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  1. I mentioned this in the chat room during the ZPH show while they played Vroom! Didn't you also have colored twisted wires around the cords too??
  2. This is my fault. Since I haven't been able to appear/call-in for the past 2 years into the show due to work, I asked James for an extra week for the award show. My boss completely forgot I requested Saturday off this year and as brought it up twice in our manager meetings at the store, that I will be off next year (along with it being rescheuled to the following weekend helps too). See you all on Feb. 12, 2022!
  3. I agree with you! Have you ever played (or seen) the GCC Millipede prototype for the 2600? The graphics are awesome for that time!
  4. Yeah I realized this when I started writing my next book, which will be a checklist book for Atari 2600 homebrews and hacks ranging from 1995-2020 = the first 25 years!
  5. I was thinking the same thing once I tried it online for the first time.
  6. no, just click on the words "BINARY ROM IMAGE" in the first post and it will take you to the download, or go to this URL: https://alienbill.com/2600/sisyphus/sisyphus.bin
  7. It's just like the homebrew "Miss It!" but alot harder!
  8. Awesome John! Will this replace the other Lady Bug in the AA store in the future?
  9. Same here, with Windows Media Player it just plays the sound with no video.
  10. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/243605-carrot-kingdom™-work-in-progress-32k-new-demo-10-16-2017/?do=findComment&comment=3896578
  11. I sent him a FB PM so he can read this thread.
  12. Thank You Andrew @Armscar Coder!!!! This made my holidays after this past awful week for me and my family. ❤️❤️❤️
  13. My plans were to release the next book and the color editions of 3 & 4 all at the same time. We had a flood in my house this past Sunday and be living out of a hotel til today, so I am behind wrapping up the next book. Maybe right after Christmas or in January 2021. Sorry for the delay on the color books. Didn't think anyone would even buy those books since they are $31 a piece.
  14. it was not a patch to "earn" - the first 30 copies of LEM sold had a patch inside the box (just like I, Project homebrew game had 36 included)
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