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  1. Cant stand how the vehicles control either, they are too stiff and twitchy.
  2. No it hasn't came out in the US yet due to the game having its own friend list and doesnt have much involvement with the PSN friend list, SCEA didnt like that fact and denied it, SCEE however doesnt have the same approval rules as SCEA so they approved it. All you have to do is make a SCEE psn account (I made a Australian psn account), make sure you set the new profile as the systems primary (all it really does it set the share level so that all other accounts on the system can play said game. While still on the SCEE account go to their PSN store find and download war thunder. While its downloading you can switch back to your main US account and all you have to do is wait for it to download. Once downloaded you can play the game on any psn profile on your system. But you have to make sure you set that SCEE profile as the systems primary, or you wont be able to play the game on any other profiles on your system (dont worry it wont mess with any other profile that's set as the systems primary). War Thunder also doesnt require PS+ to play online.you do however have to keep that profile on your system to keep the game (I do believe) or it will delete the game with the profile. Unfortunately this is the only way US PS4 players/owners can play it, unless you have a PC as its been out for PC and Mac users in the US for a while now.
  3. That would be sad if that was indeed the case, requiring gold to be able to get to use your Netflix subscription (and other apps) was always a big complaint from me about live. They should have never required gold for any of the services that they do not provide service for, online play is more then enough to get people to buy into gold.
  4. Was playing War Thunder quite a bit, but got burnt out on it. So I am basically not really using it much at all until some racing games (other then NFS) to come out for the system.
  5. Yeah any DS4 or DS3 (even 360 and Wii and WiiU controllers for that matter) will only turn on a system it is paired/synched to. But thats not to say the system hasn't received some stray interference mistaken that as a turn on signal. Cause both my PS3 and PS4 have turned on by themselves (cause the Bluetooth receiver is always on receiving). But would not eject the disk cause you have to do more then just press the PS button on the controller to eject the disk (press option on the game icon and highlight and press x on remove disk). do you have any animals in the house (being that the buttons on the PS4 are not really buttons) anything that touches then that can conduct electricity can engage the power or eject (this sounds more likely the case as your disk was ejected), if it wasn't a animal maybe static electricity of some form tripped the eject operation, cause pressing the eject button will power the system on and eject the disk.
  6. I always enjoyed playing maximum carnage on the SNES, I've never played the Genesis version (I can only imagine it plays the same).
  7. I played this quite a bit, I always hit the flag man.
  8. I use to own a old RCA PFR100 (front screen projection). That's the only projection style TV I have owned.
  9. Not really, it just depends who's behind the controller. Its definitely a lot harder then playing against phone users or users with other controllers, but its not impossible to spank a keyboard and mouse user. I have done it quite a few times on Q3A on a dreamcast (me), against PC users trying to troll controller users (a PC user could join a DC server and did so quite a few times). And even in open misery (side loaded version of open arena modded to play on PC servers).
  10. If you do not own a gun, the term clip is mainly used in place of the word magazine. Although in reality a clip is similar but also different to a magazine, a clip and magazine both hold bullets, a magazine has a feed mechanism (a spring loaded follower), and a clip lack the feed mechanism. When someone says they emptied a clip into someone, means the emptied the ammo out of their current magazine. @NE146 You have to run with me to know my playstyle. I'm mainly moving about. My term of camping is someone who stays in the same place the entire match. Patrolling areas while holding one side of the map is in no way camping. I have never used a tact insert, nor does any one I run with, we are just good at callouts, and good on getting there to stop the enemy. I played MW2 on 360, then BO1 on PS3, MW3 on PS3, BO2 on PS3. I use Ethernet on my systems (wifi is garbage for MP gaming). I also have a 30meg cable connection (get about 1.5-2megs upload). Oh and BTW you can play the same style in Kill confirmed as you do in TDM. I use to play KC in MW3 all the time, and trust me, my playstyle did not change. @ bennybingo That so called lag comp fix is what's causing all the issues, people have found out of you throttle too much it actually acts like a constant lag switch, oh and BTW is does nothing to change how lag comp works, nor does it correct anything. Every COD game i have played has had lag comp in the games, games such as Unreal tournament 99 didn't have lag comp so you had to lead ahead of where you seen the enemy to be able to hit where he actually is (which is why the mod called zero ping was made), zero ping is lag comp (in a different form from what is used in CoD) it made it to where you hit what you was aiming at (which it compensated for lag so did not have to lead the shot). Lag comp can't fix all issues related to a bad connection, or a highly throttled connection. That's why you can get 8-9 hit markers (in even a hardcore match) and get no kill, heck I've got plenty of headshot hitmarkers using a ballista
  11. If you want to get technical about it a PS3 and PSP did it before the Wii U. So who copied who.
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