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  1. You pretty much covered it; reasonable valuation, clamshells have held up and look great on the shelves, systems are rock solid.
  2. Most of my favorites have been mentioned, but I have to throw a big recommendation in for Diddy Kong Racing! Tons of fun in that one. Also, I have been playing through Turok 2 and have to say it is a big upgrade from the first one in terms of control and it is a huge world to conquer.
  3. PM incoming. I will have to make sure I have plenty of snacks and audio books for my three minute drive to the venue!
  4. I kept mine. It is hanging in a place of honor with other expo badges in my game room!
  5. This is a strong choice, but if it ever comes to be with all the truths exposed I predict "Smoke and Mirrors" as the title.
  6. Funny how things work out; your outgoing package went about as far as it could in the continental states and wound up 15 miles from where your incoming package started. Glad you liked the games and I know you will have fun with them.
  7. I was Secret Santa to the infamous Metal Ghost!
  8. Of course, this potential loss assumes that the magazine actually does ship.....
  9. Stella's Stocking is a great addition! It has been a Christmas tradition for me since I got it from my Secret Santa several years back. Sometimes I just leave it on the yule log screen and let the wonky Christmas carols blast out of the game room until my wife puts the kibosh on it....
  10. And, a big thanks to Grig for the coordination of all this awesomeness! Hoping to do this next year and every year, it is a lot of fun.
  11. After all the chaos, I finally got to open my gift box late Monday night. My secret santa knocked it out of the park!! A couple cool shirts; not sure how Santa knew I had a mini collection of Grinch shirts, but this one is great! A whole load of great stuff; five packs of gummy candy, an Atari stick candy tin, a Worms game for PSP (which is exactly the type of game I will want when I get a PSP), a Gameboy multicart, N64 controller, a GC memory card which I need, A thumb drive shaped like a PS controller, a little game hints book from the era, and PS1 Tomb Raider, which was the only thing I already had. All of this would have been plenty, but I saved the best for last: Intellivision Lives for the DS - I never had this, always wanted it but never got around to it, perfect! Exploding Kittens card game - This is exactly the type of game we love to play; it was a kickstarter project and looks like a lot of fun! and, a Radio Shack chess game. This is an electronic game, but you get to move the pieces manually, which is great. My SS obviously researched to find out I collect Radio Shack stuff, but this one is pretty special to me. I never owned it, but played it in the store. When I was 11-12 years old my dad had an office space in back of a convenience store next to a RS and I hung around there all the time. I am sure they would have kicked me out, but I would help the customers find things and try to sell them things I though were awesome. I specifically remember making a "sale" on one of these chess games after showing a man how it worked and answering his questions, so this is a great gift for me. Thanks so much for all the effort that went into this, I appreciate it so much!!
  12. I just wanted to let my SS know, I won't be opening my package today, been at the hospital most of the last two days with my wife's family as my father-in-law is at the end of the line with his bone and lung cancers. I told her I was going to crack it open when I went home to take care of the dogs, but my wife said she wants to see me open it. I will post asap once I do.
  13. Let's face it, he will never just go away. We feel like we stepped in a pile of dog shit; we hosed it off our boots and off the front porch steps, but the smell never fully goes away. We occasionally find a few shit stains that somehow got onto the carpet and are constantly reminded of that original pile of dog shit, and perpetually worried that a new pile of dog shit will pop up in our path when we least expect it. Those of us foolhardy enough to originally think the pile of dog shit was tasty chocolate pudding continue to deal with the aftertaste.
  14. Mine arrived safe today! I will be leaving it for Christmas day. I also got my recipient's package out finally today. It went priority, so it should be there Thursday or Friday.
  15. You can get anything you want, at Alice's Restaurant

  16. Every 5200 I have bought has "failed" almost immediately (one in a cloud of smoke). I still collect games for it.
  17. Be cunning, and full of tricks, and your people will never be destroyed.

  18. I can't imagine anyone being such a turd to do that on purpose. It was an accident, simple as that! Seriously guys, thanks for the work making the list!
  19. Holy Cow! I have been so wrapped up in life that I almost missed this, count me in. I will try to get my PM with info in tonight. To anyone on the fence; I have had a ton of fun putting these packages together and the gifts I have received have always been great. It's almost like any random AA member knows what I would like better than my own family.
  20. I swear, by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you.

    1. Ransom


      To be fair, it *is* very pretty.

  21. Agreed! I am taking PTO the week before and week after this year, to make sure nothing interferes with my special holiday...
  22. Vectrex - Cosmic Chasm Lynx - Chip's Challenge NES - Kickle Cubicle
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