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  1. I got it Working tonight. The Red light at the bottom indicates power to the unit. The orange LED lights up for the "button" The 4 Red LED are directional and the Meter is used for the Dial Control. I seem to have 1 malfuntioning Coleco Gemini Controller....... Good thing I have the tester.......
  2. Here are some Pics of the inside. Definatly Home Made. I Still Haven't tried it out yet. I bet your right Curt. I Cracked this thing open and all I could smell was Stale cigarettes.......gross.
  3. The Old lady I bought it from knew nothing about it, it belonged to her deceased brother and she was clearing out his stuff.Didnt have any other Atari stuff wich I though was strange....
  4. Its a VU meter like they use in Audio equipment. Have you seen anything like it before? Must've tested alot of Joysticks to need to build one of these....
  5. I'm just a Vintage Video Game nerd,With a decent Atari Collection.

  6. I Found this at a garage sale this past weekend. It seems to test The Atari Joysticks. I cant seem to find any mention of it anywhere on the internet. Is this a factory tool or homebuilt?
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