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  1. ....Oh, I forgot to mention that I also have a boxed copy of "Doggie Diamonds", which is an interesting game. The premise is that the dog eats grannie's jewelry and you have to follow him around, sifting through his stool to find the treasures; wait, I think that was the dream I had after reading this thread last night. Thanks to the people who posted something pertinent. Morgan
  2. Wow! I did not think I would be able to laugh today, I was wrong. Uncle Scrooge was my hero as a kid and his influence, along with listening to Dave Ramsey have made me the tightwad I am today. I would save my pennies and nickles, just so I could frolic in their glory, trading my dollar bills for my dad's pocket change. I have been thinking about storage options myself, but I actually kind of enjoy the random stacks of Atari commons in my "Gaming Vault". The wife doesn't share my enthusiasm and doesn't ever take cartridge baths........
  3. Some of my best eBay buys come off Buy-it-now. I sort my search by Buy-it-now, then most recently listed and find the ones someone listed too low, voila, a deal. As a seller, I only use when it is a common item, giving someone the opportunity to, well, buy it now. This only works for me when I know about what it will sell for in the first place. Morgan
  4. Ill be damned, I had both versions and never noticed. My collection just got bigger without even tryin', thanks! Morgan
  5. My rarest are none too impressive, Mr Do's Castle is an 8, but doesnt seem to work. Other than that; hmmm....Montezuma's Revenge (5), Tax Avoiders (5) (which I actually really like to play), Sorcerer and Firefly are 4's and both crappy games.....Like some one else said, I am into getting the ones, twos, and threes right now, love adding to the collection for a buck here and a buck there. Morgan
  6. Mine say "dual command", so I guess they were the sold separately version. They feel a little insubstantial when you first pick them up, but I got to love them. I have used them a LOT, so durability is good. The paddles are just now developing some jitter.
  7. regarding cataloguing your collection; those with iPhones should check out the Video Game Trader App. It has games for all vintage systems and you can flag the ones you have as either loose or complete or as a "want". You can then view on a seperate screen what is in your collection or your want list. It has a price guide, which is a little iffy but at least gives a comparison. I think it was either free or at the most $1.99, because as I have mentioned, i am a cheapskate. Morgan
  8. It's Tac-Scan for me as well. It is hard to put my finger on why, but paddle control made what would be a boring game much more fun. Morgan
  9. My current 2600 is a Jr. and it, with a pair of Gemini controllers take up very little space and give you joystick and paddles combined (along with the required "y" connector). For conveniece, you can also swap the RF switch for an RF / RCA connector. As far as that goes, Gemini controllers are probably easier found with a Gemini, which is about the same size as the JR. I just dont know how durable the Gemeni hardware is. Morgan
  10. Sounds great, but just a quick look inside the brain of a tightwad....At $25, I would probably buy the most appealing one to me; at $20, I would probably buy two and then start thinking that i really wanted the other three, sell something else in order to buy them. But I'm weird....Morgan
  11. Bummer! Well, if it was me, I would have had my dad take a picture of me running frantically after a bus and put it on the label when you get a replacement cartridge!! Nice work on the labels!! Morgan
  12. Hmmmm...yeah, I kinda think NTSC will be a must, but you bring up something I had not considered, which is using a 7800 as my everyday 2600 machine. Let's throw that in the mix for everyones thoughts as well. I would kinda like to actually try out my supercharger, though and it seems like I head it would not work on a 7800. Thanks, Morgan
  13. Hi! I currently have a working 2600 jr, but want to have an A/V modded 2600 for daily use; the video is OK using an RF/RCA adapter in place of an A?V switch, but the audio hiss really annoys me. I don't know which console version would be the best to modify or purchase already modded. Is there a comparison of all the console versions with pros and cons? I have been looking but havent really found what I am looking for.
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