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  1. I was watching this video on Doom and Wolfenstein 3D and how they simulate 3D. On the part about Wolfenstein he talked about how the game used 'ray casting' to draw the walls of what, in memory is actually a 2d top view shooter. That got me thinking... could ray casting... or something like it be done on the 2600? Heres the video... https://youtu.be/zb6Eo1D6VW8
  2. Not only that...but EVERY Nintendo system, save the Wii/Wii U had this...don't know about the top load NES though. For the NES it was for the never released disk drive, SNES and N64 I don't believe had any proposed products...least licenced ones...The only system to actually use it was the Gamecube.
  3. I'd say your assumption that the RIOT is bad... But double Check to see if the line for the switch isn't shorting out an address or Data line.
  4. Blocky Kong "You know what's bullsh*t" the video game Mario vs Brown Mummy Donkey Kong : Cliffnotes edition ET the morbidly obese Extra Terrestrial Colicovision's "I just took your $20" That's all I got
  5. I know that Activision roms are missing... Sort of... If you dig deep enough and find the three zip files of all the roms, the Activision roms are there... You can also download rom hunters rom pack.
  6. Do the buttons work on the paddles? If they do you probably have bad caps (the paddle controls how much power is applied to a capacitor and the TIA determines your placement based on how long it takes the cap to charge). If the caps are fine the TIA itself is probably bad. Of course it could be the simplest of problems... Bad control ports... But for both to be bad with the same problem makes it unlikely. For details on the Atari inner workings, Google the Atari field service manual pdf
  7. Many homebrews use synonym heavy titles to avoid copyright issues... Or just to be funny (like the Astroids clone space rocks) so how about... Ass King No... Maybe not... Sounds more like a lost Mystique title.
  8. An MD5 hash check should be all that's needed to verify the legitimacy of a ROM... Just one bit off would generate an incorrect hash.
  9. You wanna hack CR... How bout just making the arrows fall to the ground rather than dematerialize.
  10. There was a planned accessory that turned your Atari into a home computer. The actual processing was to be done by the add on and the Atari itself became little more than a video card and i/O bus. Unfortunately the project got scrapped and only saw the light of day in a 'coming soon' article.
  11. 2600 does hold the record for longest production run of a console and I do believe they were made up to the mid 90s and sold in countries not quite up to speed technology wise.
  12. My idea is for support for a DIY adapter to run games directly off cartridges. It could be something as complex as a USB device... Or a parallel printer port (not that many computers have them these days) theoretically is should be possible... Although how much demand for it is the big question. Input?
  13. I like how you just spliced into the existing pcb rather than make your own... Did you have to cut any traces?
  14. My dad works for a company that makes dental implants and he'd make plaster molds of things like our gi Joe guns and fill them with resin and presto! Extra guns! Granted not as heavy duty as a die cast set, the material they used was intended to be filled with molten metal. My point is.. Does a mold set REALLY have to be uber heavy duty for the kind of production numbers we'd be looking at?
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