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  1. I Have a Good box that can Fit 49 Atari games, Incluiding Ship to Miami by Sea is 750$ Usps from Miami to your address can be paid directly to the Courier if you like. Zip code is needed to get Usps quote. Ship departs firsts days of July.
  2. Stock & Bonds Tape By Avalon Hill For Atari, Apple II and Vic 20 60$ Space Station Zulu Tape for Atari 75$ Panzer Jagd Tape for Atari and Commodore 64 75$ London Blitz tape for Commodore 64 85$ Telengard for Atari and Commodore 64 85$ Zaxxon Tape for Commodore 64 75$ Defender Cart for Atari 400/800 70$ Star Raiders Cart for Atari 400/800 80$
  3. Just for Clarification, The Boxes unfolded very nice and keep them in good shape. Drop to 160 With Sea Shipping to Miami, could be less than 20$ Miami to the rest of the USA.
  4. Adding: Jumpman Disk for Atari 800 95$ Market Forces from Avalon Hill 60$ Divex from Avalon Hill 60$ Abc Caterpillar from Avalon Hill 60$ Breakthru for Commodore 64 from Avalon Hill 90$
  5. Adding Demon Attack and Atlantis for Atari Computers, 85$ each Six Pack
  6. The boxes are sealed, but they are Mattel Gatefold Games Tron Deadly Discs and Space Battle
  7. Just have Tron Deadly Discs in purple box, IIRC
  8. Just Want to show a couple of Rebranded Six Packs by Intellivision, both are gatefold games, the purple ink is also a rarity, that I know of.
  9. Adding just two 5200 TrackBalls New with no Box, can be tested upon request. 50$ each, I Have New in Box but very deep in storage, and they are coming soon.
  10. 34 New Sealed Intellivision Games for sale, I have a Couple of the same boxes and can make a couple of these sets. Price is 360$ Incluiding Shipping To Miami by Sea (From Venezuela). Standard rates from Usps Aply to your location, you can pay directly to the Miami Courier.
  11. 28 Taiwan Copper Games for sale, The Boxes are Flattened Out, This will protect better the box (Thin Cardboard) and save a lot in Price is 170$ Incluiding Shipping To Miami by Sea. Standard rates from Usps Aply to your location, you can pay directly to the Miami Courier.
  12. Moving Storgae at the moment and can offer some Six Packs rarely sold this way. Shipping rates are: 33$ by Cubic Feet (Sea) No Fractions permitted 22$ The Kilogram / Volume (whatever is Higher) by Plane. Fractions Permitted. After arrival Standar USPS rates apply from Miami to your location, Can be paid directly to the Miami Courier. This is the Best Shipping options that I have found so far. Games: Crush, Crumble and Chomp Tape 60$ Crush, Crumble and Chomp Disk 90$ Curse of Ra Atari Tape 60 Curse of Ra Atari Disk 90 Temple of Apshai Atari Tape 70$ Temple of Apshai Atari Disk 100$ Dragonriders of Pern Atari Disk 120$ Pit Stop Atari Cart 110$ Jumpman Atari Tape 60$ Type Attack Commodore 64 70$ Spider City Atari Cart 60$ Pengo Atari Cart 110$ Donkey Kong Atari Cart 130$ Pole Position Atari Cart 90$ Joust Atari Cart 90$ Zaxxon Commodore 64 90$ Assembler Editor Atari Cart 240$ Music Composer 75$ I could add more later on.
  13. Adding just one Sealed Case of Intellivoice 170$
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