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  1. I have the proper 6 pin connector and an extra pair of controllers from a Telstar Colormatic that I would like to use on a Telstar Arcade for cartridge #2. Would someone be kind enough to trace the original cable and let me know which pins go where? Thanks!
  2. I guess you missed my (and other systems). Math Grand Prix. Now you're just trying to be funny. There may not be a lot but there are some good titles. They just need one hit to peek some interest and get the ball rolling. Will it happen? Who knows. Is it possible, sure.
  3. I never thought the Tokens were a good idea and the Hotels are a pipe dream. Coming up with some good games to help make it successful is achievable. Successful doesn't mean that it has to sell millions. Like a lot of things, as long as they feel it's profitable enough, they will support it. Time will tell I guess.
  4. Yup, was then....is now. Glad we clarified that. Thanks!
  5. Does it have to be that much of a tough road? A few well made exclusive games to get things going. Perhaps a Swordquest game remade in 3D world like a Tomb Raider type game. Adventure as an open world game. Haunted House as a survival horror type game. The hardware doesn't have to be cutting edge. Breath of the Wild was a wonderful game on less for example. Then perhaps start releasing 7800, Lynx, Jaguar and other games exclusive to the VCS like Nintendo did with the NES and SNES for the Switch (and other systems). The model for success is there to follow and they have the IPs to do it. Of course it's going to take some better decisions then some they have made in the past. I think the VCS was part of the longer plan though. Licensing the Atari name on merchandise and Flashbacks can only go so far for so long. But who knows? I didn't think there would 10 or more Flashbacks.
  6. Yep, read through it again and still didn't see any mention of loose screws. They look pretty tight in the picture as well. I'll watch his video again but I don't think he mentioned anything about it. Should I come out and just ask him? Would that be trying harder enough?
  7. https://imgur.com/a/pMWOdbu Try to keep up. I didn't see any mention of loose screws.
  8. Not sure if that can happen for you because: You have labeled any VCS fan as having screws loose.
  9. "This console is not worth the price point they're asking for it, if you're looking to relive the classics in a 'simple package'." is the complete quote. And "simple classics" is not the only reason people purchased it.
  10. https://www.reddit.com/r/AtariVCS/comments/kd9ez3/got_my_unit_and/
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