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  1. I just saw the saddest profile post ever.

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    2. DZ-Jay


      Oh, dear God! That would be awfully sad!

    3. 7800fan


      Can be worse: allergy to entertainment of any kind.

    4. TheAtarianGuy


      It was this guy named tandy who said "I think the ti99/4a community is dieing" and hasn't logged on in five years

  2. I am the mac daddy of Heimlich county.

    1. xDragonWarrior


      LOL I remember that episode



  3. Geez, the workload in advanced classes is brutal. Especially in foriegn languages.

    1. DoctorTom


      Very much so. I remember when I got into upper French in college -- even though I was up to that point a stud, I had to get English translations from the library just to get through all the reading. Of course, I had no interest spending a couple hours a day for that class, and maybe that was part of the problem. :)

  4. Okay, sorry for the long delay, but I had some difficulties with my camera, it got stolen, and finding a good microphone. I'll be uploading game reviews every friday.

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