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  1. Chris, from my perspective you have completed a lot of cool stuff. I played Jack and the Beanstalk this past weekend and had fun as always. It takes a lot failures to make cool stuff, I guess.
  2. And yes, videos on the other cartridges would be great!
  3. Thanks for posting this! I had never heard of this system and now I have to get one!!!
  4. Thanks RangerG! Does anyone have a copy of the "control spreadsheet" linked on that download page? It's a dead link there now.
  5. My Secret Santa is pretty awesome!!!!! Check it out: I already started on the jelly beans and they are de-lish! The shirt is great and I love the retro "ringed" sleeves. FYI, the Pez are all new to my collection; I had a few of the characters but all these are new designs. I love tin toys and robots, so the ornament is perfect. And what can I say about the games?!?! Just great to fill some spots in my collection, but especially stoked to play some Food Fight and I have never played Adventures of Tron. Great job Santa, I can tell you did your research!!! Thanks so much to ChicGamer and Capt Breakout for making this happen!!!
  6. Just make sure you put that pretty rock in your pocket the next time you go to the AtariAge Store. And seriously??? that was the last Lynx game you needed? That's wild! I so happy you enjoyed the stuff!! I should have my pictures up shortly....spoiler, it's awesome!!
  7. The poll forced me to lie on #4. I have no LTO Flash
  8. Awesome! Sound quality was just fine for the purpose. Thanks for posting!!
  9. Uhhh,....I didn't say it was delivered today.....you must be thinking of another Santa..........ok, fine. I guess I'm still not very good at secrets.
  10. How about a round of applause for USPS because all my packages are flying to their destinations super fast this season. My SS package made it cross country in 2 1/2 days. Not sure what other peoples experiences have been. I think the quality of the local PO staff has a lot to do with my experience.
  11. It's tough, because it's a big old tempting package, but I am doing my best to wait until Christmas. As a kid I ruined all my Christmas surprises...gonna send Ferg an audio submission for his Christmas episode telling all about it.
  12. Mail lady just dropped my package off!! Going to try to make it to the 25th. My outgoing package just went out yesterday after I finally got the last item I needed.
  13. Chris, there is a cord on the Supercharger with a 1/8” audio jack to go into a tape player. I have also just plugged into my computer and loaded games through mp3 files
  14. Weird. I collect Pez but have never come across the giant ones. If you get a chance, maybe get a picture of yours and post or send me?
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