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  1. Need some suggestions for fun tabletop games for up to 10 people. Half of which are casuals.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. boog


      Secret Hitler

    3. ls650





    4. StanJr


      A lot of those recommendations will require some teaming up, but solid ones in the lot.

  2. so my laptop charger chord snapped. I should have seen this coming.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. greencoman


      That can happen?

    3. Mili


      I thought i had to buy a subscription to get sarcasm.

    4. Mili


      Lets go ahead and add this to the grammar forum lmao.

  3. The server is never up anymore. Every time I try to go on, it is not working. I can't seem to get a hold of Norybiak to find out about the situation.
  4. Working on a new way to post my blogs. I'd like to do a few by video. Now have constant internet, so expect a little more updates from me! Mili is back in action.

    1. SoulBlazer


      Very cool, glad to see you back!

    2. Random Terrain
    3. Mili


      Thanks Soul! I feel very kapow indeed!!


  5. Well its DnD night and it's my job to make the wings. Winning.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mili


      Well shit.

    3. HatefulGravey


      I miss DnD. Have fun for all us that don't get to play anymore.

    4. lushgirl_80


      I never played DnD before, although I'd like to some time.

  6. Fresh game meal two nights in a row? I must be at my parents' house.

    1. Zach


      I had to think about that for a moment since "game" usually means something else around here.

  7. Fresh game meal two nights in a row? I must be at my parents' house.

  8. I am alive and blogging.

    1. SoulBlazer


      Glad to see you stranger!

    2. Austin
    3. Mili


      Feels good to be back on the net for a bit. :D

  9. A week before I move and the laundromat FINALLY gets an Atari system.

  10. A week before I move and the laundromat FINALLY gets an Atari system.

    1. greencoman


      whoa an atari system times must be really tight. Where are you headed?

  11. Yep! In the process of moving. so not really able to keep up on AA lately! Sorry about that!

  12. Are you still alive?

  13. I got the Siamese cat!!!! Finally got my little Ashari!

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Mxyzptlk


      Jr. Pac can spell again. It is a miracle.

    3. atari2600land


      Mili, just don't tell Bob Barker you didn't spay or neuter any of your pets.

    4. Sauron


      A Siamese, huh? Good luck with that, you'll certainly need it.

  14. Cut my hand pretty good while taking apart my surround sound system. DvD was stuck under the CD changer.

  15. Thanks! Still not feeling well, so I'll see if my dad can stop by the store.

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