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  2. My apologies to all AtariAge members. I have been slow on this. Which is obvious. In the last few years I've bought a house and went through some child custody issues. Life happens. I almost had to sell off my entire collection. Luckily it did not come to that. So again I apologize but there is a lot more on my plate than gaming the last few years. Enough of my excuse and sob story. I do still plan to do this. If I do not I will pass on the artwork and everything to another member.
  3. I found my sealed copy of Sonic Fury so yes sealed copies do exist.
  4. I bought mine new for $30 on ebay some years ago and it looks like that is still what they are going for. Not saying they are worth that but that is the current ebay price it seems like.
  5. Thanks Shawn. Im so glad my collection does not look like the pics you posted.
  6. Two more additions to my collection. 2 Pioneer Laseractives. Also im finally getting everything organized so more pics to come.
  7. I think Sonic Fury was sealed. Ill check my collection but I think I have a sealed copy.
  8. He still made a good amount of money. He probably sold my copy(which I never got) which he charged me $50 or something like that. So basically he charged two people for the same game. I don't even remember anymore what the original cost was. I said in other posts I would let this go but just the fact this guy has the balls to sell copies on ebay that members paid for an never received is s****y. But glad you got a copy Blazing Lazers whether it was mine or another members that Rob was supposed to get to us. At least a fellow AA member got a copy. I'm glad you had a "perfectly fine transaction!" as I and fellow members didn't.
  9. So I posted some pics of the overlay I had made. Minus the rounded corners this is the exact measurements of the original large odyssey overlay. This material is back lit film. It is a little thicker and a little spendy. I think if I was to have 20 to 25 made my cost would be around $8 dollars a piece plus I would have to pay for shipping from the company. But PsychedelicShaman offered to help out also with an overlay. I am getting him images that stupus offered to help out with and the original image that I got from njb12287. The cost will be much lower if this works out. But I will post both overlays and would like everyones feedback. Or we could do both. Again I am just trying to keep the cost low for everyone. Sorry the pic I had for the instructions didnt work out so I will get those posted soon.
  10. Sorry everyone as I been slow about posting pictures. Ill get an image of the instructions and overlay up soon. Also PsychedelicShaman offered to help out with the overlays so hopefully we can find the best option. The only thing that is really left is to make the game piece.
  11. Thanks for the offer on the overlay help. I think I sent you a photo of the overlay I had made but im going to check out a few other companies. So that vector image might help me out.
  12. I am finally doing this. I had to take a break from gaming for a while because of personal issues but im back and this game is going to be made. So you will be #1 one on the list unless njb actually wants a copy.
  13. njb12287 and I had been throwing this idea around for some time because Soccer for the Magnavox Odyssey was never released in the U.S. Just to let members know I am taking on this project but I could have not done it without njb but he is no longer involved with this release. But I have been working with Vince(thanks for your patience on this project) at http://www.uncletusk.com/. I want to just do an interest check. This is not a commitment etc. The only reason I am doing this is so I can let members know how much the game will cost. Im dealing with other companies for the overlay and the more you buy the cheaper the cost. Im a hoping to make at least 20 to 25 copies(25 will be the most) but I just want to make sure the interest is there. Here is a low quality picture of the box design. The design might change a bit. I will get a pic of the overlay and instructions up soon. I am going to try to keep the cost below $50. Here are some pics of the overlay I had made up: 1.stupus 2.Blazing Lazers 3.jeffgamer 4.furor 5.Scooter83 6.ianoid 7.atarinut76 8.ccc--- 9.PsychedelicShaman 10.Dastari Creel 11.ianoid 12.toymailman
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