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  1. First week: Pitiful scores and procrastination. Second week: More procrastinating and forgetting that a week had already passed. Now, I try succeeded for a personal goal of getting past the first fortress! 39,200
  2. Okay, that's enough procrastinating for me. Scrapyard Dog: 60,050 That first sewer level was quite a barricade. Of course, now that I'm past that I'm dying at the second sewer. Xevious: 198,890 So close to 200k... and now I can't go back to Intermediate, which used to be my usual playing level for this game. New score: 230,180 so close...!
  3. Some updates to my progress. I doubt I'm going to make any further improvements in an hour. Hat Tricl: 16 Hat Trick expert: 6! I'm surprised at this. 100m dash: 18.72! Gymnastics: 10.9; I'm happy to have just gotten a successful landing and achieved a double-digit score. Freestyle Relay: 3:22.7!
  4. Another round of HSC is coming to a close, which means it's time for my late entries! First event, one-on-one hocket where a Hat Trick is a really low score! I've had 8 goals during the second attempt. (On the first attempt, my emulator's input settings were still geared for Robotron; it threw me off and started a 2-player game!) I've decided to name my Olympic character in tribute to one of the greatest video athletic heroes of all time... Platform diving: 316.30 *bonus* 100 mm dash: 19.04 Gymnastics: 6.3 Freestyle Relay: 3:26.1 100M Freestyle: 0:51.1
  5. what you could do, is play Robotron until you hold, the top spot which would be around 500ks, then take a pic and quit there... If only I'd read that post before I played. Fortunately, I underestimated the power of apathy and died just short of a million (to be updated in previous post). This game just aint the same in emulation, I tells ya. And now to flatten the good guys in Choplifter!
  6. Between me being currently in a burnout phase and my 7800's power supply being much worse than that, I just hadn't much felt like playing these games lately. I forced myself to start late today, though, so that's something. Mario Bros - 54,470 Centipede - 31,007 Choplifter - 46 Robotron - 993,100 (Edited to add Robotron score to make a complete posting.)
  7. I picked a bad time to fire up my cart. I had to stop at around the 10k mark due to time constraints. And I decided to move my Atari and a bunch of games (including Seaweed Assault) to a friend's house where the game ought to get some more exposure whenever there isn't some four-player medieval mayhem going about. I'll try again on emulation sometime.
  8. PS3 version user here. Downloaded the DLC packs, installed them, could not find the tables in the menu. Had to download the Pinball Arcade demo as though it were a separate file from the full game, no problems afterward. No deleting or any other hoop-jumping required. Here's what told me to download the demo: http://pinballarcadefans.com/content.php/162-First-Two-Sets-Of-DLC-Tables-Arrive-On-The-PS3-(NA)
  9. Sadly, hadn't had the time to play these games. So, participation points. Pac-Man: 71,140 Ms. Pac-Man: 75,610
  10. 1,164,000 This is easily the worst adventuring party I've seen this side of the Neglected Realms. ...it is, however, a very accurate foretelling of how adventuring parties work in later games.
  11. Reactor: 32,688 Mountain King: 114,150 I've been winding down by...um...not playing much Atari. Guess I got burned out during the finals. Reactor was fairly new to me, and it's good to have a reason to play it seriously. I haven't dedicated much time to reaching my potential yet, though. Mountain King gives me a bit of nostalgia since it was one of the first games I played at AtariAge HSC. Just one play to get the rust off, and one more to nab a spot on the chart. I know I can do better than that, too.
  12. And down I go in yet another final. A hearty congrats to Toymailman for winning the finals. What a shame I didn't bet any money on this. Congrats to Deteacher and Vocelli for winning their games. Too bad I didn't win a single one. And thanks to the other participants, especially the ones who continues to play well after their elimination. And also to late showers who seem like they're gonna kick some ass next season. And to Oyama and Liduario for getting between me and Toymailman (see ranking post above) and showing that finalists aren't guaranteed to stay at the top of the heap. Buck Rogers feels in many ways what I'd already known Sega to do in recent days, having good general gameplay marred by glitches and unpolishedness. Crazy Climber is...well, crazy. I always struggled with them girders, and always felt lucky whenever I survived a part here those kept falling. And where the hell are those girders coming from anyway? Enduro, I'm not really convinced that it's a race. Everyone else drives at some liesurely pace, and you're the only maniac on the road zooming past everything. I love how it's possible to recover from mistakes. Then again, I tend to dislike games that ask players to be PERFECT. Ms Pac-Man was something I'd never bothered to give a chance since I thought it was just the same ol' Ms Pac-Man that I already have on 7800. I was wrong, this feels very different. Too bad the "endgame" makes you need to be lucky with the fruit to score high.
  13. Oops! I forgot that this was a two-week showing, and I also forgot about Expert. Well, I'll try Expert later. 47,140 on Adept EDIT: Rather than double-post, I'm editing in a new score: 29,955 on Expert
  14. Blargh... Buck Rogers kept screwing me over with its hit detection (consistently reached 1mil but never my best score), simply cannot improve at Enduro, and played so much Ms Pac Man that I cannot think. I've given up the ghost.
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