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  1. A few immediately came to mind (the first two have been mentioned above): Rescue Bagman and Armored Car - it's a bit archaic, but I keep going back to it.
  2. OMG, thank you so much for sharing. As much of a gummiholic as I am, I was destined to run across a bag of these and quickly eat more than anyone ever should in a month.
  3. Haha sorry to tease you then; it seemed to be the only clear flat space in the house.
  4. OMG! My secret santa really outdid themselves!!! I had Dig Dug and VB loose, but it is very cool to have some more sealed games, I only had one until now. I dont have motorodeo, so that one is getting opened. Also the Lynx game is one I have never played, so I am stoked for that! And of course gummies for the win!!! Thanks so much Santa!!!!!!! My wife also did well on the retro game gifting: I think she followed me around PRGE and talked the vendors down on everything I put pack down with a longing look on my face.
  5. I see your Lego Christmas trains (which are awesome!) and raise you a Micronauts Christmas Micropolis......
  6. Great thread for planning what to play when I am off work next week! Just a few that come to mind: 2600 - Dodge 'em, Fathom Inty - Utopia, Beauty and the Beast Genesis - Wiz n' Liz; Star Control, DeCapattack N64 - Diddy Kong Racing GameCube - Metroid Prime, Simpsons Hit and Run Xbox - Burnout Revenge Wii - Excite Truck, Excite bots Xbox 360 - Borderlands 2
  7. I would love these if still available, we are just getting into this now.
  8. I would love to try the 5200 version someday. I played the hell out of RS Baseball on the 2600, loved it back then, not so much today. I loved that screaming line drive home run sound. Of all the primitive baseball games, I think Tandy Color Computer Baseball is my favorite, it was surprisingly easy to control, even with the poopy standard non-centering joystick.
  9. Woohoo! My package showed up today. Its a big big box, but it's fairly light and marked "FRAGILE" all over; could be a major award! Gonna be hard to wait. According to tracking my outgoing box made it to its destination today also, so all is good. Update - Doh! it's not my SS package, just a present for my wife. Humbug.
  10. My bundle of fun has been sent out as well! Grig I will PM you the tracking when I get home.
  11. I finally got the last item for the box. I hadn't noticed the seller had "4-day handling"; I didn't think eBay even allowed that. Anyhoo, I am shipping tomorrow!!
  12. One incoming package is "out for delivery" today; another is estimated for Monday and once that arrives I will be shipping ASAP! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wct_qwlq2QI
  13. Ground Kontrol is spectacular; I have not been to Quarterworld, but have heard it is very good. Both have similar mix of arcade / pins and have plenty of 80's machines and nothing from 70's.If you can only do one, I can't see how you could go wrong with GK as their games are usually in good repair.
  14. Well hell, I crapped the bed and missed the deadline again. Let me know if you need a rescue reindeer at the last minute!
  15. $20 for Blast! 3 (Pong) is an easy sell for me. I would gladly buy a second one if you could sync up two more controllers for Warlords!
  16. Ok, I am obviously a charter member. I have no effing Spiker, nor have I ever. However, I have a question about the bylaws. I think that if I stumbled into a Spiker that I would likely sell it to fill multiple holes in the 125; let's say Super Cobra, Tutankham, SMB and Fathom. So, is there a grace period to have a Spiker in my possession while it is being sole on fleabay?
  17. Thanks for providing the scan, I will definitely be typing some in!
  18. Twin Galaxies has been a mess for a while. The mess is now a dumpster fire. I honestly think starting over (maybe with a new name) would be the best solution. I honestly think the scores should come from live events, but even that would not rule out shenanigans, so I think maybe I will proceed by no longer giving a shit.
  19. Nice collection. I love using those Logitech wireless controllers!
  20. Tax Avoiders in definitely in my top 10-15 2600 titles and for sure fits the bill as unpopular. Another thumbs up for Miniature Golf and Dodge ' em. Other faves are Human Cannonball and Skydiver.
  21. Cool beans! This year I am going to remember to pick up some general interest goodies at PRGE for my lucky victim recipient.
  22. Well crap. Does anyone have a spare cable from the ram socket to expanded memory daughterboard for a model one? I was disassembling to look for damage that may be causing a screen full of garbage on a unit I hadn't tested before and totally wiped out three pins on the connector. Nothing on eBay right now. Ian Mavric sells them but $25 plus shipping from AU. If I cant find one cheaper / local, I guess I will pull chips from the daughterboard back to the factory sockets (or maybe that wouldn't work, I forgot about the additional wiring that is soldered in for the upgrade). Any help would be awesome!
  23. Here's an idea; learn from the mistakes of River West Brands / Coleco / Cardildo and don't trample on the fans here and elsewhere, blindly enforcing IP rights without taking the required time to determine what is fair. That way, if your product is viable, all the Atari fans are promoting it and creating positive, rather than negative buzz. If you are listening "Atari", classic gamers want to believe, so give them something worth believing in and you will be successful.
  24. I sure would love to run into a Sprint 8 or Tank 8 machine some day. I remember playing Sprint 8 and it was a big bastard, but lots of fun. I remember being impressed with the cars being in color, even though I got stuck with a pink car.
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