spotify... amazing how unique and timeless some music still is.

    1. Nathan Strum

      Nathan Strum

      That sounds like either a minor league baseball team, or a brothel. :ponder: 

    2. carlsson


      Well, it is on-topic to your status update. They released a new cover song/video today.

    3. Nathan Strum

      Nathan Strum

      Very good cover band! My current favorite is Leonid & Friends. If you like Chicago, you should check them out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_torOTK5qc


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  11. Before your helpful email, I never knew I needed Magnetic Bamboo Toaster Tongs. Thanks, Amazon recommendations!

    1. Lord Mushroom

      Lord Mushroom

      Given that recommendations nowadays are tailored to your needs, you obviously need them. Just be happy they are not telling you you need penis enlargement. :)


      A couple of weeks ago I was considering buying a 3-pack of boxers. Now I see those boxers everywhere I go on the internet. :)

    2. GoldLeader


      I was recommended to buy some rubber pieces to seal the windows on a '75 Chrysler Cordoba ...Which would seem pretty weird,  unless someone in the future Gives me a 1975 Chrysler Cordoba,  and explicit instructions (Or well they don't have to be explicit,...Maybe implied instructions would work nearly as well)  to make sure and buy some rubber pieces to seal the windows on it...I don't have one of those cars is my point.

  12. Woohoo!! It played!! All the way through, even! Such a relief when those actually work. Hopefully, this will result in a lot of interest (and job opportunities) for our students. The show will still be available at this link until Monday, May 10, 3:55 PM PST: https://watch.redcat.org/landing/REDCAT2345 Eventually we'll post it on Vimeo, once the sponsorship exclusivity ends. And of course, I'll link it here when that happens. Now then... before all of this started, I think I used to have something called a "bed". If I can remember where I put it, maybe I can start catching up on my sleep again.
  13. James - if you want to send me the template you use for cartridges, I'll throw together a quick label and send it to you during the reveal so you have a graphic to put up. You know... just in case you don't guess it correctly.
  14. Unless your console has allergies. You don't want it sneezing one of your carts across the room.
  15. The Sony model is for NTSC, so it's looking for an NTSC RF input signal, and it outputs only NTSC-compatible composite video. I don't know if Sony made a PAL version. This PAL tuner is available through Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B1KFT5P/ but I've never tried it. If you get one and try it out, be sure to post about it so others can find out if it works. Good luck!
  16. James - at some point on Friday's show, would you mind running the attached binary on your RGB 2600, and showing it as large as possible? (Make sure the console's warmed up first). I'd like to get a baseline in case we need to adjust some colors for the 21st. Just need it up for a few seconds - long enough for me to get a screen cap. Thanks! - Nathan colors3.bin
  17. A couple of weeks ago, I posted about our students' 2021 Open Show. An eight-hour marathon of animated films, produced over the last two academic years (since we couldn't have a show at all a year ago). For the first time ever we held it online, since we still can't have large screenings in person. But that meant anyone got to watch it! Quite literally, from all over the world. Of course, not everyone wants to sit through an eight-hour show. But this Saturday night, you can instead sit through just a two-hour show! This is our faculty-juried Producers' Show, which is a curated selection of films from the Open Show. The Producers' Show is usually held in a theater in or near Hollywood. We've been at the TV Academy's Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre (although we had to change theaters when they closed it for remodeling), the Director's Guild of America Theater (we had to leave this one because of remodeling too... are they trying to tell us something?), and most recently, the Samuel Goldwyn Theater at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Hmmm... Emmys and Oscars. I wonder if the Grammys have a theater we can borrow? While the Open Show is a public event that everyone can attend in-person (normally), the Producers' Show isn't. You have to reserve a ticket because seating is limited, and they go fast. Studios, sponsors, alumni, students, friends and family... and suddenly boom! There goes 600+ seats. It's quite the industry event. If the animation industry had stars, this would be star-studded. I suppose they're stars of a sort, to animation nerds. But basically, they're still just animation nerds themselves that have had success in the biz. Of one sort or another. Anyway, we can't do the theater thing this year for the Producers' Show, so it's online too. And that means anyone can watch it. No tickets. No limited seating. No restrictions. For 48 hours. Then the sponsors (whoever they are) get exclusive access to it because money. But we'll put it back online later, and I'll put that link up when the time comes. Meanwhile, this Saturday evening at 4:00 PM PST, the 2021 CalArts Character Animation Producers' Show gets streamed live from here: https://watch.redcat.org/landing/REDCAT2345 And by live, I mean completely pre-recorded. But there are two hours of really good films in there. And about 20 minutes of talking. All at the beginning. I'm not suggesting you tune in late or anything. We do have a pretty cool guest speaker. And some of our students will receive awards for their films. But if you're going to order DoorDash or something, have them show up by 4:20. Anyway, check it out. It's pretty cool seeing the amazing work that students can do in the midst of a pandemic. Actually... it's pretty cool any year.
  18. Well whatever you do, don't buy them from this place. I don't know anything about the reliability of the sellers, but I keep hearing their shells don't fit in 7800s very well.
  19. You should add a countdown timer to your signature.
  20. Since the YouTube stream is likely to be blocked because of copyrighted music snippets (thank you, content-matching algorithms ), here's the show on Vimeo: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3 (the 2020 Fall Open Show):
  21. There's a hack of Omega Race that just uses the stock 2600 joystick. It can be found in the Hacks and Homebrews ROM collection here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/144662-atari-2600-hacks-and-homebrews-rom-collection-v12/?tab=comments#comment-1758233
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