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  1. I was curious if anyone came across an NTSC version. I definitely saw it for sale, so I don't know how a PAL cartridge would have ended up in a Hess' Department store back in the day. Could it have been a pirate 32 in 1 cartridge :ahoy: arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  2. Well the easy solution to this would be to use Flash Carts! And load the entire game library onto it and you'd be set. I'm not really into intellivision but im sure that someone at some point made a flash cart for the intellivision. For the Atari 2600 the best one(and easiest to acquire, as they werent a limited release) would be the harmony cartridge. If you get the deluxe edition, the 2gb flash card can hold every single Atari game ever made and still have ~1.6gb left!
  3. I havent been active on these forums in forever! I completely forgot you were making those! Last i remember it was just an idea and you were still programming Skull Island. Man i'm wayyyyyyy behind lol. That cart looks absolutely AMAZING! Awesome awesome job bro.
  4. Agreed,not to mention the free advertising he got here I wouldn't exactly call it advertising, as this is nothing but negative. Unless someone here is willing to pay 10 times what these items are worth. Knowing that this is obviously a scam/fraudulent listing. But i forgot about eBay's fees, which makes me laugh that he still has to pay those. however i bet he used a repaid debit card to get his seller account and is not going to pay it and in the next month his account will lapse and be suspended and ultimately cancelled
  5. The Sketchy Saga continues. Its interesting how this 0 feedback user who opened an account on Jan 25 2011, the same day he listed this item. Had a bidder with 0 feedback who ALSO open their account on Jan 25 2011 Bidding 3 times large amounts... BUT HERES THE KICKER! He JUST RELISTED THE EXACT SAME AUCTION! eBay Auction -- Item Number: 320652829474
  6. HAHAHAHA :rolling: i remember that! I was the one that actually emailed her about the actual value of it and then she pretended it was a typo. but only after several of us informed her of the value. If i remember correctly she said her cousin sold one for like 1600 on CL and that was she was listing it as such.
  7. 228 was out after $36. i donno - clearly fraudulent, but what's the point - to inflate atari sales or get fake feedback? Yeah i was trying to figure that out as well. The whole thing seems 'oh so very sketchy. In the past three months i've seen about 3 or 4 Atari 2600 auctions become SUPER inflated. Its not even just specific to 2600 i saw an NES *Loose* Gluk the PoliceMan cartirdge that sold for..... wait for it.... $760! I've seen many Complete in box versions sell for ~$100. I don't know whats been up but it seems that many "retro" gaming consoles/cart sales are being very inflated lately. to what ultimate purpose i have no idea.
  8. Alright, this is technically about an eBay auction, but its not to sell anything, or have anyone buy anything. The auctions already over as well.So im not sure the no eBay auction applies here. But if it does im sorry and feel free to move it The Auction was for a Sears Tele-games 6 six switch with included " Stampede Night Stalker Stampede Space invaders Real sports Football Yar's Revenge KABOOM! Pitfall Missile Command Baseball 27 tele games space attack Haunted house War lords Trick Shot Super challege Baseball Tele Games 8 Frogger Centipede(2) asteroids PAC MAN Bowling Worm War 1 34 Tele games Fire Fighter Kangaroo 3 telegames Berzerk Night Driver Word Zapper Skiing Telegames 2 Telegames 27(2). Worm War 1" Pardon the layout, I made an attempt to make it more legible but have kept all the content. I honestly dont see anything in this auction that makes this worth the $610.00 this was listed for. In The auction he stated that the 6 switch tele-games was "very rare" and some of the games as well. Which we all know is not true at all. But maybe im missing something here. Does anyone else see $610.00 worth of Atari goodness here? I Don't! Also the seller has 0 feedback and the people who were bidding on this all had feed aback between 0 and 19. One high feedback seller bailed at $36.00 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 320649120272
  9. I honestly don't need a sealed copy. however i still would really like the game anyway. how much you looking to get for it?
  10. I would buy one of those in a heartbeat. You wish is granted!!!..sorta
  11. I have have official Xbox Wireless N adapter, that i used once and didnt really need it. I'd be willing to trade for some Gamecube (bba, replacement case, games) stuff. Right now im in a gamecube phase lol. A Sega Saturn would be cool as well. Just PM or respond here and we can work something out.
  12. I've been looking EVERYWHERE online and i cant seem to find the replacement tops, and cases for the Gamecube that allow you to play full size DVD's instead of the mini-dvds. I know there were a bunch of different manufacturers in its heyday such as Hust trap case, Viper GC case, Team Xecuter case, Qoob case, and ICEDCUBE case. I'm looking to purchase ANY OF THESE, i prefer black but honestly i will buy any make and color. I mainly just want the replacement top, But will buy the whole case. Thanks in advance!
  13. I've got about 16,000 games on my harmony cart (is stores them on an SD card). Which is every game ever made, almost all homebrews, all variations of games, prototypes, and Hacks. For just the cart (no SD card) its 60 and for the SD card, USB cable, Cart,and professionally printed manual is 85. check it out here http://harmony.atariage.com

  14. "... is as tall as sonic 3 in sonic and knuckles in a game genie." :rolling: that's so ridiculous.
  15. amazing! as deep in the game as you are getting, are you getting a feel for how todd rogers attained 2 million? Im pretty sure im getting close to the pattern and strategy he used. but geez 2 million seems very very far from my reach. I'm definitely getting tired of this game. I think i've had enough for a week ha ha. You have no idea how many times i've had to reach over and pull the reset switch.
  16. I saw that when i just kept editing my old post the Current high scores were updated by my highscore was still my old one. Anywho i guess that means i need to make a new post each time i update my new current high score. Which of right now is: 212450
  17. Just clean out the Leaf-switches, this can be easily done by taking a clean business card or the like. and put the card between the contacts and lightly hold the contacts together and pull the card out. Another thing that i've been planning to do is, I've been planning to get better leaf switches. It would be super easy to replace the OEM ones in the device. The leaf-switches in it are good but their not arcade cabinet good. So putting in better switches would just require pulling off the crimps and connecting them to the switches. or simple cut and solder. Also, Thank you for using a Wico Command Control ha ha hopefully their mounted:grin: . I'm like the AtariAge Advocate of the Wico Command Control joysticks.
  18. SekOner

    Frogger Works!

    The funny thing is he is not even close to the strangest person ever to grace this forum. I really dont doubt that, it seems that every forum that i have ever participated in has someone on there that has nothing to do with the forums general purpose. And just adds completely nonsensical statements and points of view. Either way, i dont think any forum is complete without the 'crazy lurkers'
  19. Well you know what they say about big hands.... Big gloves. Seriously, though, I generally end up sitting the Wico bat on my lap and it works well as far as I can tell. I will say that you have inspired me to try to mount the controller and see if it's a better experience. It may be kinda cool. I can envision myself slapping the fire button just like in the arcade. I probably won't get to it for a while, but I'll post the setup when it's done. Thanks for the inspiration. Awesome, I'm glad i've inspired you. Definitely post some pics when you get around to doing it. It does make a huge difference, slapping the fire button like its a cabinet is definitely one of em.
  20. SekOner

    Frogger Works!

    Gamme is an EXTREMELY strange person, his post never have a point or question. They're merely statements that sort of relate to Atari mixed with some pseudo-political/religious ranting. To be honest and i'm truly not trying to be ignorant but i believe that gamme is not a stable individual. Look at his other posts, and you'll see what i mean. I can't put my finger on exactly what ailment he suffers from but i really do thing he is in some way disturbed. Other examples: Post of gamme lying about helping out with the Haiti earthquake relief Topic says about brushing teeth with steel wool, but last post indicates its about people believeing the they are cars and atari carts
  21. Its called Donkey kong the lost levels. Or Donkey kong 2.0 something like that.
  22. First off by 'Starpath" i'll assume you mean your Supercharger. Are you sure that the BIN file your playing through wplaybin is working? When something doesnt work the first thing you do it eliminate the most obvious, most easy to fix problem. have you tried plugging in head phones into your computer output jack? just to make sure it works. If your computer jack works, have you tried plugging your supercharger in and with a Multimeter check if the components on your supercharger are actually getting power. When you soldered the new cable on are you sure you got the wires on there correctly? i would recommend going to radio shack and buying a new mono(or stereo) phone jack and replacing the one thats on the supercharger board anyway.
  23. Ahh man i wish i knew this was going to be there this year earlier. We'll i should have figured. Anyway, i really hope i can manage to get a copy. Is there any word on how much this will be sold for?
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