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  1. Arenafoot


    Flashback Portable (first edition - 2016) Atari Flashback 9 console (HDMI version) These are the only 2 Atari flashbacks I own and they are the best since both had SD card slots!
  2. You probably need to return it and get another or contact AtGames thru their website.
  3. After that it would be nice to see a hack of this where the fire button is the jump instead of up!
  4. Augusta on a Imagic cart and Desert on an Activision cart??? Creative! Whats the prices on those two are PRGE?? (I know the boxed Pro Golf is $44.99)
  5. is this title screen for the 2600 game?
  6. Awesome improvements!!! and my game is getting better too!! (First try)
  7. colors = much better..... finally got 3 strikes and like the flashes..... not getting any pin action on splits though
  8. Still haven't bowled a strike yet, but did get a spare in the first frame though! Improved 20 pins for the first try to the second!!
  9. page 121 of my first book: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1980969396
  10. price? cart only? will they be numbered? complete in box?
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