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    Today I went to one of the people I buy old games from, and purchased a Panasonic 3DO complete in box with 3 boxed controllers, a loose controller, a loose copy of Cannon Fodder, a boxed copy of Escape From Monster Manor, and all the docs for $30. I plan on trading it for an Atari 400 with games and docs, and some boxed Wireless Atari Joysticks.
  2. TheAtarianGuy
    A couple days ago, I pulled out my Intellivision to play some of my games, since I don't play it much, I had a special time slot reserved for it. I hooked it up and slid my armor battle overlay into the controller only to have the game stop working after about 5 seconds. So I cleaned the game, and tried again. Only to have the game start up, and then the screen flickered and went black. It does this on every game after about 6 seconds. Can anybody tell me the problem?
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