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  1. know this pain all too well, check out this link in miami,fl. you will not be disappointed.it is called arcade odyssey. rick
  2. Yes I have, several times in fact, I played it in MGM studios in Orlando, Florida, used to be located in an Arcade, which is where pizza planet now resides. It was an amazing game, I even had an opportunity to purchase one of these behemoths once, the problem is the space these things take up, and in Miami which is where i reside, space is at an all time premium. Rick
  3. Not super rare, You can find them on ebay pretty regularly, they are usually not boxed or missing parts thou. A complete unit in box you'll run across 1 every 3-6 months or so.
  4. Ok here is another one of those ridiculous - how the hell did he find that - system, This is the Laseractive system -which is not all that rare but then you have the PAC-PC1 control module - which is about as close to unobtanium as you can get, it worked with the Pioneer Laseractive system and your windows 98 PC, it would allow your computer to control the Laseractive and do certain things like jump around the disc by hitting certain keys on the remote, sort of like a dragons lair arcade game, but you could control this one, in other words you could get any laserdisc movie and write your own control script upload it to the PAC in the laseractive, then you would use the remote to control the playing of the disc by jumping to the frame positions written in your script as if you were playing a laserdisc game,. I'm including many pics showing the system, the PAC itself front and back, the Tenchi Muyo laserdiscs that the PAC would work with - the software came with sample programs and they worked with the Tenchi Muyo discs that you see here, that is the entire laserdisc set the samples would control, in the images, they were 9 total. Several pics showing the program running in a windows xp notebook, and finally what you would see on the screen which was the laserdisc movie playing and overlays directing you on what buttons to press on the remote overlayed over the playing movie - hope everyone enjoys.
  5. Just got my hands on 2 singer Gameboy sewing machines, you never know when you'll need a spare.
  6. Picked up an accessory I had been hunting for quite a while now, the ridiculously rare and overpriced Panasonic SH-GB10 Gameboy boy player for my Panasonic dvd gamecube. Also got a not so rare - quite common actually BLIP system and another accessory that I had never seen before the Compumate, which turns your Atari 2600 into a basic computer.
  7. A few more obscure pickups, an Atari Portfolio with parallel port and zip drive, running the T2 pin program -of course, and a dreamcast divers 2000 cx-1, in pieces, bought it on ebay broken, and when I mean broken , it was hulk smash. The screen was blown, the pcb was cracked and split in 4 places, unbelievably I found another crt for it and got the crt to come up , but the pcb is not responding properly, hopefully will get it properly working some day.
  8. Now onto the console front, Got an IS Nitro Emulator for Gameboy development, also got my hands on an Nintendo NDEV Wii development system, Got a Microvision Super Casse Brique, which was only released in Europe and is the hardest to find cartridge for the Microvision, heck it even came with it's original box. A Gameboy pocket sonar, yes it is a fish finder for your game boy. A Gameboy Icard which allows you to get times and other racing info in several racetracks around the US. Yeah I know no new consoles, but I have some pretty rare stuff I will share tomorrow. Till then see you at the Arcade.
  9. Now on to the updates, starting on the arcade side, I have brought in Phychic force 2012, very cool 3d game with one of the weirdest pcbs I have run across, it is running on a Taito wolf system, which looks like a hybrid pc mixed with an arcade board, I have seen emulator pcbs like this in the past from china, but this pre-dates them all, this was released in 1998, and it is an original not an emulated poc - Piece of Crap. I have also brought in Fate unlimited codes with another system 256 to appease the fighting community down here. I have gotten my hands on a classic Taito game - Battle shark that was pretty beat up, monitor was damaged, pcb was damaged and looking port through the periscope was damaged, but this is what it looks like after 3 weeks of work and everything repaired, what a great game. I have also added a new game into the Arcade that I had run into at the IAAPA show last year - this is called Jet ball and is starting to get a following, it is really a lot of fun. And finally I just received this last week, Undercover cops alpha renewal - awesome game, I am looking forward to bringing this rarity into the arcade in the next week or so, I even made a custom marquee for it, if you have ever seen the original it looks like crap. Oh I almost forgot, got a Xevious 3D/G PCB and it is awesome, I am not sure if I will be bringing that one into the arcade anytime soon, but I am thoroughly enjoying it at home.
  10. Oh before I forget, I did see the ghostbusters Firehouse, that was pretty cool.
  11. Ok it has been a while, time to play catch up, Since I last wrote I went back to new York city, and visited conney island. I was looking forward to finally seeing this entertainment haven that I have heard about for so many decades now, I was expecting rows and rows of arcades and entertainment complexes and this is what greeted me when I got there. Pretty sad, there was 2 small arcades , mostly redemption. So disappointed.
  12. Got a pacman and Ice cold beer added to the collection, put pacman in the arcade, not sure about putting the ice cold beer in yet, somewhat rare game and I really like it and in other news I created and filed a new company with the state of Florida and the IRS - "The national Video Game History museum" now legally exists, we hired a consulting company and now are working with them on the 501c3 for tax exception status, if we get it we will then proceed forward with my original idea of the museum, it has been 4 years coming but let's see if I can get over this hurdle, as I mentioned quite a while ago when I was first creating the arcade, Yoinks and AWAY!!!! Again.....
  13. And for my final post tonight 2 days ago I just received a pretty rare laseractive disk, It is Melon Brains but the LD ROM 2 version, normally these were done for the megacd, however there were a few laseractive games done like this for both platforms among them were Bi Ryojon Collection - Pretty Illusion - Yuko Sakaki - MegaCD - normally this one came as an LD ROM 2 version Bi Ryojon Collection 2 - Pretty Illusion 2 - Minayo Watanabe - MegaCD - normally this one came as an LD ROM 2 version Goku, LDRom2 - normally this one came as a MegaCD version Blue Chicago Blues, MegaCD - normally this one came as an LD ROM 2 version Im still missing those 4 and of course the laseractive Myst Prototype, but have all the rest of them so all is not lost .
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