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  1. Chris, there is a cord on the Supercharger with a 1/8” audio jack to go into a tape player. I have also just plugged into my computer and loaded games through mp3 files
  2. Weird. I collect Pez but have never come across the giant ones. If you get a chance, maybe get a picture of yours and post or send me?
  3. Thanks Chicgamer! Excited to get started. I got some great gift clues for my recipient and what systems they are collecting for, but it is kinda hard to guess what games would work. I have just used a shotgun approach in the past, hoping they would get a few new ones. To help my santa out I attached my checklists for 2600, 7800 and TI stuff to the About Me tab of my profile. I will try to drop my 5200 list on there tonight. Plus this will help me find my checklists in the future when I come across games out and about. I already have some cool stuff picked out for my recipient. Edit: FYI the 2600 "hot list" isn't a check list, just a list of lower rarity games I don't have as targets when I am game hunting; much easier than an unwieldy 15 page checklist.
  4. I haven't read through them in a long while. This is a good one; we had a local candidate who had signs out that said "Don Orange, The Candidate With Appeal". I wont say your comics have great art, but the majority are legit funny and that's what is important to me.
  5. I already left feedback for Cobra Kai on the great job he did on my transaction, but I would be remiss if I didn't point out that USPS actually kicked a little ass and got the box here two days ahead of estimate.
  6. Great transaction from start to finish; well organized sale thread, great prices, great communication, good packing, quick ship! Would buy from them again in a heartbeat!!
  7. I'm in! and for the first time in several years, not begging to get in at the last second.
  8. That looks pretty cool Chris!
  9. Getting excited for Secret Santa 2021! I was super stoked to draw good old Willie's name and very pleased that he took the time to post a video opening it!! (starts about 23:55)
  10. I'm a big Klax fan and the Gameboy version is just about my favorite. They used different patterns for the tiles rather than colors. It's weird, but I think my brain can pick up and process the patterns easier than the colors. It will be interesting to see what you think of it.
  11. Mountain King - 59555. I think I can do a little better
  12. I love the mountains! Maybe a glob could be a good enemy; it could be a grease glob left over after the other things are cooked. It could maybe cycle through colors to give it some action. Cant wait to see the final result of this!
  13. Looks like fun! I'm glad your sister is available to help a bit at least. I was hesitant to get my license at 16 too, my family pretty much forced me to when I turned 18. It all worked out 🙂
  14. Chris, you need to talk to someone asap. I not talking about psychiatric help, necessarily, just a crisis line where people understand what resources are available and help you think through it with a clear head. There is a crisis line for Marion county: 503-581-5535 or 800-560-5535. If they are not the right ones to handle helping you, I am sure they do know the right ones. You may have anxiety over making this call, but sometimes you just need to take a brave first step. There are people willing to help if you reach out.
  15. I guess it's not likely she would be lurking on AA, but I hear ya. It sound like the doctors haven't been able to solve her problems, so its not too likely you will either, but still keep thinking on it. It seems like the best shot is to work on your ability to cope. I am betting that throwing yourself into all the projects you do has been a good coping mechanism in the past, but maybe not enough right now? I can tell you one thing though, you are important to me for just that reason; my life is so hectic and my free time so limited that I live vicariously through all the projects you dig into. So thanks for posting all that stuff, sorry I dont give more feedback, but I am reading the blog posts as they come up. Don't think that what you do doesn't have a point, because it certainly does to me.
  16. Chris, I know you are probably kidding about hanging yourself, but joking about it can be the edge of a slippery slope. Either way, it sounds like you need to find someone to talk about this stuff, and I don't mean us knuckleheads on AA. Not that I mind listening, but you could definitely find someone better qualified to give advice on how to cope. Hang in there buddy.
  17. This is pretty damn cool Chris! I dont have an Action Max, but did pick up one of the VHS game tapes a while back. When I get some time I will read up on how the system works. The concept is reminding me about my idea of doing homebrew 8-tracks for the 2-XL. I was thinking someone could do a "choose your own adventure" thing on 2-XL. Doubt I will ever get around to it. I do admire how you use your spare time!!
  18. All would be new ones for me! PM incoming.
  19. Chris, I may be interested some of the spares you have. The attached pics show my two variations and what carts / boxes I have. The cardboard mailer box goes with the #3. All the carts have their manuals. Somewhere I also have some of the later Tiger versions.
  20. Got this from my secret santa and having some good fun with it! I love the variety of enemies. It's a hand cramper, though, when using painline controllers. Gonna try it next with a CX-40.
  21. I have had a ton of USPS packages going in both directions the last month and it seemed like everything zipped along like normal, with exception of one thing that was, oddly enough a first class envelope that took two and a half weeks. Now, I do wonder if local post offices competency bears heavily on this. My hometown (small town) office is wonderfully competent and helpful. The one near my work, however, is a train wreck and packages are delayed just sitting there for days and no one cares.
  22. Sounds like the Quiz Wiz fairy paid you a visit! I will have to check the ones I have to see what versions they are.
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