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  1. http://www.atari2600.com/ccp7/ecom-prodshow/Atlantis-Contest-Entry-Form-PROD7678.html
  2. Only a few known examples of the box known to exist (maybe 5 or 6) - Last set with box sold for $3500. I understand the flaws and A best offer will be accepted. Any pepsi box in any condition is extremely rare - Trust me (I've owned 3 of them on the registry)
  3. Box has dents and crushing - Manual and cart in excellent shape. PM me if interested, Paypal only
  4. Possible number #11 found - Will update with pics once I get
  5. Alternate version with a double ender box (with manual). I will include a double ender label just in case you'd like to change into a double ender. You just need a xonox cart and a replica TCM game. Box and manual is laminated - cart label is not. Asking $100 OBO
  6. Hi there - Wondering if anyone is interested in one? Serious inquiries only - Please P.M me for pics of PCB and game play. Asking $1000
  7. Just looking to destroy commons for the shells Need about 15 or so. I'll pay $15
  8. Halloween 3 was actually pretty good - We catch a brief glimpse of Michael Myers while the main character is watching TV at a bar (so - he is "kinda" in it),
  9. Hi Everyone - I have a few Halloween (original) and Halloween Proto sets if anyone is interested. $50 shipped. Also have a few extra Halloweens (repro of original version - on left) $25
  10. oregon ducks -#1 team in the country? Looked like it tonight

    1. atari2600land


      The BCS hates the Pac-12 for some reason, so #1 will probably go to Kansas St. :(

  11. Was keeping this one for myself - Never got a chance to wire it for sound and LED. It's pretty simple if you want to buy and do it yourself. I'll include the little LED light. The usb sound is about $6 on ebay. End flap has been glued down (needs to be for installation). $110 shipped
  12. I should learn to read the boxes - sorry again. Here's some pics of Gas hog and Wall Ball.
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