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  1. you have a cart label for this one Edward?
  2. @ZilchSr There were only 20 copies of this title made and released at the 2019 PRGE.
  3. now sold at Repentless Video Games (along with several of the old Salem Frost Games too): https://www.etsy.com/listing/696597291/atari-2600-donkey-kong-pauline-edition
  4. the ducks are way too fast to start off with!
  5. Ditto here.... my (with programmer Ross Adkin) WIP homebrew game "Mardi Gras!" didn't even make it pass the nomination committee.
  6. just attach the ROM to the post instead of using the download section.... @Albert is on vacation til Feb 1st and I think that section is not up and running yet
  7. Each title is hyperlinked for the available downloads already.
  8. Yeah there is..... his name is @Nukey Shay !! But, seriously he is the "go-to guy" for AFP hacking/fixing.
  9. The full version of the Titan Axe ROM has not been released, only the demo ROM. http://tiny.cc/Atari2600Homebrew
  10. I'm in the same situation with my homebrew game Mardi Gras. After asking these same questions around the internet/homebrew community, Ross Adkin the programmer of my game, was able to layout the game manual design with the info I wrote and compiled. I'm still in the editing phase of the manual currently. I'd still like to know if any of these items above are somewhere online too.
  11. Me too! Sounds like a great game idea Mr SQL!
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