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  1. I´m in line for the lot, please let me know.
  2. Watching the bidding history, is a classic bid war betwenn New Users or Collectors, or as normally known as "newbie bid war" once the get more experience they will notice how much they overpaid.
  3. Yes, they show me a letter saying that they will suspend any shipments in any service for 90 days to re-organize the service they provide to America (The Continent, from Canada to Argentina) and I´m still in shock about that, no more shipemnts this year but my only hope is that they improve the service once for all and stop the damm delays. Right now, deliveries to Us (45 days my oldest package) and Canada (2 month the oldest) are very slow and I ask for patience for the people who are waiting, There is also Presidential election next Sunday and that may also has affected deliveries. Fedex is expensier (30$ the first 1/2 Kilo) but only takes 5 days.
  4. There are network analizers that can detect breaking in network cables, but normally are for very long cables that cost a lot to replace (Since that Tester cost about 2 grand) for a couple of feet cable there is not a more affordable slution that just replace the cable. I think there are more non-working 5200 Controllers than the working ones, so getting a replacement or just do what you did is cheaper.
  5. You need to install the program again from their original installation executable, normally software insert some code in windows registry to run properly and when you upgrade Windows all that is erased. Never assume that a program will work after an upgrade, everything must be reinstalled.
  6. Please explain more about this, the Project was a board that will allow you to program Intellivision games and was never built? that is the reason of the refund mora than a year later?
  7. I'm the same. Except that I will not pretend that I will even try to own arcade cabinets for each of the over 3K ROMs I have for MAME. (What can I say, they were just there, conveniently scattered throughout the Interwebz, ready for download by a custom wget script... I was weak...) Everything else, I try to legitimately own. However, like Rick, I aim for the stuff I want to play with, which is most of the stuff I had or played with as a kid. This includes not only Intellivision, but movies, music, Star Wars Legos, some DOS games, and even some toys. And all of it has been opened and played with, at least once--even the Legos. Especially the Legos. Legos and Intellivision, That was my childhood
  8. Ed wins! Best Spiker story hands down. Note that the pages where not stuck togheter, before anyone brings on the subject
  9. I got a loose one trading it for some old US Playboys. I did know that the guy had spiker, I was expecting some loose commons. when i say it, I just agree of what he had to offer so i can get home to play. Very difficult game, i must say.
  10. In those cases, instead of cancel hte transaction, do a "unpaid item case" on Ebay. And make sure all your listings block the buyers with Unpaid items strikes (with 6 months). this way you are helping to the buyers are more carefull when they buy stuff. I once get a guy that buy one item and send me this message: "Your item is overseas, I only buy domestic. Cancel the transaction or I will contact Ebay" like I put a gun on his head to buy my item, what a jerk. Worst of all, it was an auction, He had several days to read the listing.
  11. You can check here: http://www.cgagrading.com/OnlineStore/Atari2600.html or: http://www.cgagrading.com/OnlineStore/Catalog.aspx?CategoryId=35&Page=1 quite expensive
  12. Seems like there have been a rash of these sirface in the last 18 months... How many Spiker auctions have to be so close together before spiker moves down to a R9 or R8? If I remember correctly the last spiker CIB sold for about what cost to protest in Canada, about 600$. I may say that the rarity ratings on a system should stay inside that system (not compared on how the ratings are set in 2600 or Coleco) The highest game to get is Spiker. Some variations could be the rarest items of all with only a handfull around. But Since most collectors do not care about variations, Probably we will never know how many are around Said that, the most hard to find game for most collectors is Spiker. So it s}deserves to be a rarity 10. do not matter the quantity available is ten times more than a rarity 10 of Atari 2600. Like in School, being top of the class: That do not mean that is a genius, the others could be very dumb and the top is not as dumb as the others.
  13. I have sold Compumates in all Europe and they work perfectly on Pal systems, backed by the buyers.
  14. Well, there is no "Dumping off" of games here in venezuela. There was a guy that sold Video games (among many other stuff) and since here in Venezuela the market did not crash like in the US (even increased with the lower prices) that saw a very good deal on the many clearances companies do. I have a list of Clearance that I know he bought: -Musicland Stores (some Sam Goody) clerance, mostly Computer games -K-mart Clearance: Some controllers, and i have seen a few Intellivision games with K-mart Stickers. -Softsell (A distributor of computer software that after the crash they migrate to only Bussines Software) -Activision (I don´t know if the clearance was from Activision itself or a distributor) was in the time they distributed Imagic, Tnt and Absolute possible overstock -Intellivision Stuff. Not very sure. The stuff was in a warehouse in new jersey that was unpaid and the owner sold the stuff. many Parts for Service and the later items are from '88 Some games are abundant some others where depleted years a go -Atari Stuff: Not sure. Probably came from Different sources at different times. Also probably most items where not Clearances just regular distributor prices. -Taiwan Copper: Directly from manufacturer in taiwan, full priced -Coleco Stuff: Not sure, some games (Very few for Colecovision itself) I got the suspicion that came from the same place of the Intellivison Stuff. Those purchases where oportunities that everyone could have take it but no one want them and the offer spread overseas, probably in conventions or from contacts in the industry. But many people in the US had purchase many of these "Clearances" but they had sold them all this time. You could name many people, Classic-games-Source, best Electronics, and a big Etcetera that you do not notice because they where in the Scene all this time. The difference in venezuela is that the stuff do not hit the market until recently.
  15. Perhaps so AtariAge members who are also Ebay sellers can add that asshole to their "blocked" list. Wouldn't that be reason enough? Did you read the post (above) by edintv, where you can see all the negative feedback? Maybe we should start a thread with this type of buyers. The reason for leaving a negative should be a valid one, not because you are in a bad mood that day. I only see 2 Not longer registered users and the other item not received neg was from a seller in Canada that afterwards received several positives, so i guess there was an issue with the mail or customs. I also read many comments about Video games, and you can´t check the Items after 90 days. Other proof about his character: Changed description & pictures of item after I bought it. Doesn't fit my tools. (That is not possible) The product smelled like Pine-Sol. I REFUSE to use their version of tea tree oil (really, order Tree Tea and you do not like that smalls like Pine? is a tree, you know.) Didn't need it. Buyer doesn't accept returns. (Don´t need it, do not order in the first place. I´m sure the not returns part was described in the listing) Most of the sellers had a very healthy accounts and several with tens of thousand positives.
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