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  1. Rex Dart

    Rex Dart

  2. Anybody know anything about dual stick setup on this emu? Would like to play some Space Dungeon on my Wii.
  3. Same here. It looked good, first few areas played fine, but the later levels were junky. I hope this is more faithful to the original.
  4. Amazing stuff. Holy crap. Never expected this to be found. I'm looking forward to playing it & comparing to all the other versions, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it for what it is, too. I have fond memories of this cabinet at the local Pizza Hut, situated next to Street Fighter 2 and NARC.
  5. Placing my bets on "micro transaction-based mobile puzzle game".
  6. Yup, I wound up doing the same. It's a shame if they do shut down... why couldn't it happen to Kotaku instead?
  7. Most of these could also apply to a smooth stone.
  8. Yes, per usual. Yes. Sure.
  9. Is there a companion article to go with this video of some guy yapping for fifteen minutes straight? I can read.
  10. VGA is a massive improvement over composite. Do it. Or do emulation, like BDW said. That... is pretty darn cool. Price is reasonable when compared to other scanline doohickeys. Thanks for the link.
  11. All on the Sega Genesis (Model 1, v6, S-Video output): Titles should be obvious.
  12. Thought those looked cool; didn't like the idea of having a flap hanging off my phone when using it.
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