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  1. try this one: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/315748-pong-tutorial/ but the AI never loses....LOL I think this is the one you want though: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/259166-flashback-portable-needed-controller-hacks/page/15/?tab=comments#comment-3945869 You can choose 1 or 2 players for Pong. More info on this version made for the Flashback 2 console, can be found here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/80705-joe-grand-and-arcade-pong/
  2. My homebrew wish list (would like to see on the 2600): port of NES RC Pro-AM port of arcade Eyes port of arcade Nibbler (hack Tapeworm?) hack Activision's Ice Hockey into 3 periods of 3mins, instead of only 1 period - team logo's? - time outs (game pause) RealSports Curling 2600 (already made for A5200) a better graphic hack of Slot Machine M Network (Snafu - better graphics) version of Atari's Surround finish Atari's prototype of Elevator Action port of Vectrex Spike port of "Atari" Food Fight to the 2600 port of arcade Bull Fighter port of Lode Runner (WIP already) port of arcade/Vectrex Armor....Attack port of Toobin' (several attempts) NASCAR (port of PC games) VooDoo football (old Java online game) "New" Rally-X port a new version of Ms. Pac-Man for the 2600, that would be closer to the arcade? Baby Pac-Man for the 2600. Can it be done? (7800 version done) PacMania Super Pac-Man (POC done) Major Havoc Food Fight (POC currently) Space Panic CFL football video game NARC Ivan Stewart's Off Road Challenge Cloak & Dagger (2600/5200) Choplifter (several attempts made) 1942 1943
  3. I have already started "The Intellivision Homebrew and Hacks Checklist 2001-2021 (1st Edition)" physical printed book, and might be able to add a "digital only" ROM listing if someone has a list or complete list of ROMs that are/were available.
  4. @Trebor has compiled one here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/325174-zph-tribute-stream-to-nukey-shaykurt-howes-work/?do=findComment&comment=4910348
  5. I'm still in shock over this! After doing some research the other day when this news broke, I went back thru my AA PM's because I recalled sending a message to Kurt to help with a hack of my game "Mardi Gras" for the AFP. The ironic part of that........ the PM I sent him was the SAME day as his death! This is the one and only PM Kurt never viewed or responsed back to. I guess I had a feeling all along something wasn't right (similar to what @sn8k stated above). As we never met in person, Kurt and I had several conversations thru AA PM's over the years. I'll be doing a dedication to Kurt in my next book and checklist book. A true loss to our community, you will be greatly missed Kurt, but will live on in your games. Thanks go out to @Trebor for compiling a tribute collection of Kurt's work. This collection can be found here. My favorite hack of Kurt's was "River Raid 3" which I covered in volume 3 pg 116 of my Homebrew Companion book. This was an extensive hack for Kurt, as many things were added and needed to be rewritten in the code for it to work. Rest in peace Kurt Brian
  6. His best hack IMO is River Raid 3! I covered it in volume 3 pg 116 of my book. This is the only title of his I've covered in any of my books, as most of his work are sprite hacks or controller type hacks. He will be greatly missed.
  7. 9 days without power and a week in a Red Cross shelter for me for Hurricane Ida. Hoping you get your power soon!
  8. "ZeroPage Homebrew, your BEST source for the NEWEST Atari homebrew games!"..... until James adds Vectrex to the show !!!! LOL
  9. Hey John - There is no control on the AFP for Avalanche. The game plays but the lines stay to the far left and can not be moved. I think it has to do with their "Firecore" emu...... its not Stella. @Nukey Shay has been able to edit alot of the ROMs to work (see the red tab at the bottom of my "List" for all the games that have been edited for the AFP) Hope this helps. Brian
  10. John, FYI - The Lady Bug LE ROM works perfectly, even the serial number screen and title screen! As to the original Lady Bug (2006), that will not display the title screen but the gameplay does work. Paddle games are very, very, very hard to play on the AFP. Since I'm not a programmer, I know there's issues with bB games displaying the correct numbers for the score on the AFP and other games have been altered to work on the AFP (see column K of my "List"). Maybe slowing down the game of Avalanche might make it playable on the AFP? Just a thought. Brian
  11. too bad they have the "Plus" logo in the purple shells - i could have used those for the Mardi Gras homebrew game 😞
  12. is there a pattern to score that much????
  13. I think Retronics in Poland was scheduled to release @MemberAtarian other games too, but never has. https://www.facebook.com/retronics.eu https://retronics.eu/
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