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  1. The author of TIAtracker ask help for develop a TIAtracker player under batari, can anyone help? http://atariage.com/forums/topic/250014-tiatracker-a-new-sound-routine-and-sequencer-application/?p=3563973
  2. Ok, So I used this trick instead: you must use CAPS lock when using TIAtracker with an azerty keyboard. Here's the keymap file (just rename it "keymap" to use it) any hope for a batari player? keymap_AZERTY.zip
  3. I'm trying to make a shorcut cfg with note pad and it does'nt work: When I try to use the new one, all the keyboard doesn't work. Does anyone have succeed this? edit: got it, it's broken when I type """ because on azerty the " key is the 3 key of the german keyboard. any idea how to fix it?
  4. visual batari basic is not updated since 2014, batari basic is old too, but RevEng seems to add new kernel and he is probably the person to contact for adapt the player. Unfortunately, we don't know how to deal with asm... Thanks for reply for the 4k font, I'll change my glasses
  5. Hi Kylearan, thanks for making this tool. We are just start trying your tool: How can I change the font size? I'm using a 4k monitor and like a lot of other software (lightwave...) it's very difficult to read. Could you add a player for users of Batari? Our actual project: www.drakhansnight.com
  6. Many many thanks RT, I will follow the explanation with the links you gave me.
  7. Is there a way for convert in Batari any sound from 2600's game? Like the explosion from Beamrider? or the laser from Laser Blast in Batari format? I've played with Tone toy, but I can't figure out how these sound effects were made.
  8. Many many thanks for explain us how it work. and I wish you good luck for your next engine!
  9. I really like the way you code the music ingame because it's really memory optimized, but I can't understand how the musicData and beatData works. Is it something like that: musicData: 1,2,3 with "1" for tone of Channel 0, "2" for tone of channel 1, "3" for channel 0... beatData: 1,2,3 with "1" for duration of note 1, "2" duration of note 2... or is it totally something else?
  10. As long as you have the correct boxes checked, it should work. And you can edit the data in the data work box like you would in any editor (like Notepad). As long as you don't mangle the data, you can add your own effects by copying and pasting and changing the data to do whatever you want it to do. The best thing about the data work box is that you can preview the sound as often as you want. Just remember to save once in a while so you won't lose your music or sound effect if the Music and Sound Editor crashes. :/ Even with reading the manual, I'm still try to understand how you can create easily a music with two different channels with this tool, I don't know to explain it in programmer way, but is it possible to have a box for channel 1 and antoher one for channel 0, if you tick 1 it automatically only change V,C,F lines corresponding to channel 1 in the text editor and let channel 0's lines untouched.
  11. Yes I've tried the new one, but I still can't figure how to write for two separate channel (the compilation fail). and you can't make fader/vibrato effect
  12. yes!!!! Thanks RT!!! I haven't try the new music editor yet, as far I remember the old one was not my cup of tea for doing music, maybe I should try the new one.
  13. Hello, I'm just stating working with music under Batari. I'm using Music Starter and I just made two low string notes to start music and it takes more than half of the 4K... Is there something wrong in my way of typing these kind of strings? musicdark.bas
  14. :/ please don't use BW/color switch, don't have it on 7800....
  15. Maybe it can be useful to make a new thread in Random Terrain website like "How to handes special controllers with batari?"
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