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  1. Rasmus you made a masterpiece, you have overcome and continue to amaze us. Now the question is: what other treasures you will give us? Great, I have no other words. Bye
  2. Hello Rasmus, let us see some screen of the new game , so start dreaming.
  3. thank's, the reset button is very useful
  4. Label sure you already view but has been adapted to my cartridge with several changes. The final version of the cartridge will be labeled aluminum lettering and designs will be screen printed. It will be similar to that of the triton s.e.b. as materials, but much more beautiful.
  5. YIE AR KUNG FU ,beautiful game. Rasmus can do this miracle?
  6. fantastic, so it's really perfect. you are an amazing programmer. congratulations
  7. Hello Ksarul, what you see is a prototype of the speech synthesizer case purchased a couple of years ago by Epergrem, you have a beautiful memory. I changed internally and I have stayed there the CF7 + with 4gb memory card. I'm designing a PCB which incorporates the speech synthesizer and the CF7, but I have little time on their hands. Bye
  8. I will provide to insert additional images in the gallery. I customized the triton s.e.b. with about 20 programs and so I do not need to use the navarone widget. the speech synthesizer I plugged into the console. bye
  9. I can't enter the picture in the post, can you tell me how to do it please
  10. this is my creation :grin:
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